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Artist of the week: Igor Vulokh
ARTinvestment.RU   11 сентября 2017

November 28 2017 will be 5 years from the date of death, and next year will be 80 years since the birth of outstanding artist-шестидесятника, innovator of Russian postwar abstraction Igor Vulokh

Speaking of Igor Alexandrovich Volage (1938-2012), art Michael Bode in the article of 2015 left on much explaining the formula: "Nonconformist Soviet times – not so much ideological as aesthetic". Indeed, if you look at the handbooks and memoirs, part Vulokh in the history of the open ideological and political resistance of the second Russian avant-garde is limited to only two episodes. The first episode of @- on page 16 of the reference book "the Other art" @- this is when Igor Vulokh, Edward Steinberg, Valentin Vorobiev and Vladimir Kanevsky in 1961 he organized the first free art fair at the House of culture of the city of Tarusa. Young artists helped with the organization of Paustovsky and other writers who lived in Tarusa. Called people. Look at the abstraction came prominent representatives of the intelligentsia from Moscow and foreigners. But, alas, for-умному to react, the Soviet authorities again did not work: the exhibition why-то scandal was closed, the guilty punished, the Western "voices" on a silver platter got urgent topic for discussion. And artists-участников — of students of art faculty of VGIK Vulokh, Vorobyov and Kanevsky — "by sheer coincidence" in February 1962 was expelled from the Institute with the wording, instructive hints at them incompetent.

However, the story's not looking to "grade book" and does not verify the diplomas. Besides, she's got a great sense of humor. "Incompetent" Vulokh not hurt to buy paintings of famous collector George Kostaki, and other visionaries who lived and came to the USSR. And who would have thought: the eternal and all-powerful Soviet government now gone, and the works of Vulokh – here they are. In the Tretyakov gallery and the Russian Museum, in the leading museums of modern art of Russia and the world, in important collections Semenikhin, Alshibai, Kurtser, Mincing and others.

However, we must recognize that the "Chinese warning" the authorities in those days were not scattered, and PE in Tarusa in addition to the deductions had deeper consequences. Can't say how directly this is related, but after the scandal of 1961 Igor Vulokh no longer participated in the resonant exhibitions of unofficial art. Deliberately stayed away. He was friends with Shukshin (even had to play his unrealized film about Razin "I came to give you freedom"), with Zverev and Yakovlev, with the Chuvash poet-новатором Aigi, was personally acquainted with the living witnesses of the first Russian avant-garde Alexei Kruchenykh and Nikolai Hardieway, spoke to many nonconformists. But he preferred quiet work, no noise, no policy, no open opposition. Including for this reason, his position fails to put in the usual coordinate system – not to classify one group (the"Lianozovsky", "Candlemas", etc.), or "hold a" high-profile exhibitions ("bulldozer", "beekeeping", etc.). He was a loner. Alone with his recognizable style, self-absorbed master,focused on the implementation of their ideas is pointless expressive means.

One of the most important periods of his career Igor Vulokh became a long-term cooperation with the Chuvash poet Gennady Aygi. He is the author of numerous inspiring abstract illustrations to his poems. In particular, he made drawings to the lyric cycle Aigi "Notebook Veronica", which was released in foreign translations. All Aigi came out 10 books illustrated by Igor Vulokh. One of them is "Friend of these years" (1989) – a number of poems devoted to the artist. An important episode in the works of Vulokh was a series of illustrations to the poetry of the Swedish Nobel prize winner 2011 of the Tumas Transtremer. In 2012, based on these drawings were made by a series of collectible porcelain Vulokh.

the auction market of works by Igor Vulokh is subject to the General trends for almost all of the sixties. Peak prices and the quality of proposals peaked in 2006-2007. At the time the most expensive London auctions of abstraction is valuable the period 1970-х years were sold for $ 12 000 – 18 000, including the Commission. Auction record for the artist was set in 2007 @- $ 28 784. With him Igor Vulokh is in the top-100 the most expensive artists-шестидесятников. However, it is important to note that all these records were registered before the crisis, before the first price correction in the sixties that ensued after 2008. But corrections have since been recorded several.

But in 2012-2013 years there has been a noticeable surge of interest in the artist. We can say that there was a second opening of Igor Vulokh to the Russian public. It was associated with the Foundation Foundation Vulokh and with the holding in Moscow of several important solo exhibitions, which for the first time his work has been presented with such completeness. These projects at the Moscow Museum of modern art and in the Fund "Catherine" was published in the scientific directories. In particular, painting, is presented now for the Auction AI, just published in one of them @- in the publication of "Igor Vulokh" prepared by the Museum for the exhibition of 2013.

Sources: Igor Vulokh on the website ARTinvestment.ru, the Fund Igor Vulokh, AI Auction

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