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Artist Vladimir Maslov. Soon at the auction ARTinvestment.RU
ARTinvestment.RU   11 сентября 2014

You got it right: some paintings of Vladimir Maslov will soon be presented at our auction, and without the "artillery preparation" works.

You got it right: a few pictures Vladimir Maslov will soon be presented at our auction, and without the "artillery preparation" to do wrong.

Frankly, the pilot, and I have no objective basis for evidence-based investment forecasts: auction episodes in Maslova can be counted on the fingers of one hand. But one thing is for certain: with the work of the artist, the collector will not be bored. It seems to be on formal grounds — another country artist-самоучка, later began to draw and passing through the line of naive art. But — extraordinary expressionist and just a born painter. But it's pretty rare. Russia is generous for talented graphic artists and graphics, use the painting technique. But artists, as the main instrument masterfully employ color, in fact so much. From Maslova this gift is: alive its rich texture works look very impressive. But primitive painting technique like Maslow intentionally interferes with for his paintings become flat and muddy. To stretch the imagination, of course, possible, but that's not it. So no options — come to us with their eyes.

he's all interesting to watch and gossip. For example, I say that the well-known naive artist Baba Luba (Love Maikova), which in 1980-х and early 1990-х crowds went Moscow-питерская intellectuals, took up the work in 80 years under the influence of Maslov (Source).

I First heard about Vladimir Maslov (1934) in the context of creativity Zverev. The context, as it turned out, was rather flimsy: four years after the death Zvereva, in 1990 he organized an exhibition "Vladimir Maslov — Anatoly Zverev", but nothing more. Maslova took care of Savva Yamshchikov, and-видимому, this meeting proved fateful. Here as told by the late art historian (Source):

"I marveled how this precious nugget of just one "bottle" gives swooped on him like locusts, greedy to "Marshal" their unique works. He sent me his greetings, however, to the advice to settle down not listening. But God did not give him to die from alcoholism, having knowledge of this remarkable woman, divorced then with the Chuvash poet Aygi, raising two sons. Quickly wean Russian beauty Natasha freebie lovers, forever closing the door for them. Instead of cash appeared true admirers of Maslova: my friend Volodya Vasilyev, literally in love with your namesake; outstanding football player Sergei Semak with his wife-искусствоведом, Director of “Bank on Krasnie Vorota” Alexander Petrov, collector Alexander Vashchenko. Vasiliev staged her show in the Big theatre, then together with him we Maslovsky organized exhibitions in Moscow and St-Петербурге, and Natasha held a major exhibition in Dubna... the Book "Bogomaz" written by Natasha colorful stories of her husband, being a brilliant example of fiction, perfectly draws the image of Belgorod masters constantly delight us with their exquisite creations".

last but Not least thanks to the efforts yamschikova in the White town of the Tver region to the artist reached collectors. Gradually formed a circle of admirers, and information about the nugget from the Volga had spread in the circles of the Moscow intelligentsia. What will happen next? I think this largely depends on the presence of driving forces. If there will be periodic exhibitions, publications, albums, regular auction sale — all that uplifting existing and attracts new collectors, — the prognosis is quite favorable. The material is, the works of the talented — at least the necessary conditions are present.

something to read about artist Vladimir Maslov:
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Natalia Aigi Bogomaz.

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