The heirs will sue the Thyssen-Борнемисы from-за Pissarro
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After another appeal, the ball again on the side of the relatives of Lilly Cassirer, and it seems that this restorative, the game will be endless

as long as the rod Cassirer, and Pissarro painting continues to rise in price, Madrid Museum Thyssen-Борнемисы unlikely to be left alone. Every court decision in favor of the Museum will follow the regular appeal from the heirs, and then a new trial. And so on to infinity.

Painting by Camille Pissarro "Rue Saint-Оноре. Noon. Rain" of 1897, which originally belonged to the Berlin Jewish Lilly Cassirer, but in 1939 she was forced to sell the work for $ 360 to obtain an exit visa from Germany. For several decades, the picture passed from hand to hand and in 1976 was bought by Baron Hans Heinrich Thyssen-Борнемисой (Hans Heinrich Thyssen-Bornemisza). In 1993, the Pissarro painting, along with other works from the collection of Baron was purchased by the Spanish government and became part of the famous Madrid Museum Thyssen-Борнемисы.

that the Pissarro painting is kept in the national Spanish Museum, the grandson of Lilly Cassirer, Claude Cassirer found out only in 2000. He was already under 80, but he didn't regret the last 12 years of his life to restorative justice litigation with Madrid. Claude Cassirer died in 2012-м, and since then, for Pissarro fighting his children — David and Ava Cassirer, and the Jewish community district San-Диего.

the case of the restitution of the painting "Rue Saint-Оноре. Noon. Rain" migrates between conventional and American courts of appeal since 2005, but after two times — in 2012-м and 2015-м — American court has ruled in favor of Thyssen-Борнемисы. The decision of the court of appeal adopted this Monday, once again gave the heirs a right to sue the Museum that they will make in the near future.

the Main argument of Cassirer is that Baron Thyssen-Борнемиса allegedly knew that buying a work of questionable provenance. The Museum says the opposite: the Baron about it had no idea. The main argument against restitution is that the German government in 1958 he paid to Claude Cassirer compensation for the picture of the grandmother, and that, according to the signed agreement then all the controversy around the picture was still allowed. But 120 thousand German marks paid, then the compensation — is, of course, not 20-40 million dollars, for which it would be possible to sell the Pissarro painting today. But because this restorative party will be endless — is still alive kind of Cassirer.


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