Why is the blockchain not soon take root in the trade of art
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Now any business if to add to his name the word of the blockchain immediately begins to cost more. Art-индустрии too many people believe that the blockchain is a panacea. At least until, while do not try to "bloccante" existing business-процессы

I've Got an old friend is engaged in the development and sale of medical equipment, physician, inventor and generally bright. Well, the times now are such that an hour after the feast, the talks are not reduced to hunting-рыбалке, and to the paradoxical structure of our economy and the unfortunate failure of a number of industrial markets. Word for word: he tells me about radioscalpel and home defibrillators, and I @- a funny story about our online-аукционы. One slept, the other waited until the last third zero wrong – and how I had heroically to get out.

Friend of mine listens every time and wonders why you all so complicated? Say, you train yourself recently explained about the blockchain for the art-бизнеса. Get rid of the human factor! It is possible to solve everything in one fell swoop: "bloccante" business-процессы, enter "smart-контракты", have internal protocols to set the rules and voila. Have the buyer's money – smart-контракт work, the contract will be concluded and payment received immediately. And no money – the system will automatically "dump" the buyer. Configure once, and then the blockchain fingers for you to bend will. The dream of well just! Sit yourself Yes teas Popigai.

It is, of course, good. Who would refuse teas!

But there is a caveat.

Retell our friendly debate on memory in the format of questions and answers.

Why auctions do not use the blockchain and the technology of "smart contracts"?

the Main problem of the blockchain in trade art is that this thing does not know how to talk to people. And these people regularly buy art in Russia @- not hundreds and not even tens of thousands, to have the luxury to build them up, and trim under the Protocol. There may be two thousand in the whole country, and active – and at three hundred. That is in a separate auction every sensible deliverers and responsible buyer of gold. And in front of their nose bloccano and smart-контрактами wave should not be.

in addition, the buyers and the suppliers – not robots. At the crucial moment many are inclined to reflection, to doubt, to search benefits. It would not make a bad bargain? How not to overpay? Try to press them at this point "smart contract" – nothing to buy and sell will not. Therefore, the task of the auctioneer is not to force March all systems, and to bring people to a compromise and make a deal. No completion – no fee. And then it does not matter — on the blockchain we are working or on antediluvian accounts knuckles: all discontented, all in the red.

You never get used to the new. You need to disable local phone number, leaving only minimal Internet-коммуникации and then will switch to the new technology, and otherwise?

the Usual age sellers @45 mdas , and customers – 55 . Yes, everyone has learnt to bet via smartphone or computer. But the landline telephone during the day still won't shut up – people-прежнему prefer voice communication. And the main thing you need for business — they should know what side of the auction is the person that lifts up. Customers won't buy and sell if they have no access to a specialist with the authority, which is able to allownon-standard situations.

What kind of unusual situations?

The simplest @- people are mistaken in the numbers. Instead of 30,000 rubles write rate of 300000 roubles. The blockchain no doubt – will not cough. While anyone understands the auctioneer suspects: what-то wrong here, and it's — only a simple mistake, to correct which, in principle, possible to tune the software "cure". But there are situations more complicated. For example, collector-то sold and simultaneously bought on the next auction – asks to read the same amount at the expense of the other. Many different subtleties. But customers must every time be sure that their issues are handled by skilled person.

Look, "smart-контракты" @- well this is a godsend for auctions. The system will not allow purchase if the customer has insufficient funds in the account. And if enough, the payment is instantaneous. Then there will not be any delays in payment or refusals to purchase – all is clear. Why is it not doing?

This complication for taxpayers. Price are dictated by the buyer. And the terms of payment all also have to adapt for him. If it does not pass the limits of decency. In practice, the money from the buyer are in different places and different currencies. At the time of purchase they might account not be. That is, if everyone was "smart-контрактах", such a transaction simply would not have taken place. Well 10 days normally is enough that people have made amount in the account and did the transfer.

I think Express-проверка of solvency via the blockchain would solve another problem with the bullies and "inadequate", which can do fake bets and prevent others to make purchases. And without it?

the Test of solvency is a definite inconvenience for honest customers, which reduces their desire to shop, which means it could worsen the business environment. But it is more important than the fight against bullies. Moreover, attackers in practice is found not so much. And experienced auctioneer with a high probability will calculate their typical set of actions (no I will not tell).

for example, with a test of solvency as-то can be solved. What else don't fit the "smart-контракты"?

Not satisfied precisely because of its concreteness and rigidity. For example, we agreed that the reserve price will be 100 000 rubles, and it is prescribed in the "smart contract". And at auction, it turns out that really do not give 100 thousand, and, for example, 75 thousand. And seller, if you think they do. But smart-контракту – bye, the whole deal. However, an experienced auctioneer is able to pick up the phone or write to the messenger and to coordinate the positions of the parties. And unlike the robot, he feels, when to do it and when not.

You regularly come to face the human factor: who-то change your mind, then who is-то don't have time... Like on this shaky basis to prescribe the protocols and establish clear regulations?

In fact-то of the matter. People see the auction (and rightly so) not as a computer program, and as a pleasant place with its environment. Consult on prices, exchange views on the state of the market, ask investment and art councils. This communication is not formalized at the level of algorithms. But it is necessary to remove this feature– we deprive of people of pleasure and familiar comfort. For us, communication with the collectors, by the way, is also fun. And why would they want to share what-то digital companions – chat-ботами?

You listen, so it turns out that the blockchain at all in art-торговле not applicable and not needed. Think so?

Bloccano admire because it provides transparency, it is literally "very scarce". But excessive transparency in practice restricts all maneuver: sellers, buyers, and organizers. Where-то need to be able to back off, to correct errors, to eliminate confusion, leaving unwanted marks.

Think that in the next 10 years, the probability of a full blockchain-внедрений in the industry of art is quite low. Till we all come in the last turn. First, "blackanese" other industries – registrars, notaries, etc. And there after and we pull up.

However, we can already look into the future away. At least theoretically, to dream. If before our auction was a task as soon as possible "bloccante" at any price (despite high risks to the economy business and for the relationship with the audience), then theoretically it would be possible to do this. For a few years to train its auction network to feed it all the current judgements on works of art (which now disappear without a trace), the results of auctions and other working information. At the same time to start setting up the profiles of the suppliers and buyers to specify their temperament, preferences, willingness to compromise and even the level of mysticism. One day, the array of solutions would have increased artificial intelligence. There would be, relatively speaking, chat-бот "Granny", who "knew" all customers "in person" and solved their problem.

Well, then it would be possible to try this Toolkit to work.

of Course, not the fact that this business will "take off." But what the hell? 20 years —, why not? We see now how people albeit slowly, but getting used to the "conveyor" maintenance and impersonal communication. Let's see how the same "McDonald's" switched to automatic receiving orders with touch screens. Because the eye has not had time to blink! The problem is that the current "baccani" still very raw, experimental and obscure. For us, the break will begin at the moment when it will be ready-made solutions, the convenience of which is obvious to all. As a convenience from "Yandex.Taxi" or Dropbox. It is important that the business saw in the blockchain-решениях obvious practical benefits, not just beautiful words.

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