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Art Market in 2010: facts and figures. Part II
ARTinvestment.RU   13 апреля 2011

On most major markets of the world's most successful auction houses, the most profitable segments, and most "listed" by the artist

Recently, a French information resource Artprice.com published its annual report on the state of the art market. On the main results of 2010 - the output of the upper segment of the crisis and the dizzying success of China - can be read here . In the second part of the material offered to your attention several complementary pattern of ratings. When counting included only the results of auction sales of works of visual art - paintings, sculptures, installations, drawings, prints and photographs.

largest auction markets of the world

1. China - 33%of world income

2010 already announced a milestone: no joke - was replaced by the leader of the global art market. Usually, to get developed art market, the country requires a very long time, while China took only a few years (he first entered the top three in 2007, fell from third place France). The list of the twenty most expensive works of old masters - fifteen products made in China (the first in the list of "Western" pattern, authorship English painter George Stubbs (George Stubbs), is only in seventh place). The top ten most "successful" auctions of Chinese contemporary artists, six of them: it Fanchzhi Zeng (Zeng Fanzhi), Chen Yifei (Chen Yifei), Idun Wang (Wang Yidong), Zhang Xiaogang (Zhang Xiaogang), Liu Xiaodong (Liu Xiaodong), and Liu E (Liu Ye). And China's growth will continue: according to expert estimates, by 2014 the number of billionaires in China has grown by 20%(in the rest of the world - on 5,6%). A Chinese billionaire art-collecting rare art inherent patriotism.

number of auction transactions in Asia, accounting for 36%of the total. The second most important oriental art market - this is Japan, which shares with Sweden in ninth place in the overall rankings (0,7 %).

2. USA - 29.9%of world income

In the second half of the decade rivals America podnabrali weight: 2004 U.S. belonged to almost half of the art market (47%) and in 2010 the national income has not reached one third of the global total. But the percentage of lots sold at auction has not changed: the entire decade, he hesitated in the range of 14-16%. Americans are the three artists in the Top-10 market leaders in contemporary art: Jean-Michel Basquiat (Jean-Michel Basquiat), Jeff Koons (Jeff Koons) and Richard Prince (Richard Prince).

3. United Kingdom - 19.4%of world income

4. France - 5.1%of world income

5. Germany - 1.9%of world income

Despite the growth of auction sales (1.3 billion dollars in 2002, three billion in 2010), Europe is rapidly losing their positions. Its market share in 2003 was 55%by the end of the decade has fallen to 33%.

most successful auction houses

  1. Christie's - 2,47 billion;
  2. Sotheby's - 2,41 billion;

Market Leaders - Sotheby ' s and Christie ' s - sold a total of 11 %of the total number of lots, but their revenue has reached 52 %of the world.

  1. Poly International - 677,9 million dollars;
  2. China Guardian - 498 million dollars ;
  3. Beijing Hanhai Art Auction - 256,1 million dollars;
  4. Phillips de Pury & Company - 225,8 million dollars;
  5. Beijing Council - 193,8 million dollars;
  6. Beijing Jiuge - 152,3 million dollars;
  7. Xiling Yinshe - 138,1 million dollars;
  8. Beijing Highest Auctions - 103,7 million dollars;


  1. Bonhams - 80,7 million dollars;


  1. Artcurial - 53,29 million dollars.

structure of the art market in 2010

sections of the market

Market Structure in 2010,%

on the auction revenue

of the number of lots sold



















Top-10 world artists

  1. Pablo Picasso (1881-1973): 361.5 million;
  2. Chi Baixo (1864-1957): 339.2 million;
  3. Andy Warhol (1928-1987): 313.5 million;
  4. Zhang Datsyan (1899-1983): 304.3 million;
  5. Alberto Giacometti (1901-1966): 213 , $ 6 million;
  6. Beyhun Xu (1895-1953): 176.2 million;
  7. Henri Matisse (1869-1954): 174 million dollars;
  8. Amedeo Modigliani (1884-1920): 139.8 million;
  9. Fu Baoshi (1904-1965): 125.2 million;
  10. Roy Lichtenstein (1923-1997 ): 112.5 million dollars.

material was prepared by Julia Maksimova, AI

Sources : artinvestment.ru

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