#economiccultural. Direct speech. October 2019. Part 2
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Art, art-рынок, the economy of culture in the quotes from interviews of famous people and fragments of publications of the resonance

Zelfira Tregulova, Director General of State Tretyakov gallery. About the legendary queues at the exhibition-блокбастеры in an interview with Yulia Shareway, "Arguments and facts":

"We have learned to do so that there was no queue, — on Repin we did, and we took 601 298 people. Called the exact number, not to think, if we draw a figure (laughs). Actually turn — is bad. It is our task — human soul to soften, to give strong emotions, experiences, not make people feel irritated from standing in queues. On the other hand, we understand that the queue — is an additional incentive that forces others to either join it, or another day, but still come to the exhibition".

Source: aif.ru

Dmitry Aksenov, RDI Group, owner of the contemporary art fair viennacontemporary. From interview to Marina Antsiferovo in Forbes Life:

Marina Anciperov: ...it is unclear how they (young gallery — Approx. Ed.) can make money selling work for €2000, — even if you sell 10 Grand wouldn't cover all the costs of space rental, installation, transportation work.

Dmitry Aksenov: This is enough to cover all the costs: it just needs to sell at €20 000, this is the minimum that allows the gallery to justify its presence we have to make ends meet. In addition, they have other goals to come to us, in addition to earnings, — to establish a reputation and client base. Their sales will continue outside of the fair if they will continue to offer job galleries — is primarily a reputational business.

...Not only we, but the whole culture in General is now in the phase of finding new business-моделей and monetization: the state and society everywhere in Europe are beginning to cut budgets for culture. In the old days a politician has received feedback from consumers only at the next turn of the electoral cycle, and now in the era of direct-маркетинга everything happens very quickly — and the user can dictate policies more and more requirements, to invest more money in the fight for animal rights, for example. The demand is segmented more and more, and politicians have to smear budgets through a wide range of niches. And culture is forced to compete for resources, which number in the period of crisis is not increased.

Source: forbes.ru/forbeslife/

Avdey Ter-Оганьян, artist, founder of art-группы "Art or death". In 2019 after 20 years of exile returned to Russia from the Czech Republic. After the performance "Young atheist" in 1998, against him in Russia instituted criminal proceedings on charges of inciting religious hatred. Recently, the case is closed. In an interview "Who's in charge. Rostov":

"— What time, in your opinion, was the most good for creativity?

— Obvious that the Soviet time. Then of course we did not understand. Because artists were not for the money, the problem of survival was not so hard. Anyway, I chose those works that had a lot of free time, worked as a watchman. And the rest of the time was spent on creativity. And all of it was. The actual work was not connected with money. We are pretty contemptuous belonged to artists and poets who were dropping money. There was a clear split: people either make money, or they do. We set ourselves what-то artistic tasks. And this situation makes it very hard to criticize each other. Now, if you're someone-то criticized, especially in writing, you can damage the person. This may affect his career, on the sale of paintings. And it's ugly. And then it was not about money, and was very demanding. To each other and to themselves.

— There is a point that thanks to the Internet no matter where you live. Or all-таки important?

— of Course, important. Because the main — is direct communication. And I did everything for Moscow and have not seen the reverse reaction. I even stopped to draw. Because I am that-то make, send, money really is not, and the exhibition I did not see. Sent, where-то hung, sent me the picture. Again, no criticism. Maybe what-то paid article that Avdey Ter-Оганьян, blah-бла-бла. The water is so. My words written.

— And in the Czech Republic was what-то criticism?

— No, it's the General process. Crisis — he is one. Not to say that we have it so bad. That the world so badly. Is Americanization, commercialization of art".

Source: kg-rostov.ru

Inna Bazhenov, collector, publisher The Art Newspaper. Based on its new platform The Art Exchange for secularisatie art:

"Every single work of art will be digitally divided into parts — tokens. Individual investors can buy shares in the costly works of art for just $100 and make a profit from increasing their market value. Themselves work can not leave stores or showrooms in London and Switzerland."

Source: theartnewspaper.ru

Discussion conclusions regular "Report on global financial stability", prepared by experts of the IMF (International monetary Fund), in which a prominent role in fueling the next crisis to divert companies-зомби. Of article Ivan Danilov in RIA:

"...the Global financial system is more tense, unstable and dangerous than before the Lehman Brothers crisis (crisis 2008 — Approx. edited by). Quantitative easing (that is, support markets with printed money. — Approx. edited by), zero interest rates and financial repression generally pushed investors — and in the case of pension funds or life insurers are actually forced them — to take on greater risk.

...In practice it turns out that a significant portion of the money goes to the so-called companies-зомби that can exist only in debt, can't make money and develop, and to pay their loans will not be able, most likely, never. During the last 2008 crisis, the epicenter of the financial problems was in the area of “toxic” mortgage loans in US borrowers who in principle had no chance to pay for these loans. Now as bad debtors already are not the American poor and unemployed, and the company (sometimes very large) with many assets and employees, but no profits and a large debt burden.

...the chances that the company scored these debts (and this includes even such “darlings” of the Russian and world media, like Uber, Tesla, WeWork), suddenly start to earn enough profit in order for them to pay (just pay, not to pay interest), — microscopic.

the Chances that in the current environment they may be what-то profitable competitors, — zero, because to compete with companies that frequently use credit money in order to sell their services at a loss, and then get more credit (as do Uber, WeWork), — is an impossible task. The result is an increasing part of the global economy is in the process of "zombification": the company transformed from producers of goods and services in the fast livers of loans and this can't end well".

Source: ria.ru

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