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First on AI: online-выставка "Landscape in the works of contemporary artists"

Online-галерее presents paintings Azam Atakhanova, Valeria Babina. Diana Vouba, Ilya Komov, Irina Korsakov, Victor Kraposhin, Andrew Munz, Igor Still, Elena Utenkova-Тихоновой and the object Seeds Agroskin

Online-выставка "landscape in the works of contemporary artists".

the exposition Opens with the object "Window" Seeds Agroskin. For the author, the architect, window mdas particular element of the building. Even in the works of artists of XX–XXI centuries window mdas portal into the private lives of the inhabitants of the homes, the opportunity to see, to show and to share with those who, like some events (recall, for example, "the Balloon flew away" (1926) luchishkin or window Alexander Ishin). In the homes of the faceless Windows does not happen for every window — a life or, perhaps, in the interiors Agroskin, — inhabited the emptiness: "Left alone in the apartment, where previously lived a large family, I felt the presence of departed people, their warmth, signs of life. <...> the empty Space of the apartment, wardrobes, tables, chairs and doors replace residents, play their role, expanding private family history. In these, seemingly random scenes, there is something familiar to everyone, already lived when-то". Windows tightly closed curtains, too, have their stories, which cannot be seen but can imagine or feel. Perhaps, for them, something happens that is not intended for the public eye, maybe the sun's rays interfere with the sleep of the baby.

Continued inspection "Autumn garden in Locale" Azam Atakhanova (2012). "The inspiration I take in the scenery of my native village of Luchob, which is located near the city of Dushanbe", — the artist wrote ( "Summer — in the autumn of each year he tries to free up time to travel to Luchob — mountain village, located not far from Dushanbe. Nature of native land attaches to the eternal, unchanging course of life, opens the timelessness, the mystery in the "ordinariness of life"" (Azam Atakhanov. A poem about senses. M., 2019. P. 16). Luchob for Atakhanova not just a dot on the map, a town or a village in one of his many trips, but — is a place of power, so it is especially interesting to see it through the eyes of the artist.

another place of power in the authentic incarnation of — "Evening". From the series "the Road home" (2014) by Diana vouba. This place — in his native Abkhazia, in the words of the artist, "the dream world" there is the evening ride home. In the world of dreams can not be details — is the only thing, the only. About it — this picture. "Imagine a space without objects. We all are in this space and so surrounded himself with objects that almost do not feel. For me a clean space is a measure of silence from which all is born — and sounds, and the objects themselves" (Diana Vouba).

the house is their characters Elena Utenkova-Тихонова whose canvas "gotta go home" (2018) continues the exhibition online-выставки. The picture is composed it seems, of mere shades of grey, almost monochrome, glowing with a silver snow, the remnants barely discern colors in the sunset sky, black tree branches overshadow the snow-covered houses with lighted Windows. Weary figures coming through the snow across the silent landscape winter dusk — to light where the sled will remain to rest in the hallway, goes to the samovar and there will be talk on the hill, the snow and other simple pleasures of winter.

"Red road" (2009) Valeria Babina. "The way — underlying theme of my painting, — says the artist. — Road — in many of my canvases and often she is the protagonist of the landscape ("the White road", "Red road", "Thaw" etc.). Way to overcome a space, the road is like the question where we are, who we are, where we're going; metaphysics and poetry of the road." The red road goes through the village, along the river, past boat huts, carts pulled by horse. Road Babina figurative, earthy, surrounded by objects, and they are all — part of the road, alive, warm, created with love. "No way the end, there is but its outcome", — wrote Yuri Vizbor. And the red way canvas no end, she's tough, she goes among the people and — to people.

Relict groves — is a special world in which-другому time goes on, lives not vanity, no place sharp light, loud sounds and bright colors. Live today, they exist not in the past, but in the eternal. In the diptych "16 Olive grove" (2014) Irina Korsakov just like on the old pictorial photography, "the images of old trunks, pristupa topography of the cortex through the canvas, far from photographic realism; on the contrary, they discern the ancient legends and myths: the story of the birth of Artemis and Apollo, the news of new life after the flood, the shadow gardens of Jerusalem..."

the Next part of the exhibition dedicated to the urban landscape.

it Opens with "arrival of a train" from the "Defrag space" (2014) Igor Inanimate — bright and positive thing. It would seem simple: the familiar modern landside, too, office building — bright, colorful and similar as two drops of water box with holes for light and fragrances railroad, rails, train... But that's starting to unfold a completely different story. The train is a steam engine, and the smoke from his pipe is not suffocating, and geometrically correct, laid out in distinctive patterns. Luck is this magical train, who's coming? Most likely what-то cheerful wizard, who managed to organize disparate elements of the space and to turn the station reality in the tale.

"Venice. The Church of Santa-Фоска" (2020) Andrew Munz — is an abstract improvisation with elements of the architectural landscape, one of the favorite motives of the author. Andrew Munz — acting architect of the structure of the Church of the XII century, though it plays freely, but proportionally accurate. The artist arranges the composition so that it co-exist and not oppose, but complement each other, abstract and architectural elements. Bright colors extensive palette of the artist play and shimmer in the sun, break out, be reflected, and the-то resemble multi-colored fantasy in Murano glass.

the Urban landscape of Moscow courtyard appears to us in the film "Cosmetically" (2014) Victor Kraposhin. Intimate, peaceful, pretty vicious. "My main task — writes the artist, — find your language to display the present time and everything that I went through; that was when-то real, and now — past." The boy in the picture is still quite small, his swing standing in a small courtyard, but you never know, maybe it is here and now, here on this swing, he first wanted to fly higher and higher and higher still, up to the Cosmos!

Concludes the exposition "Landscape in the works of contemporary painters" at the painting "Ringing" Ilya Komov. The artist uses bright, saturated colors, contrasting colors. The main method of Ilya Komov is to workover relationships of large color surfaces, which originates not only in avant-garde art, but in the centuries-old traditions of Russian monumental painting. The art of Ilya Komov features special poetry internal system, the delicate lyricism of the plot, bright colours and bold composition, transforming familiar urban motifs (

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