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Investing in creativity, Nicolas de Stael
ARTinvestment.RU   12 августа 2010

How much are the works of one of the most interesting representatives of the Parisian school?

collectors who are interested in Russian foreign countries, certainly know the name de Stael, Nicolas de Stael (Nicolas de Stael) . The Fund recently Dzhanaddy Pierre (Pierre Gianadda Foundation) in Martigny, Switzerland held an exhibition of his works, which will last until November 21.

de Stael (real name - Nikolai Stal von Holstein) was born on January 5 1914 in St. Petersburg. His father, Baron Vladimir Stal von Holstein, was a general in the tsarist army and the assistant commandant of the fortress. In 1919 the family emigrated to Europe in a few years, parents of Nicholas died. The artist grew up in a foster family in Belgium, where he attended the Academy of Fine Arts, Saint-Gilles, and then the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Brussels. In 1938, de Stael came to France. There he studied with Fernand Leger (Fernand Leger) and interacted with many other artists and innovators of that era. De Stael very productive work, and soon became known as one of the key representatives of the so-called "Paris School". Over fifteen years of his workshop came at least a thousand pictures. March 16, 1955, being on the height of his career, the artist committed suicide.

Portfolio de Stael, made in 1950, are among the most quoted works in the market of the Paris School. At seven-figure prices at public sale were sold 20 of his paintings, such sums to yield very few artists working in this direction (another example - Cao Wu-Ki (Zao Wou-Ki), whose creations stepped over the threshold of 41 million times). Five out of twenty of the most impressive sales of works of de Stael dated 1989-1990 years, when the art market experienced a speculative boom. For fourteen years the most expensive piece of the painter was painting "Syracuse" (1954), pushed for 1.9 million dollars at auction Ader-Picard-Tajan. Record updated in 2004, when the canvas "Mediterranean" was sold at Sotheby's in London for 1.15 million pounds (2.1 million). Four years later the painting "Snow Marcel", exhibited for sale Christie's, brought even more - 1.5 million pounds (3,000,000 dollars). Like "Syracuse", both of these works were executed in 1954 - this year is a turning point in the artist. It was then that he changed his style and his painting became more "fluid". In addition, in 1954 the work of de Stael were exhibited in New York, a famous art dealer Paul Rosenberg (Paul Rosenberg).

Artworks de Stael 1940, more intricate and abstract, leaving for smaller amounts. At that time, the artist is still "searching for himself, experimenting with different approaches under the influence of other artists of the Paris School. The cost of such work is comparable with the prices of paintings Serge Polyakov (Serge Poliakoff) , and Jean-Paul Riopelle (Jean-Paul Riopelle). Oils 1947-1948 usually buy for 200-300 thousand more "aligned" abstract works in 1949 leaving over 300 thousand - 1 million, but about 1950 we have already said.

In the late 1980's and Paris vied with London for the title of the city, which sells the best works of de Stael. Now 61%of the auction revenue is generated by the artist in the British capital, with the number of prisoners it deals with his works is "only" 29%. Paris as auctions are responsible for 46%of sales and 29%of income. So abundant creativity fans de Stael prefer to buy his paintings in London. Example: "Composition" (1949) brought in 2005 in Milan, 586.4 thousand dollars, and seven months after it was sold at Christie's in London for 1.15 million. In the period from January to August 2010 on London's bid have changed the owner of three works by the artist, their total value amounted to 2,1 million dollars. In Paris, went under the hammer two of his works, rescued a total of 400 thousand dollars. But Paris is an ideal place to buy rare lithographs de Stael: where can I buy them for 1,5-6 thousand dollars apiece. On The local auction, you can also find the greatest number of his drawings, many of which are sold at affordable price range - from 10 to 30 thousand dollars. But if you want to buy a pattern with elements of collage, then you have to put much more - from 80 to 120 thousand dollars.

Read more about the life and work of Nicolas de Stael can be read on the forum ARTinvestment.RU .

Source: artprice.com , artinvestment.ru

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