Experts: the culture industry brings the US economy is 4 times more than agricultural production
ARTinvestment.RU   12 марта 2019

This conclusion is contained in a study published in March 2019, Bureau of economic analysis, U.S. (BEA) and National endowment for the arts (NEA)

Figures in the new study are why-то only in 2015 (no idea why), but the scatter contribution to the GDP is so big that three-четыре year, it is unlikely that-то much changed. Thus, the contribution of cultural industries and the arts in the U.S. gross domestic product in 2015 was $763,6 billion (4.2% of GDP) — $200 billion more than was brought by the transport and storage industry, and 4 times more than agriculture. In the field of art employed 4.9 million people, whose total income amounted to $372 billion Export industry of culture and art exceeded imports by $20 billion Contribution of independent artists and writers in the GDP of 2015 is estimated at $22 billion, and the contribution of the Museum sector — $5.3 billion

so. Whether there are any-то comments? For comparison: in our country, which has created adverse and even the repressive legislative framework for the art market, the whole annual sales is unlikely to exceed $32 million ($6.6 million — auction market and about $25 million — gallery in 2018). And to reach out to agricultural GDP (in Russia it is about $60 billion a year) the art market can only dream. Now it actually is almost not visible in the structure of our GDP. In the American statistics, however, there is one cunning: they are in culture and the arts include the film industry and even the jewelry industry. But total output does not change. Where comfortable conditions are created where not shuffle the legislation for the sake of "their" where people are given the opportunity to realize creative potential, where the area of culture and art is thriving and becoming a powerful export industry — "new oil," "new bread", "new weapons".


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