Again about investing in the work of Oleg Tselkov. Note to beginners
ARTinvestment.RU   27 июня 2014

Today in Moscow personal computers Tselkov's time once again to turn to the topic of smart investments in creativity.

Topic, of course, prompted by life. Probably today in the Fund "Ekaterina" exhibition "ACE of diamonds" to our auction Department increasingly began to receive questions from loyal customers — if we had auction? Tselkov, by the way, really will soon be on the Auction AI. But this is not important. Too much indicates that after six years of relative calm domestic market of works of the prominent artist-шестидесятника experiencing unusual excitement. Now is a good time to remind still pre-advice to novice investors, expanding them with new recommendations. Traditionally, structuring your story in the form of questions and otvetov@

What period in the works of Oleg Tselkov is the most valuable from the point of view of investment?

Managed to start with a complex. Its original language Tselkov found quite early, already in 1960-х. It then came his "mugs-личины". For artists informal post-war art, it is precisely the sixties are often the most valuable period. But with the Rubles is not so. Yes, there are connoisseurs who prefer the early period. But shares the widespread opinion that a particular emotional intensity and technical perfection of his work has become closer to 1980-м years. And then with periodization is even more amazing. Usually in the late sixties things work 1990-х-2000-х, among collectors is listed much less. The reasons are clear — with age still out of energy, and former skills do not always have the strength. But creativity Tselkov in this sense an exception. It is quite smooth, without a clear periodization, without dropping the quality of his work 2000-х, class often give things early 1980-х. And some even surpass. And are thus cheaper. Conclusion? In case Tselkov, you need to pay attention not primarily on the year of creation, and the class itself — on the plot, the size, power painting. If this is a good thing, but still not quite late (refers to the period 1980-1990-х), which adds to its investment potenziale@

, For some more criteria to choose a painting?

as all in All. If you choose only for yourself, then decide who gets. But if for investment, that is for resale, it is best to choose the story without extreme (Tselkov, sometimes misbehaves). Faces let's not confuse — this is just what you need. And with the size, better be more careful. The master canvases are under two and a half meters. It is a problem for possession and resale — format turns into a disadvantage. It is better to prefer painting size meter — meter tridtsat@

Should we be afraid of fakes Tselkov?

Forgery Tselkov though rare, but all-таки happen. Meet suspicious "doubles" and "compile". Read, for example this a detective story with "the rubles" on our forum. Conclusion: it is impossible to lose vigilance. Moreover, to establish the fact of authenticity if you want you can have the artist, who lives in Francie@

how Much are Tselkov's works?

Talking about the situation of the last three years, because everything that came before 2008 — "long time ago". In particular, the gigantic size of the "Five faces" of 1980 (now in the collection of Tsukanova) six years ago were bought in London more expensive than 440 thousand dollars. This is the peak, but generally in 2007-2008 auction prices for paintings auction in the range of 230-350 thousand dollars were-то exceptional. Then came the crisis, buyers fled, prices fell. But in the last two-три years the situation has improved. Again dawned records. In 2012, at Christie's six-foot character with a fork sold for 168 thousand dollars. And in 2013 at the Moscow auction VLADEY much more comfortable in size meter "family Portrait" sold for almost 170 thousand dollars. As in the case of Rabin most expensive transaction in the last three years was made not in London, and in Mosque@

However, all this auction highs for the beauty of the picture. And if to return from heaven to earth, to the situation in the domestic market, realistic pricing for a two-meter painting 1980-х, — is 80-100 thousand dollars. Meter painting — 55-70 thousand dollars. Compact composition is less than one meter in the domestic market can be found from 35-40 thousand dollars. But it must be lucky. From very recent examples — sale a month ago at Christie's meter portrait with cat and dragonfly 1988 for a 43.5 thousand dollars plus Commission. Very well, you can congratulate the buyer. In all cases we are talking about art, konechno@

is it Possible to find Tselkov's works in the initial price range?

Quite. Those who focused on the initial price range, you should pay attention to the lottery drawing and drawing ceramics. It is quite feasible to many collectors. So, last year at auction AI sold lottery plates of Tselkov's personalities to 21 000 rubles apiece — was sold at once. On the wall look — sight for sore eyes. Twice we sold and etchings Tselkov 1976 — 12 000 and 30 000. Much much more affordable. Limited ceramics Tselkov is much more expensive. Not so long ago a beautiful black porcelain decorative sculpture with cat found a new owner for 120, 000 rubles, and a tall elegant vase we sold over 300 000. In terms of its investment potential lottery porcelain will be to play a painting, but it looks like the interior is unmatched. We have, incidentally, one more thing-что is made of ceramics for private sales @so. obrashaites@

What is the current market conditions for the artist?

Tselkov's Works on our market for a long time belong to the "blue chips". This is one of the most liquid market artists — our database of over 132 works of decorative, and it is only since 2000-х. While the artist since 1977, works in France and is firmly part of the global auction clip — sold at Sotheby's, Christie's, Phillips. This is a big plus. The price index of the artist has been growing since the middle of last year. According to our index of Artist's ARTIMX conditional 1000 dollars invested in creativity Tselkov a year ago, has now become 1496$. Investment forecast — pozytywny@

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