Oscar Yakovlevich Rabin. 02.01.1928 — 07.11.2018
ARTinvestment.RU   08 ноября 2018

The artist died at 91-м year of life in Italy, where the were preparing for the opening of his exhibition

Oscar Rabin entered the history of informal post-war art not only as an outstanding original artist, but as a person — symbol of the nonconformist movement. He — is one of the few who consciously and consistently come into conflict with the authorities, seeking opportunities for non-system artists to freely exhibit their art. Rabin was the organizer of the "Lianozovo circle", whose soul was his father-in-law ("Grandpa" — Yevgeny Kropivnitsky), where "for the" exhibited the underground artists and read verses informal poets. He was the chief and most hated for the Soviet criticism, "priest "Garbage № 8"".

What Rabin in 1974 he organized and brought to the end of the free exhibition in a vacant lot in Belyaevo (defeated Brezhnev "workers in plain clothes" and went down in history as "bulldozer"). It is believed that after the infamous crackdown of the show in Belyaevo, the authorities decided to ease the pressure on independent artists and went on to create the liberal hall in the city Committee schedules on Bolshaya Gruzinskaya street in 1976. This is largely the merit of the Oscar Yakovlevich. But for Rabin in the USSR everything was already over. In 1978, the government has pushed for the departure from the country, and six months later the decree was deprived of his Soviet citizenship for the activity, a disgrace to the title of Soviet citizen.

Rabin eventually coped with all the hardships, unlike the USSR. After 14 years of Union did not, Rabin was returned to citizenship, and after a few years of his exhibitions were held in the best museums of the country, including the Tretyakov gallery. The artist did not return to Russia, to live and work in Paris. But he waited for the wide recognition at home. His work is devoted to books, movies, his works are highly valued by collectors and the public.

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