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References: Magnus Resch: Management of Art Galleries
ARTinvestment.RU   11 июня 2020

Book, main purpose of which — to provoke the gallery for the birth of new ideas in the promotion of the gallery

Management of art galleries

Author: Magnus Resch
publication: 2018 (3-е edition)
152 page
Publishing: PhaidonPress, USA
ISBN: 9780714877754

the Need for traditional gallery to change its business-модель didn't come in 2020, concurrent with the pandemic coronavirus. The process of transformation of the first market researchers noted five years ago: deals with art from year to year less occurred in the fixed spaces of the galleries, shifting to fair and online-среду. One of the first to respond to the new trend the Creator of the Internet-платформы Larry’s List Magnus Resch, releasing the third revised edition of his bestselling book "Management of art galleries".

In professional circles of Magnus is called the "Golden boy art-рынка". At the age of 20 years, he opened a contemporary art gallery to pay for his studies at the Swiss University of St.-Галлена. Experience earnings proved successful, and after London school of Economics, a young and ambitious 26-летний German lassoed the art market two bold actions: published the book "100 secrets of the art-рынка" and founded the platform to showcase private collections Larry’s in a List, simultaneously launching a top international collectors. The actual "secrets" of the book were few, they were mostly stories of art-функционеров and quotes of great artists, but in the process of preparing editions of Magnus have time to meet everybody and make friends. Platform Larry’s List bribed in the first place its name, hinting at the invisible presence in the project Larry Gagosian, and at first collectors were placed there for their collection, hoping for the attention of the great art-дилера. As it turned out, on the Gagosian had not, but also did not show and public claims to the title. On — more: in 2017 Magnus Resch receives from Leonardo DiCaprio $5 million for the creation of applications for recognition of objects of art, a kind of "art-шазама". The app, which its Creator gave the simple title of Magnus, is still at the stage of [email protected];— some of the possible reasons for such delays AI at the time, cited in , article error art-стартапов.

compared To other PR-проектов the author of the book Management of Art Galleries looks much more thorough. First — as supported by the survey about 8 thousand galleries, processed and analyzed, the results of which are embodied in General graphs, information about the strategies of the individual players and the summary recommendations. "But we can see similar data in reports Art Basel & UBS?" — you ask. All true, however, the annual reports of the world's leading trade fair slightly unfold the picture in a convenient for trade fairs side, and Magnus Resch remains as neutral as possible. Besides being an excellent marketer, he builds in the book is important of the table: for example, a funnel flow of customers describing their needs, which every young (and not only) the gallery is obliged to build on their own before you start (or transformation) of a successful business. The greatest, in our opinion, the value represent success stories andfailure of some galleries, which are abundant in the book: their main function — include the brain and provoke readers on their own ideas — in the right hands should work on [email protected];%.

the Publication "Management of art galleries" is not a step by step tutorial how, for example, the book by Edward Winkelman. Rather, it is an addition to the existing instructions, but a well-structured and inclusive imagination. Without the latter on the art market — anywhere. And after 2020, most likely, we expect the new book by Magnus Resch, on the response of the art-рынка to the pandemic. Now he has launched online-проект for the development of the artistic career of the artists, where the emphasis is on post-кризисные times. Guess how called the project?

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