Nemukhin — 90!
ARTinvestment.RU   12 ноября 2015

Today, November 12, 2015, artist-шестидесятнику for those, the key figure in post-war unofficial art Vladimir Nemukhin is 90. ARTinvestment.RU congratulates Vladimir Nikolaevich happy birthday!

Vladimir Nikolaevich Nemukhin (12 November 1925) — is a living legend of Russian post-war non-art, the artist is the one who is called "nonconformists".

the Artist is known: his signature solitaire, card tables, bear skins, jacks, Queens and sculptures remember the first time. To learn Nemukhin fell in the difficult war years, combining training with work in the factory. In 1943, Nemukhin entered the art room of the all, in which he studied for three years. "Attended classes only when he went on the night shift. Throughout the war the regime was, from eight in the morning until eight in the evening — first shift, second week — is working from eight in the evening until eight in the morning. No Saturdays and Sundays — weekend appeared only after the war. And learned: after a night shift "slept" for three hours and then by one o'clock went to the Studio, where he studied for three hours..." it Turns out that all the art room and lessons with mentor — Petr Efimovich Sokolov — is all nemuhinskie "universities".

After graduation, Nemukhin worked as a technical editor in the "Soviet graphics", then an artist at the plant in the early 1950-х have joined Moscow Association of artists. In 1959, Nemukhin became acquainted with Oscar Rabin: urgently needed a partner for the Christmas decoration of the Palace of culture. The result of this accidental but fateful meeting began a long friendship, membership of the "Lianozovo circle", participation in the most high-profile of informal exhibitions of the era, including the famous "Bulldozer exhibition" of 1974 in the Belyaevo. It is believed that the "Bulldozer exhibition", the scandal with its crackdown forced the government to reduce the pressure on informal art and permit some particular need at the time of exhibitions. After the "Bulldozer" was held allowed of the exhibition in Izmailovo, in the pavilion "beekeeping" at ENEA and others. Those independent artists who expressed a desire that the authorities have allowed, so to speak, to get to the legal position of the opening section of painting in the city of graphs.

Since the mid 1970-х until the mid-1980-х Vladimir Nemukhin combined creative work with an important organizational activity in the city of graphs. Helped many artists, arranged exhibitions of Vladimir Pyatnitsky, Anatoly Zverev, Vladimir Yakovlev and others.

Today, the works of Vladimir Nemukhin are in the collections of major museums in our country and in foreign collections. The largest collection of his works, including things of the early period, 1960-х years, is a gathering of artists-нонконформистов Norton Dodge, which is represented in the American Museum Zimmerly. Nemukhin's work is in German, the Museum Ludwig of modern art, new-йоркском the Museum of Modern art. From Russian museums work Nemukhin is in the Tretyakov gallery, in the permanent exposition of Moscow Museum of modern art (Petrovka, 25), at the Museum of modern art and other.

Artist-прежнему engaged in painting, graphics and sculpture. But more and more attention from the Patriarch of the unofficial art requires an active museumification of his work. In recent years, held an important retrospective exhibition. One of the best held in the spring of 2015 at the Museum of Modern art on Gogol Boulevard. The exhibition "Vladimir Nemukhin. The verge of formalism. Lydia Masterkova. Lyrical abstraction" the organizers have timed the series of master-классов for children. Taught to create compositions on the ideas Nemukhin, collages of cards, use proprietary techniques. And now, looking at the concerned children's eyes and thought only one thing: who could ask for anything more rewarding for an artist?

happy birthday, Vladimir! Health to You and good luck in everything You do!

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