Trial starts on the vandal who ruined a picture of Repin
ARTinvestment.RU   26 февраля 2019

We are talking about the deliberate damage to the painting "Ivan the terrible and his son Ivan November 16, 1581", which was committed in the State Tretyakov gallery on may 25, 2018

Attacker — 37-летний eccentric Voronezh named Podporin and named Ivan — was previously declared sane by psychiatrists. Undoubtedly after he explained his action by the distortion of historical facts on canvas. Now he faces a penalty under part 2 of article 243 of the criminal code of Russian Federation "Destruction or damage of cultural heritage objects". It provides for a penalty of up to five million rubles or the salary or other income for a period of up to five years, or obligatory works for the term up to four hundred eighty hours, or compulsory works for a term up to five years, or deprivation of liberty for a term up to six years. And given the audacity and the damage it is likely to be about the maximum penalty. Podporin recall, broke the glass and metal bar fencing. Fragments of damaged paint layer and cut the canvas.

Podporin already 10 months in custody. 11 March 2019 Zamoskvoretsky district court will begin consideration of criminal case on the merits. The process will be in the public domain.

Examination counted just space the amount of damage — over 30 000 000 rubles. This is especially surprising, given that the picture was not even protected by anti-vandal glass.


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