Russian auction in London. Forecast for November 2017
ARTinvestment.RU   24 ноября 2017

The forecast only affects the main "Russian auction" in Britain. But in November —декабре Russian art auctions held in the USA, in France, but around the world. Don't miss them: there, too, is very interesting and usually cheaper

In theory, at the November auction market has reigned extraordinary excitement after the phenomenal sales of "Savior of the world". On the agenda — HYIP with bitcoins. In the future we can expect a RAID neophytes who do not knowledge, but faith. And as a result, fixed insane prices, buying illogical and agitation. We will soon see. However, it is more about the art world, not us.

the Russian art of national importance soon already 10 years since invited to this celebration of life. Most of the auction records established in 2008, is still not beaten. And those new records for Russian artists, which sometimes appear, buyers don't set during the "Russian week" and bidding Impressionists and modernists. it was just with him, which is "Russian weeks" offered little.

However, the value of London's Russian auction market Russian art should not be underestimated. They are here already almost 15 years (including the period when British houses had Russian auction in America). And still nothing more than high class never showed up. Including Russia, which was so much hope. And Russian collectors at-прежнему prefer to do expensive purchases in London. Even when in Moscow there are better options and cheaper.

Well, I suggest to call in the aid of logic and sales history to make projections on prices next week.

To translate pounds into dollars, you need to multiply them roughly 1.32. However, we already did that; all estimates and forecasts are given in a more understandable dollars.

let's Go in chronological order.

27 Nov 2017. Christie's. Important Russian Art

Christie's Russian auction in this time no copy. The most expensive work of our artists has long been sold in the company of their own kind on Russian, and on a more prestigious thematic auction. So it is not surprising that there comes a time when top-лотом in the Important Russian Art becomes beautiful, but the entrance stanitski still life Natalia Goncharova, estimated at $660 000 000-924.

Comment: the Thing is beautiful, but only just. Decorative multifruit, commercial, positive. At the same time, bright innovation, which is associated with the name of our "Amazons of the avant-garde", is out of the picture. Hard hit by still-life at the crossroads of Fauvism and, to some extent. Although there is a twist: the cover is in the upper left corner — from what-то very familiar to books Russian avant-garde illustrated whether Goncharova, her husband Mikhail Larionov. The buyer will be interested. Likely to buy. Though hardly the maximum, buy without a struggle, closer to the lower boundary estimate. Forecast AI — $660 000, the lower estimate.

Review: Collectors of Nicholas Roerich love these stories, andthese dimensions. At least recently loved. Whether it is now in the yard 2013-й or 2014-й, then this large tempera would have a chance to go in the range of $1 500 000. Closer to $2 000 000. But in 2013, much water has flowed: "Master-банк", which was headed by a member of the Board of the International centre of the Roerichs, stripped of his license, the banker Boris Baker — wanted, centre of the Roerichs was evicted from the Lopukhins ' estate, around the heritage debate. It is unlikely that those processes in a good way to encourage buyers. Therefore, the forecast for the sale of this spectacular things to be careful — $550 000. All of-за situation.

Review: In this work, well recognizable, not repulsive story, valuable time (1979), comfortable size (just optimal for the private collection of — a little less than a meter across). Today to find work of this class — are not alone heels a real grind. Later, five-foot, beating bright colors, although the prices are $30 000-60 000 — sea. But these are rare. Ernst Neizvestny along with Oscar Rabin — is one of the main figures in the informal post-war Russian art. And, in my opinion, he still is very underrated in the art market. This situation will change. The artist does not forget (that's just last week in Yekaterinburg was opened by his great monument to the memory of victims of repression), and later-то time after death (Ernst Neizvestny died in the summer of 2016), we will surely see a number of exhibitions and monographs. My prediction — $30 000, slightly above the estimate. Will move to someone-то on the wall and will continue to rise in price.

Review: that Rabin's the same logic as that of Ernst Neizvestny. The landmark figure. The picture is valuable doemigratsionnogo period — 1968. Big — meter. In our domestic market for such would safely $30 000. Obviously more than the estimate. We have works of this period are in themselves a rarity. And then there's the story — at least once in the Museum, though in the monograph. In the fridge are purchased from the battle where-то blue chicken wrapped in a Soviet newspaper. And in the newspaper that I write that all is well and will only get better, the anxiety must cause except that the alarming situation in China. In one picture — whole era. Forecast — $35 000.

Review: Most beautiful classics — more than six meters in width. Already a rare case. Summer Kryzhitsky comparable class at Sotheby's went for almost $300 000. Savvy people then believed that it is very expensive. Indeed, before the crisis work kryzhitskogo cost about two times cheaper, around $120 000-150 000. Butsix months ago the market thought otherwise. At this time, the forecast AI — to $250,000.

Review: This Apollinaris, not to be confused with his brother, Viktor Vasnetsov, author of the picture of "Heroes". And to confuse the habit can: for Apollinaris the theme of medieval Russia is also main, and his work are not much cheaper. Auction record — $548 000. The picture "Port in Novgorod" — by the way, from the same series. The current "Ancient Novgorod the Great" — on canvas of a gigantic size, nearly one meter eighty. Beautiful. The theme demanded. Especially in the era of braces, monuments to kings, theses on history and other forms of circulation to the roots. The estimate is also gigantic, at the level of the historical record. Forecast — closer to the lower price boundary of $470 000. Expensive.

Review: Koshlyakov — a favorite of collectors of contemporary art, is firmly in the first round of names: beautiful, provocative, and prestigious. The artist lives and works in France. In Russia, the Museum of Russian impressionism, Boris mints, not so long ago he held his first large retrospective exhibition. So the name at the hearing. Than a good concrete job? The theme is correct — Moscow, Russian, our bridge. What-нибудь the bridge over the Seine Russian buyers were interested would be far less. Next — convenient size. Have Koshlyakov is a lot of work for two-три meters. Not every collector will be able to find them a place. And this "Borodinsky bridge" — approximately 70 × 90, ideal for apartments. What's with the price? The lower estimate Christie's has put in $10 000. This reassurance. For the money it would be in Moscow flew away. Taking into account margins for London will deliver the forecast $16 000.

Review: Before the crisis, in the gallery Aidan Salakhova such shablavin cost in the region of $20 000. Then the prices started jumping and rode in the neighborhood of $5000. The artist is undervalued. Moreover, the artist definitely interesting, recognizable, with thoughts, with ideas, with quality. My prediction on the fate of this particular things — $13 500 at the lower estimate. The size is good, the theme doesn't get bored, and with the classics on the walls of the collector the twilight will not argue.

28 Nov. Sotheby's. Russian Pictures

At Sotheby's this time from the works of Alexandra Exter dazzled: 15 works of one author put on some trades. Sold private collection, in which were dozens of canvases. But not a single Exter...

Review: It is the most expensive lot of the most prestigious Russian auction Sotheby's. Beautiful five-foot portrait of a student and collector of works Feshin. 1908 is considered to be a turning point in the artist — year when Feshin became the Fechin. A little before the Imperial Academy of arts left his teacher, Ilya Repin. And, freed from custody, Feshin decided on a bold experiment: he wrote the portrait is not as taught, and-своему. Before the crisis, 2014 paintings Feshina this class confidently handles $2 000 000. And even $3 000 000. I think that even less confident, but the price will exceed two million this time. All-таки thing inspired and correct in all respects. Forecast AI — $2 000 000.

Comment: Why-то this topic at the Russian Amazons of the avant-garde Alexandra Exter especially highly prized by collectors. All of her records — is just carnivals, boats, Venice. Eight — ten years ago market price range for work of this class was $800 000-1 700 000. This time the auction was appointed estimate is much more modest. Lures: jobs offered dozens, and many good people will choose. However, collectors certainly understand that this expanse in the Exter — is a one-time event, as market thrown collection. The auction will be. Experienced observers believe that the most expensive of all the "Carnival of Venice" will reach $1 000 000.

Review: In my memory for the first time in the forecasts, we focus on the work of Lev Chistovskogo. It happens at almost every auction, a lot of them — cold cabin, it is the same in different degrees of sweetness and level of provocation. Is rarely interesting. Typical for middle-class bedrooms in the range of $100 000 (record — $273 000: someone-то, you see, firmly hooked). Usually the eye does not stop. But not this time. This "Bather" is not just to learn: warm lamp Chistovskoe. By his standards, even chaste. And inspired. It is a pity that the water is fresh, not everyone likes. And the rest blame not even in it. I doubt that the work will qualify for the record. But the result closer to $100 000, which is above the estimate, is not exactly surprised.

Review: Voligamsi was first put up for auction the world level. Two outstanding projects. Right, it's time. The artist is well known to Russian audience with his unique, recognizable style. It is a dinosaur instead of pigeons pecking at crumbs, the men smoke the stars, what-то types in order from head to feet carry a suitcase to carry mausoleums. A joke, but the joke tactful,which is not boring. This time sotbisovsky canvases by Rinat Voligamsi officers bent over the mushrooms, and the platoon huts on chicken legs took up protection of a forest edge. Picture of fresh, 2017. For fashion collection — is what you need. Estimate not exorbitant. However, for Sotheby's in the range of $15 000 — is generally a level of emotional purchases where you can not much to analyze. My suggestion: buy for about $12 000.

Review: this time it's the most expensive painting at Sotheby's of the works of the sixties. Vasilyev — is an informal "Sretenskaya group", which refers Kabakov, Bulatov, Yankilevsky, Pivovarova etc. Again, like a mantra, to repeat what "but in the old days..." At the peak of prices the best thing Oleg Vassiliev (this is also good but not the best) in the world's leading auction was worth $300 000-950 000. In recent years, — in the region of $100 000. I suppose that this time will go to around $90 000 if gets in your eyes-versed in American conceptualism. Russian-то the Statue of Liberty why?

Review: Who-то say that in Russia at the auctions of works Nemukhin a dime a dozen. Answer this: did you try to find a composition with the maps 1960-х years. Or 1970-х. It does not matter at what price, but easy to find. Try — will understand why exported from the Soviet foreign journalists and diplomats things of the sixties interest. In particular, this guitar was taken to the memory of the Soviet Union and saved for future Russian collectors Italian journalist. Now in Moscow such a thing quickly found a buyer in the range of $20,000 to 25,000. At Sotheby's assessment above. But I still buy it: collectors immediately morale overpayment in London. My prediction — $30 000.

Review: obviously the class of the Museum, a large, powerful, dramatic. Pharaoh's army here-вот will overtake the people of Moses. Or red cavalry? Or? There are a lot of allusions. Bible stories — favorite theme in the works of Anisfeld. "Belshazzar's feast", "Sodom and Gomorrah", "the Four horsemen of the Apocalypse" —, all these works were sold at auction in the last two years. But the problem is that with rare exception, biblical stories do not favor individuals collectors. And this applies to all artists. Anisfeld is no exception. In the top of sales to a million dollars he was getting things versatile, decorative and relaxing. And it was in 2006-2008. And now will most likely start. In the best case — within the estimate — $120 000.

Review: Collectors love snow Ivan Schultze. No wonder his winter landscapes occupy most of the top sales in the range of $200 000 for work in this class. Adjusted for the economy and changing preferences, I will assume that this work will go is still within the estimate, for $60,000. The thing is charming, do not cease to please. Look — want a normal snow soon.

on 28 November 2017. Sotheby's. Art of the Soviet Union

special auction for Soviet-советскому art — the first in my memory. And the debut was fun. In "the oblonskys 'house" all mixed up — as Terry socialisti-конформисты and directly opposite to them in all social settings-арт, shall communicate to the grotesque ideologies of the Soviet regime. Gerasimov and the sound fanciful adjoin mosquitoes and Bulatov. Of course, maybe it supposed to be — to play on the contradictions. Maybe the curators of the auction are not always fully understand the sarcasm in the author's statement: it is necessary to live in those days, so the line definitely feel.

Review: a Playful mood immediately sets top-лот auction — thing with the highest estimate. Sotheby's appointed Deineka. Shakhtar in human growth. Auction (hold tight!) — $4 631 954 200-5 400. Yes, La-а-а-дно!.. It is clear that 1925. But not de Stael, in fact. Buyers of such works for a lot of money can be counted on the fingers. And evil tongues say that they are now not much before that. In addition, Deineka never before at auction even not come close to this amount. Who-то argue that just an absolute masterpiece at a public auction has never been. However, it was not. But this is, frankly, not the case. The thing is definitely not for the home. The calculation of the sentimental owner of the mines? These are? Forecast AI — at this price sold can not be nothing to discuss. If you like to know the opinion at the current market price, less than $ 1 million. Because of the name.

Review: Georgy Rublev, "the Meeting of the factory party Committee". Winding shop, truancy, tardiness is not. Very specific two-meter atmospheric naive. Hard on the fan. I ask this, how much do you think? $529 280-793 920. Henbane overeat. Rublev — half-forgotten painter, decorator metro station "Serpukhovskaya". Yes, after the restructuring was an exhibition in the Tretyakov gallery, specifically this thing reproduced on the cover of the book of Matthew bone. But to get closer to that price all that background too little. The current auction record George Rublev — $5000 for the big picture in 2016. No attempt failed to sell. So the forecast, I'm sorry, dankowski. Even moreconfidence: at this price sold can not be.

Review:, the Thing is tiny (25 cm tall), inexpensive (symbolic for Sotheby's $2 600-4 000), but I think it is one of the most interesting work of these trades. One of the most powerful artists of the Russian avant-garde (the author of the painting "the court of the people") paints a portrait of the key figures in the history of Russia XX century. Formally, the name of this portrait in the directory — Portrait of a man. But any Russian from first look to understand who this "man" and why he's-прежнему terrifying. Ten years ago this portrait I tried to sell for $10 000, unsuccessfully. You can see, the time has not come. Now at the time. Ten thousand may not be, but six thousand or eight — possible. Maybe more. Right, the plot interesting painting of Solomon Nikritin — is a very rare guest on the auction market.

Review: In 2006 a pair of "mosaic" portrait of Stalin and Brezhnev — gigantic size, human growth — established at Sotheby's auction record for creativity of the sixties Eduard Gorokhovsky: $330 000! Since it was sold out a few variations with Stalin. But price benchmark for them was more in the $15 000-20 000. I think that Sotheby's estimate this time is exceeded, but the disputants are not much fond of and will reach approximately $20 000.

Review: "Two leaders after a rain" — symbolic thing of the Soviet era. "Stalin and Voroshilov in the Kremlin" looked to the Soviet people with postcards, magazine reproductions — everywhere. Alexander Gerasimov, successfully trapped in the jet, has written several repetitions of his masterpiece. And with the latter came an incident. The thing was still being written when, in the words of Galicia, "particularly the question arose about a father and a genius" and were "ordered statues per night to remove from the station". The artist has not become puzzled and... recorded leaders of the collective herd. The picture with the cows was kept in the family, then was sold, accidentally went under her other story, — began to wash away, surprised, and left. As a monument to the era. A picture recently sold in Russia, pointing at the Antique shop, but at home is worth the price and no one gave. London is likely to help. Exhibit a uniquely entertaining and enlightening, will take root in the house and in the Museum. Who-то will serve as an example and who-то warning. Forecast — $110 000, but can be any surprises.

Review: the ranking of living Russian artists there are only four people, which was overcome at international auctions the mark of one million dollars: Kabakov, Bulatov, Komar and Melamid. On the fingers of one hand can be counted. And the work of Bulatov beat the million mark more than five times, and his auction record is $2 160 000 per canvas "glory to the CPSU". "Goodbye, Lenin" accurately conveys the time, feeling the entrance in a dashing 1990-е. But this thing is so symbolic and significant, to once again exceed one million. Sotheby's provides a benchmark of $264 640-396 960. I think we should go where-то in the middle — in the region of $300 000. And bargaining is unlikely to be particularly active: those days, many prefer to forget.

29 Nov 2017. Bonhams. The Russian Sale

Bonhams holds its the smallest auction of the latter. When buyers have overspend, emotions, splashed, and just reach them, not all. The result is that it is sometimes possible to buy the work of overlooked and undervalued. In other words — to purchase a profitable. However, this time such options are not many. The lower estimate is often not below market, but still not forget about 25% of the fee in excess of the hammer price. And so, I liked the "wash" Stepan Kolesnikov gouache ostoura vyalov (with such authors need to be vigilant on the question of authenticity), painting Edward Steinberg (the normal price), small Aivazovsky.

Review: is the second work of Ernst Neizvestny. But what to do, again good and appearance and price. From $8 000 ask for the scenic triptych, framed in a single frame. Height @90 mdas and wide will gather a little more than 120 cm — optimally. 1986 — worse than sotbisovsky picture. But not three times worse. Three times cheaper. Do not buy this for $10 000 — means missing a good opportunity. The rest mentioned above. Unknown — is a key figure in postwar art, and his works, in all logic, should rise in price.

Review: In this work almost all is well and appreciate the many story, and a wonderful year (1973 — flourished), and comfortable for collectibles size. But the price — alas... Under $26 000, consistent with Bonhams, — is two-три times higher than you can buy other wonderful painting Natalia Nesterova on the domestic market. Yeah, not exactly the same but good too. Miracles certainly do happen, but I'm afraid this time can not buy. Sorry.

the First reports on how to really is Russian week, will arrive next Monday, November 27. @Ndashто suggests that they have great surprise. Last but not least due to the effect of "Savior". Well, the good mood in this case it can't hurt. Everyone who is going to London, we allversion looking following accusingly. But so be it — ride while I still can ☺. But seriously: good weather and good shopping!

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