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"Roads, roads Tatiana Mavrina"
ARTinvestment.RU   20 декабря 2011

Today in the exhibition halls of the State Pushkin Museum will be opening day of the exhibition "Ways of the road Tatiana Mavrina" marking the 110th anniversary of Russian artist

State Pushkin Museum, December 20, 2011 - March 30, 2012
st. Arbat, 55/32

today in the exhibition halls of the State Pushkin Museum will be opening day of the exhibition "Ways of the road Tatiana Mavrina ». The exhibition is dedicated to the 110th anniversary of the Russian artist.

Mavrin called "the most Russian of all artists." Her unique style is easily recognizable. It merged techniques of painting, the artist borrowed from icons, folk toys, Russian folk, gingerbread planks, tiles. Magical animals by Mavrina, organically linked with images of Russian folk tales. December 20 - the birthday of the artist.

1956 From the Collection of GMP
Source: press release GMF

Tatiana Mavrina (1900-1996) was born in Nizhny Novgorod, graduated from the Moscow VHUTEMAS famous, was a disciple of Robert Falk and NP Krymov and a party known " Group of 13 ». The artist has always responded to all the developments of life. She admired hard work of others, but for most artists to draw, paint was so as natural and necessary as breathing. She liked to quote his favorite poet, Alexander Blok, "I have created a bright paradise /And surrounded by a high fence." She was able to rise above the commonplace, because she was able to do so much.

Jubilee exhibition in the exhibition halls of the State Pushkin Museum was truly unique. The artist has left a great artistic heritage, but today it is revealed in its entirety. The ability to publish and display in the halls of museums in all of its work, " without exception, "appeared relatively recently, and part of the paintings and drawings will be presented to the audience for the first time. The anniversary exhibition will give viewers a sense of celebration and this may open a new view of the famous master.

vivid exposition represents approximately 200 paintings, drawings, works of applied art, made up the single collection, owned by the artist. Viewers will see at the show early works of the late 1920's and 30's - the self-portraits, drawings and still lifes in the style of Pablo Picasso and Henri Matisse, the famous "nyushek" Mavrina - nudes, which she considered "one of the most interesting subjects for the artist", still lifes and portraits.

TATYaNA TATIANA MAVRIN Portrait of Alice. 1937
From the Collection of GMP
Source: press release GMF

A special section of the exhibition are illustrations of the tales of Pushkin. These drawings are familiar to many readers from his childhood, are the basis of the most valuable collection of Tatiana Mavrina and it was donated to the museum during his lifetime. She gave the museum animalistic figures, all the illustrations for editions of Pushkin's fairy tales, starting with the "Tales of the Dead Princess" (1962), the poem "Ruslan and Lyudmila" and ending with "fairy tale" of Alexander Pushkin (1974) - More than 300 works < /p>

over its fabulous series that brought her in, including international recognition, the artist has worked for over thirty years. In fairy tales, she found her near the element of national life. It is in these works is most clearly revealed an amazing, especially the "color vision" of the artist. Original artistic decision Mavrina looking for each tale: "We should live and think, ride, dig in his notes, sketches, back to your childhood ...»

State Pushkin Museum of boasts a unique collection of related works of Tatiana Mavrina and her husband, a famous artist Nicholas . They were loyal friends of the museum and his assistants for over 30 years, and also among the first of its donors. After the death of her husband the artist donated to the museum for about 300 of his drawings, and more than 100 graphic works by Nikolai Kuzmin to Pushkin's epigram, as well as wooden and clay toys from his collection. In addition, special mention should be two unique object - an icon of "Fiery Ascent of Elijah the prophet" (Nordic letters sixteenth century) and the dish is "Sadko» MAVrubel , one of the most beloved of their artists.

« How long living things! We must give them more into the wrong hands, where the store. What is the use of those that are in my folder "- wrote one artist in his diary. Today, the unique "Collection TA Mavrina and N. Kuzmina," which, apart from works of art, includes objects of decorative art, furniture, artifacts and documentary archive from the personal collection of artists (more than 2,000 exhibits) can be seen in a memorial possession of the GMF. At the jubilee exhibition presented a significant part of this most valuable collection.

Island Brawler. The sketch to the animated film" The Tale of Tsar Saltan. "1950. From the collection of GMF
Source: press release GMF < /div>

absolute interest of the audience and the experts will show in a series of views of Moscow in wartime. Since 1921 Moscow began to Mavrina second home. Love to the old artist came to the grim 1940s, when she realized that everything can be lost and need to save the "beauty, capturing it at least on paper." In 1942-1944 Tatiana came Mavrina the whole city, from the Kremlin to the suburbs. painted in albums, on small sheets of paper - churches, towers, streets, alleys, "intoxicating at times by the names: Chertolsky, Khrushchev, Sivtsev Vrazhek. Putinka - a way to Dmitrov, in Tver. Khamovniki In - weavers, Taganka - blacksmiths ... "The exhibition features about 30 works from this period - and here" giant Clement, "and that the church of Protection on the Moat (St. Basil's Cathedral) with its patterned variegation," the monstrous garden vegetables ", and the Church George Neokesariyskogo Polianka on Christ's resurrection in Kadashi. More than 1,000 drawings were made by it in this period. Way, way, TA Mavrina - it's her life and work. In the drawings, it linked the ancient architecture with the current near the churches and cathedrals life. The artist traveled extensively in near and far near Moscow, the Volga. In these "how-roads," as she called them, drew great inspiration. Old Russian cities delighted, amazed, beckoned. She "read" them as a living chronicle, relating to history and culture of the Russian people. This layer works by Tatiana Mavrina also represented at the exhibition.

The exhibition is an illustrated booklet, where she first played the artist's unique work, and issued a catalog of the museum collection of artists, which included scientific articles professionals.

Source : press release of the State Pushkin Museum

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