Literature: Charlotte Appleyard, James Salzmann: Corporate Art Collections
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The principles of creation and management of corporate art collection — in the possession of the Bank or another major private Corporation

Corporate art collection: a guide for the implementation of corporate acquisitions

Author: Charlotte Appleyard, James Salzmann
year: 2012
160 pages
Publisher: LundHumphries, UK
ISBN: 9781848220713

In material AI, is devoted to the typology of collections of art, we have cited the main reason for the creation of corporate collections. One of these motives is the passion of the owner who places in the interior of a private collection, while saving on storage. The other, main, reason — the company's desire to raise the status and loyalty of the target audience through an appeal to art. To a little more to understand the principles of formation and management of collections in hands of private corporations, should consult the book with the straightforward title, but a clear content — "Corporate art collection" issued by the Institute of art Sotheby's.

As we remember, write "Handbook collector" the Institute has entrusted just corporate Manager — Mary Roselle, Manager of the Bank UBS. A monograph on corporate collections instructed to release their teachers from among the "non-partisan", ie, not associated with companies whose meetings were mentioned in the book: development Director, Royal Academy of arts Charlotte Appleyard and James Salzmann, at the time of the publication managing Director of the now bankrupt [email protected] ndashаукциона. You should give the idea tribute: "Corporate art collection" was released as informative as possible and do not give preference to any of the collections in the numerous examples contained in the book (and mention Bank UBS does not occur even once).

For ease of understanding of corporate collecting, the authors have divided the collection into four groups, in which the collection is: the marketing component of the brand (Standard Bank, General Mills), a meeting with the curatorial approach (Deutsche Bank, HISCOX), a tool of patronage of the arts (Deloitte, British Airways) and an integral part of the company (Louis Vuitton, Monsoon). Only then describes the principles of formation of corporate collections from scratch, the possibilities of using the collections in crisis and the fate of art after the liquidation of the companies. Meaningful look and interviews with the curators and art-консультантами involved in the creation and management of private collections. The reader until the end of open secrets, but given the well-matched information from public sources — on the headers of the given news, in particular, to judge whether it worked from a variety of mechanisms, managerial strategies, and what is not.

If you are independent art-консультант and from day to day I'm expecting a major private Corporation with a proposal to create for them a collection of objects of art, this book should be read by you. If you are only doing the first steps, "Corporate art collection" should be examined immediately. Otherwise, you will be able to maintain a conversation with the banker at the beginning way of understanding of the history and meanings of art? Just telling him about how one German Bank rescued another from bankruptcy with the help of art, or tellingabout the rivalry between the two new-йоркских banks in the height of sculptures by Giacometti and Dubuffet, in their halls.

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