The group Vsadnik

1920-1924, Kazan

Members: M. G. Andreevskaya, M. V. Barashev (Barashev), A. V. Boutin, V. E. Vilkovisky (Vilkovisky), P. E. Kornilov, M. I. Merkushev, D. P. Moshchevitin, A. G. Platunova, I. N. Pleschinskiy, . M. Sokolsky, I. Stadnyuk, D. M. Fedorov, S. Fedotov, K. K. Chebotarev, . Sergei Shikalov.

Exhibitions: 1-я (1920, Kazan); 2-я state exhibition of painting, sculpture and architecture (1921, Kazan); exhibition of contemporary Russian graphic art (1922, Kazan); "Russian work" (1923, Kazan).

Emerged in the autumn of 1920 on the basis of the engraving class of the Kazan state art workshops (the former Kazan art school). The name was intended to draw a parallel with the Munich "Blue rider" and the work of German expressionists, which is largely guided by the participants. The emblem chosen engraving I. N. Pleschinskiy with the image of a rider working in the blouse. The Committee was chaired by I. N. Pleschinskiy, comrade Chairman — . Sergei Shikalov, Secretary — D. M. Fedorov.

the Team has released graphic anthology "Rider" (№№ 1-4), as well as small-circulation albums and folders (30-50 copies), including: "Oriental pattern" (1920), "Three. A. Platonov, K. Chebotarev, D. Moshchevitin" (1922), "Autographs" (1922), "Kazan bookplates" (1923); more albums: "Lithography", "the Etchings" (both — 1920), "18 lithographs -" (1921) I. N. Pleschinskiy; "Vignettes", "Graphics" (both — 1921), "Tales" (1922) A. G. Platunova; "Revolution" (1921), "Sketches" (1922) K. K. Chebotarev; "Face" V. E. Vilkovisky (1922), "About the Kazan ramp", "Mastor" (both — 1923) M. V. Barsova and others. Prepared for publication: "Kazan in color prints", "Etchings" . S. Shikalov, "Graphics" D. M. Fedorova. The participants also actively engaged in design of books for third party publishers.

In the first issue of the almanac includes an article I. N. Pleschinskiy and . S. Shikalov the "Heroism of everyday life", in which artists made a collective program —, the development of engraving as an independent art, the creation in Russia of the so-called "artist books": "linked in the graphics team, armed with a desire to realize the creative power of the artist to reveal his identity in the present, anthologies and individual author folders... Starting with a cliché, each imprint in all stages of development made by the author and bear the character of his creative personality, born with modernity. So we are prepared when the artist connects to one artist and work. In Russia, almost completely unaware of the book, the illustrations would have been executed by the artist in his Graphic workshop. Photo-механический process of reproduction of artistic ideas drove the skill and taste of the author... we are today, experienced fathers, back to the infant years of illustration, when the artist-график, securing a cutter on the Board his idea, he himself had revealed it and then, realizing to the end of their job."

the Society held a show in the end of 1920, 5 artists exhibited 116 works (drawings, watercolors, lithographs, linocuts, etchings, woodcuts). The exhibition was accompanied by the publication of a catalogue. In the introductory article "Graphic art"N. Sergei Shikalov wrote: "Before the contemporary artists charts... need to establish it (the engraving. — Approx. ed.) as an independent and high art, giving it its own laws and its own graphic style. Our Team is United by pursuit of this style..."

In 1921 after the death . S. Shikalov and M. G. St. Andrew's (their posthumous exhibition was held in July 1921) and departure from Kazan I. N. Pleschinskiy and M. Merkusheva I. the group was transformed into a "Graphic team of the Kazan state art studios"). In the second part of the "Rider" was included D. P. Moshchevitin, A. G. platunova, S. Fedotov, K. K. Chebotarev, M. V. Barsov and critic of P. E. Kornilov. In 1924, the team ceased to exist.


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