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In the UK the largest over the last 30 years, the exhibition Naum Gabo
ARTinvestment.RU   24 января 2020

Exhibition of a pioneer of Russian constructivism will be held in the gallery "Tate St-Айвс" (Tate St Ives) and will be dedicated 100-летию his "Realistic Manifesto"

25 Jan the gallery "Tate St-Айвс" in the English Cornwall, will open the exhibition of the famous sculptor of the twentieth century, one of the pioneers of constructivism and kinetic art Naum Gabo. This exhibition — the largest exposition of the artist's works in the UK over the last 30 years. It is timed to the 100-летнему anniversary "Realisticheskogo Manifesto", released in post-revolutionary Moscow in 1920-м year and, according to curator Sara Matson, to help "conceptualize his work in a broader context for a modern audience."

the exhibition will feature approximately 80 works by Gabo, mostly from the permanent collection of the Tate gallery and German Berlinische Galerie. The main objective of the exhibition — to demonstrate the application of the principles of the Manifesto Gabo in his groundbreaking and in many ways ahead of his time art.

the Exhibition includes kinetic work of Gabo, his miraculously preserved sculptures made of Plexiglas and nylon, unrealized architectural plans of high-rise helipads and Stalin's Palace of Soviets in Moscow, sketches for the ballet of Sergei Diaghilev, "Cat" (La Chatte), staged by Balanchine in 1927, and more.

Naum Gabo was born in Briansk in 1890, artistic education is not received, studied medicine, natural Sciences at University, physics and mechanical engineering at the Polytechnic Institute of Munich in 1910. The sculpture was done, probably under the influence of his brother — painter and sculptor Anton (Antoine) Pevsner. In fact, it is in order to avoid confusion and comparisons with Antoine and Naum took his pseudonym.

a Turning point in his work was "Realistic Manifesto" of 1920, in which he spoke against cubism and futurism, and insisted that the new art must include a new science and technology must be in dialogue with modern society and to respond to and even influence on social changes in it.

For the sculptor and designer Gabo was surprisingly far from material objects, instead he tried to "dematerialize" the weight and the dynamic effects of light and movement.

"the Idea [for him] was more important — says Matson. — Because he lived his life on a suitcase — emigrated first to Western Europe and then in the United States, —, many of his works were stored in the form of drawings, and then, as necessary, to recreate them again." Small models of his works served as prototypes that can be scaled and translated in different materials decades after the creation of the original concept. However, some of the most ambitious of his projects never left the two-dimensional space, "because they were too innovative and expensive in execution."

the work of Gabo infrequent, but quite popular "guests" at the art-рынке over the last 30 years, they appeared in the catalogues of auction houses are only about threedozen times, and about 70% of them were sold. The record price belongs to the three-dimensional composition of the late 1950-х years "Linear construction in space No. 2". The work was sold in October last year for £515 250 ($634 118). Obviously, the market works by the artist and comes close to the maximum of its growth, and if the market will be high-quality spatial composition of the artist, we'll likely see new price records.

meanwhile, the main part of the creative heritage of the artist is concentrated in closed from public and private collections and museums.

the Exhibition, Naum Gabo, will be open to the public 3 weeks — to 15 February 2020.

Sources: artinvestment.ru, tate.org.uk, theartnewspaper.com

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