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Movie about the friendship of the auctioneer with the artist, which didn't lead to anything good

"Best offer" (Original title: The Best Offer)

Director: Giuseppe Tornatore

year: 2013

131 min.

the film: Warner Bros. Entertainment, USA

a Distinctive feature of this film when referring in conversation is... an absolute nezaposlenosti names. "The movie where the main character was a hall of paintings", "They are still with each other bought the original work under the guise fakes", "There was a mechanical man" — is estimated descriptive set companion when you try to call "Best offer" for a name. As often happens, none of the descriptions does not reflect the essence of what is happening in the picture. But most often the sides are wrong in identifying the main characters: this is not the age auctioneer and a young heiress, and not her old mansion and wants to sell its contents to the auction house. The main conflict is between two friends — representative of the demand side (collector) and supply (artist). However it is the viewer will only understand at the end.

the Plot devised by Director Giuseppe Tornatore (a "Director's cut" scenarios are usually a dangerous mix, leading either to failure or to glory) 20 years before the creation of the film, reveal only partially, to provide suspense from one of the best Bricolage (unexpected turns) in the history of cinema. Two people drawn to each other: they share an obsessive-компульсивные disorders and phobias, as well as a thirst for uncovering secrets. By the middle of the tape becomes less phobias, and secrets — more. With only a few strokes, exquisitely shows the internal workings of auction houses: majestic, expensive, beautiful and a little unscrupulous. That auctions work that way, none of the audience no doubt, with the desire to sell or buy art at a public auction as viewing becomes more and more. To inside games art-игорного business wants to touch everyone, without exception.

the Consultants hired to work on the elements of the scenario associated with the world of art, worked grotesquely, but good quality. The auction house, the success of which rests on the figure of one-единственного man, today is an unprecedented phenomenon, especially if you watch endless leapfrog Executive Directors of Sotheby's and Christie's. A clear allusion to Simon de Pury, the Zenith of a career that was associated with the auction house Phillips? It is likely. But I think blind trust of customers auction — from weeping widows to the Vatican museums — to his head, rather, should mean more. Virgil Oldman, the Oscar-winning performance of Geoffrey rush, is the auction house. Just he has complexes, phobias and desires.

incidentally, when the image of the auction house writers for once-то ever walked away from a spectacular, but far from the realities of the phrase "one, two, three — sold!" and showed a truly objective during the intense bidding. But with the very title of the film came a small bobble (apparently, it was the iron requirement Tornatore): the term "best offer" has historically come from the live auction, and absentee auctions, and not associated with art. But that's our opinion and to the value of the film having no relationship. "Art"part of the "Best deals" of the two-hour film, the strength is fifteen minutes, but the viewer collects the scattered quotes and panoramas until the final credits. Here are some of them:

— buffet walnut, XVI century. Decorated cartouche, the coat of arms with a Griffin... To my great regret, only in the 19th century.

— It may present what-то value?

— If You wish to offer me it as a gift —, I gratefully accept.

— At first glance, this rotten piece of wood. But I suppose many centuries ago she could be a beautiful miniature.

—, the Director of the Vatican Museum would appreciate a call.

— To confirm the attribution to Cellini, I believe?

— Before his death my father told me that if one day I decide to sell the collection, it is possible to trust only Mr. Oldman. According to his father, he — best.

— Remember Milo Hansen (in the original script: Milo Hensen, alias. — AI.)? And nobody, except you, did not think that he will soar in price. The portrait of his mother we got almost nothing... Stole from-под nose that bunch of fools!

— My paintings are evidence of great artistic talent.

— Love for art and the ability to hold a brush doesn't make an artist. Need inner light!

— Is a fake.

— But how is this possible? Work great!

—, I did not say that she is ugly. Just what is — fake.

— miss Ibbetson there are other relatives? Sisters, brothers?

— Anyone.

— is She married?

— No.

— was when-нибудь?

— Where there is much!

— Uncles, aunts, cousins, cousins?

— as far As I know, miss Ibbetson one in the whole world.

— who-нибудь another assessed her property?

— You first.

— it has no intention of and a house to sell?

— I Have the world's largest collection of her fakes! I will sue You!

— a broken auctioneers mend?

— And what happened?

— Overabundance of carpenter and the web with the shortage of masterpieces...

— In any fake always hidden what-то genuine.

What's interesting is usually the film with the "participation" of the art market appear the names of artists. Here they also are, however, divided into two groups: the first are the real authors of the first magnitude, which is referred to in passing and exclusively supportive, the second group consists of artists fictional, which is related to the defamatory story. With the exception of the "Best offer" are two authors, though of Russian origin. So, one of put onsale of lots entitled "the Unknown work of a disciple of Boris Grigoriev," that sounds amazing: will not be on the Hollywood (read: gagosyanom) level to promote an artist without a strong lobby. Yes, the artist-футуриста Boris Grigoriev in the year of the premiere of the film took place the exhibition in Santiago (Chile) and the Albertina Museum in Vienna, but... a Mystery! As well as not understanding is the reference to the artist Yana (real name — Mr Kazulin) as a student Grigorieva. Perhaps Giuseppe Tornatore collect Russian art? Or Gregory and Yana was favorite artists Hirsch, Aaron, Shmuel and Yitzhak Volcancito known as Warner brothers (Warner Bros.)?

the Mystery equivalent of that, decide that the heroes of "the Best deals" throughout the film. In the end they managed. We're gonna make it?

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