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Leonardo billionaire Rybolovlev exhibited at Christie's
ARTinvestment.RU   11 октября 2017

"The Savior of the world", bought for $127 million through Bouvier, will be sold November 15, 2017 at the auction of postwar and contemporary art in new-Йорке as a special lot

The painting "Savior of the world" — Savior of the World — Salvator Mundi — in recent years, often mentioned in the press in the context of the court between the dealer Yves Bouvier. Dmitry Rybolovlev. According to media reports, this picture of Yves Bouvier bought from a consortium of dealers for $75-80 million, and resold Rybolovlev for $127,5 million, earning just under $50 million is Now the "veri gut business," backfired and the seller and the buyer. Bouvier constantly on trial, and Rybolovlev hastily sells his collection — urgently, amid the scandal, and therefore big losses. Leonardo is not good.

But is not the main problem. Main — is that this masterpiece Leonardo was rediscovered only in 2005. Until 2005 the author of this thing was considered a pupil of Leonardo, Giovanni Boltraffio (Giovanni Boltraffio). It was with this attribution, it was sold in 1958 at Sotheby's for 45 pounds. And in the early 2000-х what-то lucky purchased a "copy" on the local American auction for about $10 000. In 2005, the new-йоркский art historian Robert Simon had a restoration, and after clearing from later records there was a version that this is not the work of the student and the teacher.

All this is fine. But the fact is that today, Leonardo is not enough to be a genuine Leonardo, to be considered a real Leonardo. "Sanction" is plevenska the sense of should give a consortium of specialists, Museum institutions and reputable market structure. The market does not like newfound "da Vinci 45 pounds" — is even less than "Malevich, found in the attic at grandma's".

Therefore, the legalization retributional Leonardo took years. The owners, a consortium of dealers or whoever else has been in this sense an exemplary work. Learn and write down.

After professional restoration, the painting was exhibited in the leading museums of the world, — the National Gallery of London in 2011. Thing showed the main experts on the works of da Vinci with the purpose of reaching agreement on the question of authenticity. He painstakingly collected the evidence found in the preliminary sketches Leonardo for this thing, carried out technical-технологическое study, which showed that the artist changed the composition in the process of writing (which was typical of Leonardo) while on all later copies and prints reproduced exactly the final version of the composition. So the experts there, the Museum is, the intermediate collector is. Now you only have to garner support for an auction house. And it was Christie's. The auction reminded that "the Benois Madonna" appeared in the Hermitage only at the beginning of the XX century, not 250 years ago. And put "Savior of the world" for a graph on 15 November 2017.

with regard to the assessment. Everything is simple: will work, the method of the last hope, which in the jargon is called "floor — finger — ceiling." There is no comparison. Painting by Leonardo in the status of Leonardo in modern times has never been offered at public auction. At auctions, sold only drawings-наброски. For a long time and emotionally, the account went on tens of millions of dollars. Would befinished drawing — could be empirically multiplied by five. But those that sold, no help to us.

Then look at the expectations of sellers. In 2012, at a time when "the Savior of the world" eyeing the Dallas Museum, with reference to Reuters, discussed the figure of $192 000 000. Then, as it is believed, was the price from a consortium of dealers — $75 000-80 000 000 000. Next was the purchase price of Rybolovlev — let $127 000 000. How many now will buy it? Absolutely not predictable. In my opinion, a good outcome for the deliverer should be considered any result above $100 000 000. Assume that the reserve would be set even lower — in the region of $80 000 000. Of course, if they sold the thing without any shadow of a doubt, with the concrete history and provenance placed on the market without any-либо suspicious fuss, the result would have been much higher. And so, anything is possible. Maybe your right Konstantin Babulin, that such source may be, and generally will remain the deliverer. Do not be surprised. However, my prediction — about $90 000 000. Leonardo sold by every day, but since the ownership of "consortium of dealers" to this newfound masterpiece, little has changed for the better.

Sources: christies.com, artinvestment.ru, artinvestment.ru, hermitagemuseum.org

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