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ARTinvestment.RU   07 июля 2020

The third Russian vanguard — is a chaotic bunch of artists outside the system, not only by circumstances but also by conviction-free in the creative choice of all and United only a wild desire to work (Lisa Plavinskaya)

vanguard — is a world where the artist definitely needs an enemy. And the enemy is both ideological and visual.

the Term "avant-garde" has for us quite familiar, but in 1910-е years he was not in the course. Then more often used words that emphasized either the opposition of art — "leftist artists", or the novelty of the art, its temporal vector — "budowniczy", "butylene", "futurists". So it was with the first and second avant-garde.

the First and second avant-garde — is primarily a reaction artistic-эстетического consciousness at the global, yet not seen in human history, a turning point in cultural-цивилизационных processes caused by scientific-техническим, social and cultural development of the second half of the XIX — the first half of the twentieth century.

Third vanguard was on the tip of all conceivable concepts — from millionaires to the presidency of the pandemic, which has affected half the world.

vanguard — is the diversity of languages and concepts: both individual and collective. Whose-то individual style often becomes a group, the major figures are the followers, the disciples. And all together — is the environment. Vanguard, surprisingly peaceful, in General-то artists working in their profession, the world is hard, almost political statements. With some confidence we can say that the avant-garde — is a sudden and dramatic expression of the artist with words, quarrels.

the history of the Russian avant-garde, too, can be represented as a history of strife and mutual suspicion. Vladimir Tatlin even the day tightly canaverial the window of his workshop, because it seems that Malevich spying and stealing ideas.

As Mayakovsky wrote, "our God run". The movement occurs in a mode of constant discovery, and it is therefore important to declare their superiority — "it's mine, I invented", — to innovation is not assigned competitors. To say manifestum way.

vanguard — time manifests and declarations. Artists paint them, trying to explain his art and justify his supremacy, and ultimately their power. Word — fighting weapon, sometimes a club, sometimes a sledgehammer. But it is a rare artist able to write clearly.

It is also linked with the General state of Affairs in the world: all life is losing certainty, stability and rationality. It will not work the laws of classical mechanics where the action equals reaction. Now parallel lines converge inexplicably.

Realizing the global outbreak of a turnaround in the culture and civilization as a whole, the avant-garde took over the functions of the old Iconoclast, prophet and Creator of a new art. Avant-garde pointedly refuse most artistic-эстетических, moral, spiritual values (especially traditional European culture). New forms and ways of artistic expression at the forefront usually are reduced to the absolute and to bring it to a logical conclusion (often extremely absurd from the position of traditional culture) of a particular element or set of elements of the artistic languages fine-выразительных techniques of art, to isolate from the traditional cultural-исторических and artistic contexts. The goals and objectives of art are seen in the representatives of various trends of the avant-garde variety. Tocharacteristic and General features of the most avant-garde phenomena are conscious of their pointy-экспериментальный character, the revolutionary-разрушительный Paphos, aimed at the traditional arts and the traditional values of culture; sharp protest against what seemed to their creators and participants of the retrograde, conservative, Philistine, bourgeois, academic.

Third vanguard went completely the other way. "Art — is everything!" — is the slogan of the movement, and the name of the gallery, a long and successful traveling the globe for new and influential fairs. Reconciled and even succeeded in the world of bourgeois artists (in the General sense of the word) has created an unusual style, and, interestingly, using both conventional and the most modern technologies.

the third Combines the avant-garde mixing and penetration of all imaginable styles. As, for example, painting and, Vice versa, objects and installations associated when-то with movie artists: Valery Polienko, Lydia Vitkovskaya, Ivan Lungin. Here the General is not a style, but rather life experience. "What's more important to you in art, — asked Valery Polienko, which is still musician, — to expand the boundaries or to develop what-то specific idea?" — "comparison of the t-shirt with Tsoi here is particularly appropriate. Mike was the extension of the limits of the permissible. And Choi developed his theme".

Relationship with other arts can be traced Ivan Lungin. The desire to build a "history" of all their works to include elements of work in film, theatre, medicine — distinctive feature of Ivan.

a Very different fate Muriel Rousseau. Paris, the artist became the most successful owner of design initiatives in Moscow null — tenths and eventually settled here permanently.

— is There anything-то shared between the Muscovites and Parisians?

— Muscovites and Parisians are very similar. Not to say that Russia is for me — foreign country. Here I feel at home. Do you like "the Three Musketeers" by Alexander Dumas is not just. In our characters is what-то in common, some point of contact. Russia to me seems like my destiny. My dad was an architect, once in his childhood he gave me a designer — had to collect a Russian hut. And my great-grandmother I inherited a library with a huge number of books of Russian authors. For me, your literature is very important. Like Chekhov, Turgenev and Dostoevsky. Sorry, I always read them in French translation.

of Course, the same fate has not bypassed and Arman Sirunian — when-то actor and theater Director, and now artist, designer and gallerist.

Denis Mikhailov refers to the stories of the old masters with a modern twist, using not only their ideas, but combining the stories of Caravaggio and Rubens stories of the modern underground with the help of modern technology, acrylic and marker.

Lydia Vitkovskaya in General moved away from the usual stereotypes and uses the technology of the future: "transparent screens", printing on multi-faceted lenses and immersive gaming robots.

Dmitry Goryachkin exchanged the camera for welding and cutting of metal and now makes an important sculpture, distant relatives of Giacometti and Rodin. He believes that art has to be serious.

Andrei Rybakov, on the contrary, in free statements through the painting meets the need of a simple observation, not tied to supersystem that weigh on him in the art book.

finally, ex-банкир, and now the new Gauguin — Victor Orekhanov, who believes that the world needs the artist, because the artist is more talented than the world...

... and Ekaterina Sharkova that penetrating look of the restorer snatches of reality monkey-предметы and gives them the adoration of his brush.

In General, in the Third Avant-garde is nothing new in fact — same flirtation with plenty of visual and unusual material, and attempts at different types of art. New here — is the lack of a certain rebellion, the game is rather unusual and strange materials, attempts to show the bourgeois (in the human sense of the word) art with a new brand and future perspective.

the artworks can be buy at 23-м the auction of the project "XXI century. Contemporary Russian art". The curator of the auction — critic, and art historian Lisa Plavinskaya.

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