Retrospective exhibition of Zinaida Serebryakova in the Tretyakov gallery
ARTinvestment.RU   30 марта 2017

Next week in Lavrushinsky lane offers the largest over the last 30 years monographic exhibition of Serebryakova — more than 200 paintings and drawings

This is the most important project of the season — exhibition of one of the first and most loved professional artists will occupy two whole floors of the Engineering building of the Tretyakov gallery. The only artist who was previously the entire exhibition space of the housing, — Marc Chagall.

the last time the exhibition of Zinaida Serebryakova was held at the Tretyakov gallery in 2014. The exhibition dedicated entirely to the foreign period of the artist, was a huge success. This exhibition will cover the entire creative biography Serebryakova: the third floor will house all the most famous works of the Russian period, and the second — works made in exile — in France, Italy, Belgium and Morocco.

the First major exhibition of Serebryakova was held at the Tretyakov gallery in 1986. Since there is a need to introduce a new generation of viewers with the work of Serebryakova and also make a gift for those who already knows and loves her work. A large number of works have gone through a tough curatorial selection, and only the reference key works included in the present exhibition.

Zinaida Evgenievna Serebriakova (1884-1967), the representative of the illustrious artistic dynasty Benoit — Lanceray, Russian artist abroad, belonged to the pleiad of world of art "second wave". Since 1910 the painting "For toilet. Self-portrait" (1909) was purchased by the Council of the Tretyakov gallery at the VII exhibition of the Union of Russian artists and was included in the exposition of the Museum began to grow the fame Serebryakova at home. In his work, stylistically close neoakademicheskogo direction, she created the most charming in the Russian art images of women and children.

the Structure of the exhibition, arranged in the format of curatorial studies includes several sections: early works, portraits, peasant cycle, full-scale drawings of ballerinas, landscapes, sketches for murals of the Kazan railway station in Moscow, the works of the Paris period, a panel of Belgian and Moroccan series. The emphasis in the exhibition is made really fruitful — Russian period of creativity Serebryakova, when was created the most important and iconic works.

The earliest, almost baby Serebryakova works allow us to trace the formation and development of her talent. Young artist depicts a cozy scene of home life, classrooms, rural motifs, and seen during his foreign trips. In the same years appeared the first self-portraits, reflecting the complex range of feelings of the maturing girl. In the film "Behind the toilet. Self" Serebryakov represents himself in the reflection in the mirror that brings a touch of intimacy and creates detachment.

Portraits of relatives andfriends convey the atmosphere of the home Life and the warmth of the home environment. Sketches of young children in a cheerful and images the younger children in the house of Benois in Petrograd are light, accuracy and depth of content. The painting "Breakfast" of 1914 shows children Serebryakova — Eugene, Alexander and Tatiana. Group portrait presented as a genre scene, in which plays a big role in still life.

the Peasant theme presents portrait sketches, sketches and finished paintings: "the Harvest" and "Whitening canvas" (1917). The solemn Majesty and calm contemplation of the characters brings to the simple working process, the shade of the ritual action, the picture turns into an epic narrative.

a Series of portraits of ballerinas, filled with oil, tempera and watercolor, represents the outline with the young dancers and reveals secret world of dressing rooms at the Mariinsky theatre.

Opening to the public will be infinity cycle Serebryakova. She had the gift of feeling and with her usual delicacy to transmit in the works of the very essence of nature. Among the works of the Russian period is represented by the landscape of the family estate of Neskuchnoye, written mostly in tempera; distinguishes their art is a complete and epic sound. This series is complemented field observations of the Crimea and Tsarskoye Selo.

a special section dedicated To sketches of monumental murals for the Kazan railway station in Moscow — first experience Serebryakova in the collective monumental project. It was made of the composition, symbolizing the countries of the East — Turkey, India, Siam and Japan. Each country she presented in the form of a naked girl with distinctive ethnic features and attributes. Figures and complex resursnyi turns enclosed in an octagonal frame. The sketches were not implemented from-за beginning of the revolutionary events.

the Exhibition in the Tretyakov gallery reveals a new face of the Paris period Zinaida Serebryakova. Portraits and landscapes, brought to the exhibition from French collections, first shown to the Russian audience. More than half of his life since 1924, Z. E. Serebryakova lived in France. At first, the circle portrayed individuals were predominantly Russian, in exile, and her familiar life in St. Petersburg. Exhibited landscapes in the French Riviera, in Provence, Brittany, as well as in Switzerland and Italy.

for the First time presented to the Moscow audience's decorative panels executed for the Belgian Villa Baron Ж.-А. de Brower. Thisthe order was the first and only biography Serebryakova implemented project in interior design. The hall was built on the combination of horizontal and vertical panels with allegorical figures of the girls, and two sopraportas with image maps. Panels considered lost during the Second world war, has been preserved and in 2007 was first shown in Russia.

Two trips to Morocco in 1928 and 1932 became the most important in the fate of Serebryakova and has opened new opportunities for creativity. In a series of Moroccan sketches Serebryakova developed the skill of fast writing, avoiding unnecessary exoticism and ethnographic details.

the exhibition was produced album, which includes more than 220 paintings and drawings, as well as documentary photography. The publication includes articles, directory, chronicle of life and creativity of Z. E. Serebryakova and letters, stored in the manuscript Department of the Tretyakov gallery.

Participants: the State Tretyakov gallery, State Russian Museum, Benois family Museum at Peterhof State Museum of fine arts named after A. S. Pushkin, Nizhny Novgorod state art Museum and the national art Museum of Belarus (Minsk), the Fund Zinaida Serebryakova (Paris), as well as 20 private collections of Moscow, Saint-Петербурга, Paris and London

the Leadership of the Tretyakov gallery, anticipating the excitement in the current exhibition, pre-opened the sale of electronic tickets on his website. The exhibition will be on sessions every half hour in the building will be able to go on electronic tickets 60. In selling tickets until the day of the exhibition — on July 30. The cost of the ticket a lot — 600 rubles. Discount 250 rubles, you can go to the exhibition pupils, students, pensioners, as well as artists, architects, designers, consisting in the respective creative unions, members of the ARTS, art — members of the Association of art historians of Russia and its subjects, employees of state museums.

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