Leonardo sold for $450 312 500
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The most expensive painting in the world. The phenomenal world auction record was set of the night at Christie's in new-Йорке. Two "phone" in what-то moment moved a step to 30 million dollars, and after 20 minutes of art-рынок startled by surprise

Here you have "Leonardo 45 pounds."

projections down the drain. However, in such cases, nothing to be ashamed of, the whole situation — beyond logic.

Who exactly bought and why — is still unknown. The Chinese? Or sheikhs for the new Museum? All soon to tell. The money is not spend in order to remain incognito.

Briefly repeat the outline of events for those who do not keep track of the UPS and downs of the fate of the masterpiece. "The Savior of the world" (Savior of the World, Salvator Mundi) — picture of number newfound. Prior to this, in 1958 it was bought at Sotheby's for 45 pounds as a thing Boltraffio Giovanni (Giovanni Boltraffio), a pupil of Leonardo. Then she almost half a century disappeared from sight. Until in the early 2000-х her again not sold in the local American auction for a relatively modest $10,000 or so. And then began. In 2005, after clearing had an idea that this is not a student, and Leonardo himself. Then another 10 years left to achieve the agreed point of view of experts, to show a thing at the shows. But in General, to convince people in such cases are always difficult, nobody likes the masterpieces arise from nowhere.

did Not help the upcoming sale and background information. "The Savior of the world" featured in the ongoing scandal between the dealer Yves Bouvier and billionaire Dmitry Rybolovlev. As an example of abuse of trust. According to the Western press, Yves Bouvier bought the "Savior" of a consortium of dealers for $75-80 million and immediately sold the Rybolovlev for $127,5 million, put in the pocket $50 million, Not great offense, but any scandals are not good for sales.

Now a consortium of dealers, Bouvier and the old investors are probably kicking themselves. Who won? First and foremost deliverer Rybolovlev. From the mountain-покупателя, which lost several million almost every picture, bought from Bouvier, after that night he will go down in history as the art-инвестор, hitting Jack-пот. In the second place — Christie's. Now they (most likely) has consolidated its status of the auction number one. Their contribution to the outcome of this auction cannot be overestimated. In fact, such a sale would be impossible if the transaction was not backed up by the reputation as a leading auction house. One thing — to buy a-то consortium of investors, and the other — on the world's major auction site. And here also we took a chance, got involved and won. And, of course, the third winner from the night Leonardo — is a whole world of art-рынок. These stories are great to inspire buyers. Billionaires, too, because looking at each other. So, you are the madness.

: christies.com

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