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Alexander Sokolov Dmitry Kawarga in "Drummer"
ARTinvestment.RU   25 декабря 2013

Since December 28, in the "Drummer" exhibition will be opened by Dmitry Kavargi "At the very bottom black groupers" and exhibition of sculptures from the collection of Alexander Sokolov Shalva Breus

« Drummer" , December 28, 2013 - February 26, 2014
Ul. Serafimovicha 2

On December 28 "Drummer " exhibition will be opened by Dmitry Kavargi "At the very bottom of the black bass ", representing the work of recent years , and an exhibition of sculptures by Alexander Sokolov Shalva Breus collection .

Exhibition Dmitry Kawarga on the ground floor " Drummer " is completely " overrun " shells psychophysiological phantasms artist. They are like independent organisms , showing signs of physical existence .

exposure involved in the existing set of art tools - from kinetic robotic sculpture and interactive multimedia object to full-scale sculptural installations, the relief , painting and video to sounding shaping equipped biofeedback . All these objects and images - peculiar artefacts extracted artist in thinking about the evolutionary morphological nature of consciousness .

Dmitry Kawarga
observer complexity. From the series " Skins semantic structures ." 2013
 Dmitry Kawarga Thinker. From the
Dmitry Kawarga
The Thinker. From the " Ouroboros ". 1993-2009
Foamed PVC , oil. 150 × 100

The ground floor will feature the works of Alexander Sokolov ( 1941-2009 ) famous Moscow sculptor who belongs to a generation of artists - eighties , such as Boris Orlov , Alexander Kosolapov , Juice and Dmitry Prigov .

Sokolova favored materials - wood, stone , metal . By their natural properties combined with "social" semantic load , which carry the objects they used readymade . Sculptor often built on the contrast images of natural materials and silent aggression metal mechanisms .

creative way Sokolova was formed for the crucial period of modern Russian art . After a long reign of socialist realism , many Russian artists began to rapidly develop plastic language of the twentieth century from Cubism to postmodernism . Coming in the classical school of sculpture at the Stroganov School , Alexander Sokolov always preferred the larger forms . The artist combines his creative biblical mythology (series "Museum of Melchizedek ") and postmodern irony (the ' Evroskulptura "and" Evroportret "), a unique design sculptors machines resembling machinery of Leonardo da Vinci, and witty readymade .

Source : press release Cultural Foundation " ArtChronika »

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