Russian week in London. Forecast for November 2016
ARTinvestment.RU   22 ноября 2016

Almost the entire crop of the "Russian week" will bring Sotheby's, the most expensive painting will Rodchenko. And classics, including landing Aivazovsky, will be sold with difficulty and at reasonable prices, that is 2-3 times cheaper than before the crisis. It briefly

Western auctions in General continue to successfully adapt to changing economic conditions in Russia and the change of preferences of the Russian buyers. With rare exceptions announced in this time estimate is neither too high, nor even just exaggerated. For example, the same paintings of Aivazovsky, who has recently aged a queue in the Tretyakov gallery, the auctions are estimated at about 3 times cheaper than before the crisis 2014.

Reduced economic opportunities and deteriorating sentiment in Russia is not the only problem the organizers of the "Russian auction". In the last year of headaches added them to our regulators. According to unofficial information, after the may criticism of the Prosecutor's office of the Ministry of culture for an underestimation of the exported values in the Ministry to quickly "fix". Now experts are assessing the work for export, due diligence and value for calculation of duty referred to as top, considering the factors increasing the price and reducing ignoring. That is, the experts seems to be oriented not provided by the client the assessment of the auction house and achieved in favorable conditions, auction highs. That is quite wrong, but much calmer. Exactly as we predicted. A number of customers of-за high duties, decided to withdraw from the transportation to the auction. So that in the future a variety of foreign catalogs will be reduced, and transaction costs of the sellers will rise.

Potential buyers need to be careful this time and remember that recently, leading auction once again raised the size their fees, . And in General, when the independent analysis of prices and estimate it is necessary to consider that in the hands of the sellers receive, not the entire amount, but about 30 % less than buyers pay at auction.

Christie's Russian Art. 28 Nov 2016

it is Noticed that Christie's, which has been successfully selling art in the upscale segments, it became for some time frankly lazy on the "Russian auction". It catalogues Russian Art was getting thinner, painting was rapidly replacing the items DPI. It is, in General, is clear: the margin is getting smaller, and headaches more and more. This time the Christie's catalog especially rich in surprises. Among the top-лотов — is good but expensive "Turkestan avant-garde" Alexander Volkov ($500 000), and Maria Vasilyeva expensive ($500 000) and meter, a little remarkable Petr Konchalovsky ($310 000). Do not be surprised if two of the three top lots will not find a buyer.

Comment: "Golden Nude" is not the most expensive (the record from Volkov over $3.16 million), but, in my opinion, the best work of the chief representative of the "Turkestan avant-garde", appeared at auction in the history of trading. Volkov definitely need to watch it live, in photos he tends to look better than in real life. And so, in the photo, the work seems to be all there. Good provenance, proof of family, great size (over five feet), good year (1915-1916) — everything speaks in favor of the picture. It is a pity that times are not the best. However, the thinga unique and gone, rather exceeding the estimate. Three million today nobody will, but $1 100 000 is quite possible.

Comment: For my taste, the second is a rare gem of the upcoming Christie's auction. Sorry if not leaving-за prices. At the peak of the market portraits by Savely Sorin could cost $60 000-100 000. Record and did $300 000. But today $60 000, which asked over tempera on paper can be daunting for buyers. But the thing special. Piercing. Mystical, diabolical. Has a strong stopping action and doesn't go out of my head. "Night school" — is a dialogue with a lover of absinthe, Picasso, 1926, but is thoroughly modern in its story and image. Looks like written yesterday. In a good way, of course.

Comment: This is the best still life of Yuri (Georges) Annenkov from all that has appeared at auction over the last three years. Before the crisis, for work of comparable class often gave about $140 000. Sometimes it came up to $240 000. Now that Annenkov in Christie's asking $74 000, so I think that will go exceeding the estimate. But small. The buyer needs to consider that after the crisis is to sell the artists of the Russian Diaspora in Russia has become more difficult. And Annenkov is no exception. On the other hand, is the artist marketable in the international market, firmly included in the auction clip. So, provided the right price it can be sold abroad regardless of the economic problems in Russia. Annenkov unlike many interesting not only Russian. In General, the forecast — $120 000.

Comment: Works by Mikhail Shemyakin in the market are not uncommon, but there is Christie's offers a rare combination of high quality, unusual and attractive prices. This paired work 1990-х years old, beautiful, historical figure, a metaphorical portrait of the innovator of the dance of "Russian ballet" Diaghilev. And pray for this couple less than $20 000. For comparison: in Russia, for the same money in the summer, we AI Auction sold one painting Shemyakin same size too 1990-х years. However, the forecast for a couple will not be $40 000 and $25 000. Beyond the sea heifer — mite, Yes ruble transportation.

In General, even just from the point of view of the attractiveness of the price to the auction Christie's, as to the rest, the London auctions, this time it makes sense to look closely. It is previously, there was a prohibitively high prices of almost everything, and now is quite "tasty" options. Here, for example, Oleg Tselkov with the cat. A good half meter work 1988and the minimum auction — is $25,000. You have to make a minimum bet the reason exactly is. Given that in Russia such a thing can cost about $50 000.

Or here figure Erik Bulatov with a Russian inscription "Firmament" — is not French and not English. The picture is not to small (30 cm), and the rating — from $10 000, although in former times this could cost half as much. However, if you remember that the current $15 000 — is almost 1 000 000, or pre-crisis $30 000, playfulness and desire to fight significantly diminished.

Sotheby's. English Pictures. 29 Nov 2016

Sotheby's was the last of the famous Western auctions, who are still not discouraged about Russian art. They, by the way, this topic was started: the first special "Russian auction" held at Sotheby's in 2003. And their perseverance is rewarded. For example, this time they got a piece of the collection of non-conformists Candy and Jacob Bar-Гера. The collectors of the sixties I remember a black thick catalog "Nonconformists" in paperback — is that their collection is. But without Bar-Гера Sotheby's have something to show. They will be Russian avant-garde from the right of the gallery, including the main thing Russian week — abstract painting by Alexander Rodchenko. Potentially the most expensive. We'll start with.

Comment: According to experts of the Russian avant-garde, this is the best work of Rodchenko in the auction market in the entire history of trading. Of the valuable period with impeccable provenance (including the catalogue of the exhibition of 1920, and lifetime photo from the workshop in 1920 and 1924). Price is unclear. To check with, no analogues. The most expensive work by Rodchenko still — is a little drawing of 1917, sold last year for $646 000. And then abstract painting with linear construction, and even the size is not small. The recent exhibition of Rodchenko in new-йоркском the MOMA, obviously, will warm up interest to this author and international buyers. I assume that bargaining will not only be Russian. Hence, perhaps, and confident estimate — $3 000 000. I think something like this, even a little more expensive, and sell: for $3 500 000-4 000 000. In General, it is strange that Sotheby's withdrew a piece of lot of the more prestigious auction Impressionists and modernists. However, they know better.

Comment: the provenance of several put up for auction of works of Russian avant-garde mentioned new-йоркская gallery Leonard Hutton, listed the experts in this field. "The seventh dimension" as one of the favorite students of the Vitebsk of Malevich, too, came from there. And earlier this collage was the son of Ilya Chashnik, then in the collection of Leo Nusberg, then it was taken to new-Йорк. In exhibitions this thing involved since 1978. With provenance not bad. But with the price of harder. On the one hand, Chashniki srodu was not worth all of his auction records still did not rise above $40 000. And here begins with a three times greaterfigures. On the other hand, genuine works of this class rarely come up for auction. Fakes also rife: our auction framework to Chashniki shines red LEDs like a Christmas tree. So, most likely, buy. Opinion AI: will sell for $125,000. Still there are those who are good Chashniki much need. But not at maximum prices.

Roughly the same thing can be said about the exhibited works of Nikolai Suetin. Good, but expensive. If the estimate was one and a half-два times less, it would be possible to count on the powerful bargain. And — view.

Comment: Here, of course, the view stops of Aivazovsky's unusual story. We are accustomed to dozens and hundreds of ships in distress. And then — Savior coming to the disciples on the waters of the sea of Galilee. Estimate for mid-size Aivazovsky very attractive — $37 000-62 000. Why so few? I can only guess. A well-known phenomenon of the Russian market associated with works on religious subjects. They are why-то hard sell. I hope this thing will be different. I think the painting of Aivazovsky with the biblical story will find its buyer. But probably only slightly higher than the estimate. Wave, by the way, as always, famously written that simply glows from within.

Finally-то came to the meeting Candy and Jacob Bar-Гера.

Comment: vahrich Bakhchanyan (sixties, he died in 2009 in USA) — one of the most underrated members of the Russian unofficial art. Many do not know the name of the author but use his aphorisms: "We were born to make Kafka come true", "Bay thumbs — save Russia", "by hook or by crook to live not by lies". Bakhchanyan was a conceptualist in literature, and in art. His absurdist collages of well-known directories of unofficial art. Including this, with fish and rocket. Estimated collage is not exorbitant money, but active trading I do not expect. Thing to know much about humans, so predict at best care start. And most of all, the collage will remain with the previous owner.

in General, in this collection a lot of interesting work: Vladimir Yankilevsky (big oil $7 500, very inexpensive), early, not like himself Tselkov, 1957, shablavin (1976, represent!). There are Vechtomov, there is Yakovlev 1966 with the lower estimate of $2000. Will Mature giant Tselkov (over two metres) from $22 000. Where have you seen? In detail don't stop because readers AI these artists are well known, are often found at auctions. I think that will moves very well: the reserves in most cases will be low. But to get involved, to set records and repeatedly to pay would not advise. Last chance.

Bonhams. The Russian Sale. 30 Nov 2016

Bonhams London November 30, will meet a large collection of paintings of Fedor Zakharov (1882-1968) — artist, was part of his time in the Union of Russian artists andThe Association of artists of revolutionary Russia (AHRR). First of the best works of Fedor Zakharov was worth in the range of $20 000-50 000, a record — $96 000. And evaluation Bonhams beyond the usual framework. In particular, the thing with cover — painting "Ballerina" (160 × 109) — is estimated at $43 000-55 000. Today, however, these prices are rather marginal, high-interest collection of Zakharov's work, my colleagues do not expect. Wonder if sell.

At Bonhams will be predominantly classic. But several works of the sixties, the organizers also included in the catalog.

Comment: "the New Statue of Liberty" — is a project of the monument, which Ernst Neizvestny was going to do for Taiwan. This, in particular, due to the unusual base in the shape of a star — symbol of the island nation separated from China. A reduced copy is presented at the auction of the sculpture in 1988, was presented to Pope John Paul II. As for the price, I predict a departure slightly above the upper estimate. The sculpture is an outstanding author, tall, with an interesting story. Before Chinese partners, buying is better not to boast. And the rest of — super. I think it will take about $15 000.

Comment: One of the most recognizable themes in the work of the sixties Sretenskaya group Viktor Pivovarov. There are many variations of this "Long legs". We AI Auction regularly sell lithography with a similar plot. And paid for them $500-600 in terms of rubles. And here for the original pattern asking $1860. Something to think about. My prediction: it makes sense to fight up to $2000 and within the estimate. Taking into account that on top of another will form the Commission.

in General, status collectors often miss Bonhams, and the work there are good and inexpensive. There is a chance to buy with low competition is higher. So look to your taste. There are more expensive and a more conceptual Pivovarov, the avant-garde artist Yakov Chernikhov with three suspiciously cheap geometric compositions (of $10,000 for three of the figure), is picture of our Kozhina Seeds, familiar to many participants of the forum AI ($5 000). Yes, a lot just curious.

"Russian week" from the English auction starts with a good market for buyers. Estimeyty and reserves were appointed in pounds. And the pound has fallen to attractive figures of $1.24 for £1 (last time was a 1.53). Financial conditions are favorable. The only hurdle for good trading — is a lack of confidence in the future. But there's nothing-то one. It is to receive the same level of confidence that prices quickly pulled up.

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