Updated ranking of most expensive living artists in the world
ARTinvestment.RU   20 ноября 2018

Number one was the artist David Hockney with painting worth $90 312 500. Earlier the first place in the rating of AI was occupied by Jeff Koons orange balloon dog for $58 400 000

Over the past 10 years, prices for works by David Hockney grew more than five times. His best work, which in 2006 was worth just over five million dollars, by 2018, were worth 10-30 million dollars. And on 15 November 2018 at Christie's was was absolutely stunning result — $90 312 500.

the Painting, which Peter Schlesinger (then friend of the artist) looks at the floating in the pool Hockney, previously owned by the co-owner of football club "Tottenham" Joe Lewis. The record was not a surprise. A few months prior to trading, it was serious information and the buyers originally had a goal — 80 million. So it eventually happened: the "hammer" 80 million plus Commission.

Updated the ranking of the most expensive living artist can be viewed here.

David Hockney is now 81 years old, he's-прежнему works, experimenting with new media, he returned to his native England and is enjoying the change of seasons after the always Sunny California.

Source: christies.com

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