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XIX open auction "twenty-first century. Contemporary Russian art"

In: Simon Agroskin, Valery Babin, Dasha Delaunay, Natalia Zhernovskaya, Igor Kislitsyn, Victor I. Kostin, Sergei Maksyutin, Anatoly Purlik, Sergei Smurov, Elena Shemetova

the fee from buyers is 18 %.

Catalog of the Auction No. 333 and nineteenth auction "twenty-first century. Contemporary Russian art".

Lots of the XIX curator of the auction "twenty-first century. Contemporary Russian art" presented in the exhibition online-выставки AI.

In the composition of the auction of 10 lots — eight paintings, one sheet of original drawings and one sculpture.

Simon Agroskin. The horizon line. 2020

In "the horizon" the author connects reality and its apparent transformation. Reality has the shape, color, even odor. Transformed the reality of it all is devoid. "Nature itself creates technique: mist gives the alien feel of the picture, the viewer stops to read the mundane reality, time slows down.

the fog Effect dematerialised subjects, depriving them of the weight shifts inherent meanings. <...> Here is the scenery projected as would be projected.

<...> “Nezapravlenny commit” — so you can determine the author's idea. Through the thin parchment of fog seep only the echoes of real passion, not more.

Industrialization turned into a string of rusty frames. Electrification — huge cooling towers in the window. Romance of the road was transformed into an endless staring at billboards. Bridges, hangars, flyovers have become mere decoration, hanging unsteadily in the dairy-белой suspension.

the Real colors fade, fall away as unnecessary, as the old paint" (Simon Agroskin,

Valery Babin. On the Islands. 2009

"I Have the basic idea in painting — light. I want the painting glowed. Not as a television. And his mysterious light... but to me all these words don't like me, they do not convey what you want to Express with a brush. Light painting — even in black. I don't like what-то such physical materiality in painting. I love the mural, soon, Early Renaissance, for that matter, and of artists of the twentieth century, who also sought to escape from objectivity, from materiality, although written items — same Morandi or Matisse.

I would call your style of poetic realism. So. But... you never know how someone calls himself, let others appreciate.

If we talk about professional things, I must forge a scenic plane. Canvas may not be wrinkled, full of holes — it needs to be perfectly flat. And at the same time, it needs to be very deep in space. I love deep space. I have no decorative painting —, I go in depth. To build this space — to build their own world. After all, what is pictorial space plastic? This direction of gaze. I say to the audience: first look here, then move eyes back, then lead him in the picture — is he thinking that he is considering. Actually — is the composition, the organization of the canvas — artist necessarily directs the way the viewer's eye across the canvas.

Not the image I'm interested in, and the-выражение. Because there is nothing else Ican't tell you. Attempt to share your emotions, your inner world with other people" (Valery Babin,

Dasha Delone. The new world after... 2018

"the Space of paintings Dasha Delone invites the viewer into the world of personal imagination and cultural archetypes. The universe of the artist is inhabited by many strange and at the same time easily recognizable creatures: dragons, fairies and fantastic animals" (Alexander Panov, art critic).

"That's what I think art Dasha Delone: vanguard — is not the clichéd statement that art is not ideological and not philosophical. This is a fabulous existentialism is. A variant of realism — only the reality is quite exotic. Creativity Delaunay — is avant-garde, based on centuries-old cultural experience of the capital's residents, but not overwhelmed them, and the old aeroplane, flying all the time in a special climate where dragons feel fine" (Elizaveta Plavinskaya, art historian).

Natalia Zhernovskaya. Elektrozavod. From the series "Metro. Station "Elektrozavodskaya"". 2015

Natalia Zhernovskaya represents the author's interpretation of the fragment of marble bas-reliefs by sculptor G. I. Motovilov, decorate the pylons of the Central hall of metro station "Electrozavodskaya". The twelve bas-reliefs on the theme of labor, bear the image of the workers of the Elektrozavod, builders, blacksmiths, representatives of agriculture, etc. In the picture of Natalia Zhernovskoe we see the motif of the bas-relief depicting factory workers.

Zhernovskaya approximates your drawing to the bas-relief, but don't copy it. In the same way as in the sculptural image, it is working good shape, but contributes to the composition and independent features. Interesting gentle, blurred color work: obviously, the artist was trying to get as close to the color of light prahoro-баландинского marble, which executed the bas-relief.

Igor Kislitsyn. Knight on a red horse. 2000

"Almost any artistic tradition there are images of riders in the European — is folk-сказочные heroes, knights, pagan in origin, or knights, crusaders, warriors of medieval Christian tradition, including canonical and iconic images of the Archangel Michael, St. George, etc., etc.

the Rider on the horse — one of my keynote topics. For me this is the way-символ, a sign of the Cross, the character of the Centre, which we carry within ourselves. It is the symbol of the subordination of the lower nature of the Supreme, and curb the animal passions. My riders are noticeably vertical in fact, they move across-наперекор inertia flat ground of the lowlands. The rider directed forward and upward, outside thepossible, in the epicenter of the unseen and Unknown, often referred to in my paintings the sign of the Black sun or other luminary. Red reports here brave the heat of fire the conquest of matter, the fight against earthly beings-подземной energy of the black" (Igor Kislitsyn).

Victor I. Kostin. In the sandbox. 2017

"Examining a picture "In the sandbox", the viewer immediately enters the sleep patterns of a person sitting on the bench. Hibernate sees a familiar, very warm world, full of sounds, voices, steps, scents, — dream real. But the consciousness of a dreamer transformed — and here next backup — tree, he sleep leaning.

Sand —, it is time that keeps people; finally, the most valuable — naked child, the viewer will decide that can impersonate playing helpless, but protected child" (Victor I. Kostin).

Sergei Maksyutin. Cloud. 2003

"In this landscape, which overcome gravity, such a strange and wonderful substance, as water, carries the heavens and the earth not just as a reflection, but as an image of unity. Simple combinations of soft colours felt alive breathing, movement and at the same time permanence. This applies particularly to the water.

My work should not be the exact coordinates, they are not unambiguous. Even a single work, seem to change its essence, if you look at it a few times with small breaks. Color and sensual nature is expressed sufficiently even in a small area of the canvas which often can be regarded as full of emotion abstraction... Thus, sometimes the surface of painting may be perceived in the abstract, self-contained, defining sensual music" (Sergei Maksyutin).

Anatoly Purlik. The cactus flower. Nude with flower. 2008

"...useless and boring to portray reality, because reality itself is already unable to meet the author in his desire to stay really true to your own nature. A trivial environment is giving way to the imagination of the artist..." (Anatoly Purlik,

"Copy of the plane seen — boring... Good way to check whether the picture melody, simple: you have to look at it from this distance, it was impossible to disassemble no plot, no lines. If the melody is present in the picture, so it makes sense and is imprinted in your memory...

24 square meters of canvas — that would be required for the realization of every hour your emotions from the experience.

the Images appear, as the juice of the ripe fruit, is able to quench the thirst of creativity is not ispiti to the end of the bowl..." (Anatoly Purlik).

Sergei Smurov. Queen. 1996

"How Nature over millions of years created their beautiful landscapes and corners of our planet, and the Artist, passing through your soul the modern world,the accumulated experience of previous generations of artists and natural beauty, with shape, space and sculpture, creates its deep inner individual world" (Sergey Smurov).

"For me the main sculpture is the architectural design of the human body. The sculpture directly comes from the shape of the human body, whether Cycladic idol, the archaic Kouros or modernist totem. I always strive for generalization and abstraction, metaphor, monumentality of the image" (Sergei Smurov).

Elena Shemetova. Blue roof Korea. 2015

the Roof — motive, beloved by many artists. Elena Shemetova — is one of them.

"On the works of masters can guess the mood. Philosophical mood of the Mongol period gives way to mischievous, when Helen writes colored roofs of a Russian village. Lines and colors are changing: here's a blazing sunset, but the morning of our middle band. The brightness of the color is replaced by light of dusk — of which are the colorful roofs of log cabins. As Helen creates colored roof, I think not writing one. Among us was an artist from Germany, who likes Russian culture. He spoke many times about multilevel Moscow, referring to the roofs of houses from different eras. So he just kept his eyes from the colorful roofs, which were "forced" Elena" (Ekaterina Kosolapova,

And every time along with the roof canvas Elena Shepetovki invisibly present spirit of place — fun and business Russian village brownie or tacit and-восточному starchy good spirit of the Korean village.

"...Art Elena Shepetovki amazingly sensitive balance between constructive logic, graphics and the gentle ecstasy of painting, traditional landscape between story and pure cosmic abstraction, between the concrete geographical realities of the mysterious and fantastic images..." (Nikita Ivanov,

good luck on the nineteenth auction "twenty-first century. Contemporary Russian art"!

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