The best graffiti artists in Moscow. Giant mural at the Kursk station square
ARTinvestment.RU   08 августа 2018

Stars of modern street-арта talk about space, friendship, peace, new meanings and future. Now the building of the shopping center "atrium" in Moscow has created five monumental graffiti — muralov. And there will be more

In art-пространство street art in the open air our eyes over the summer has become the shopping center "atrium" in front of the Kursk station. Famous graffiti-райтеры work in the framework of the project ARTRIUM. Now, for the first half of August, the facades were the work of six well-known graffiti-райтеров: Color of Stripes (curator, Russia), Felipe Pantón (Felipe Pantone, Argentina — Spain), Tristan Eaton (Tristan Eaton, USA), Ben eine (Ben Eine, UK), Haifa Guzman (Venezuela —, States) and WK Interact (France — USA). Later, his paintings will create American artists Futura (Futura 2000), a group of street-художников FAILE and famous Brit, D*Face. Earlier among the artists of the project were stated Shepard Fairey (Shepard Fairеy) — the author of the poster Barack Obama-HOPE, but to date his participation is in doubt. It should be noted that none of the writers does not publish sketches of future paintings, shopping center, but residents and visitors can experience firsthand the stages of creating large-scale works.

For the binding to the terrain, looking from the side of the Garden ring, will accept probation for the start of the inspection left the facade of the Atrium is painted Felipe Pantón, and then go around the building "Atrium" clockwise.

Filipe Pantone (Pantone Felipe Pant1)

Argentino-испанский artist Felipe Pantón got into graffiti since I was twelve. He is now a little over thirty. He was not taught: he graduated from the University of Valencia (Spain) on the program "Fine arts". In the international community graffiti-художников the Panton became famous under the pseudonym Pant1. Today his work can be found throughout the world. One of the most famous — painting a large bridge across the river Guadalmedina made in 2015 for the festival "Maus" in Malaga (Spain).

the Panton is considered to be representative of the new culture street-арта artists who are no longer restricted to open spaces, they have outgrown the romance of the streets and squares. Modern famous graffiti-райтеры perform frescoes inside, creating easel paintings (paintings and sculptures), and monumental installations.

the Panton creates his works — futuristic psychedelic accents, is actively using modern high technology and Networking capabilities.

Moving on clockwise. First on the back wall of the shopping center — a large painting of Tristan Eaton.

Tristan Eaton (Tristan Eaton)

Tristan Eaton born in Los-Анджелесе in 1978. Like most street-арт artists to paint on the street began as a teenager. At 18 he designed his first toy for famous brand Fisher-Price (an unexpected turn, right?). International fame as a designer of children's toys received, when collaborating with Kidrobot — manufacturer of author's toys and clothes. Thirteen Kidrobot toys (the joint project with Paul Budniak) at the end of 2007 was purchased new-Йоркским MoMA.

Fame in street-среде Tristan Eaton brought the project L. I. S. A. (Little Italy Street Art) in Manhattan. In 2004, Tristan Eaton, opened in new-Йорке Agency Thunderdog Studios. The number of customers and buyers of the artist referred to Nike, Versace and even Barack Obama.

large-scale graffiti Tristan Eaton can be seen in dozens of cities around the world: from Paris to Shanghai. And now in Moscow. Coming out with the "Kursk ring" or the station meets the giant astronaut in space suit with the caption: "continue to fight".

Astronaut Ethan — portrait-шарада, collage pop-образов, decals, textures. There you can see the Russian word for TRUTH and the English STRIKE ("strike"). And there is a monochrome Marilyn, gold chains, old space station, stylized logo of the Soviet space program "Intercosmos" and the third eye.

How to understand this? In an interview the artist says that this work he wanted to promote friendship between the United States and Russia, therefore, faced the task of finding a great General and the two countries. Found. In the space program. Here — the image of the cosmonaut in the head contour of which is placed the symbols of the two countries. Some are read immediately, while others have yet to see and solve. The feelings, the symbols of America in the image is smaller than the Russian. It's full, but the "friendship" if it sounds, as-то very vaguely. Rather, it is possible to see a Future Human, yet held back by chains, but watching us and mentally repeating: "continue to fight"...

Harif Guzman (Harif Guzman — HACULLA)

Harish Guzman, figures of which are painted entry group underground Parking garage Atrium 40. His parents brought him from Venzuela in the United States at the age of five. So new-Йорк for him, the essence of the native. The city, according to Guzman, became his canvas and inspiration. The artist has a reputation for carousing, connoisseur of nightlife. In his workshop going Bohemians, artists, models. Loves dogs,uses them in his collages, and he raising a pug. His street alias Haculla named fashion brand of urban clothing (in its design uses the characters and figures). In General, a well-known person not only within the Garden ring. Graffiti-стиле Guzman there are a few "chips". First — the use of the technique of collage in his works. The graffiti is a rarity, and Guzman — Nostrum. Perhaps a passion for collage and the use of reproductions due to his long work in the print shop. His father was in publishing, and the artist is well aware of the production processes in print. Whatever it was, but now in his compositions here and there ladies in negligee — whether from magazines or adult films. The second "trick" Guzman — the use of stylized images of fictional characters (e.g. vampires) and urban informal (skaters, punks, etc.). They can be seen not only on walls, but also on shirts, hoodies, caps and other clothing brand Haculla.

-то similar kuzmanovska recognizable faces we see now and at the entrance to the underground Parking lot of Atrium. And inside — even more fun. Right there Mexico, Day dead skulls, masks, the laughing of the crowd. It is a pity, in Moscow Guzman did not use collage. But without it it was funny.

Ben Ein (Ben Ein — EINE)

Graffiti from Briton Ben Ein (he is known under the tag EINE) can be found on the back wall of Atrium, in the part where the wall is joined with asphalt.

a Famous street artist from London born in 1970 and he belongs to perhaps the greatest painting in the world — Create area of 17 500 sq m in the London district of Hackney Wick.

In the mid 1980-х bin Ein wrote graffiti on walls and cars. Gradually he developed his own recognizable style. The purpose of the artist to highlight your text message on a background of urban signage and logos. Bright and colorful message of Reiter Eine often written using full words and sentences, are located through the walls or what-то split — e.g., gates or doors. His character work can be seen on the streets of Tokyo, Paris, London, Los-Анджелеса and many other cities. On Google Maps there is even a route in London Shoreditch — map of "letters" Ein, which marked about 30 of the messages of the artist. In 2000-е years Ein was first developed and released a number of design models for clothing brand London EINE, today under this brand name produced and sold t-shirts and in the collection of his prints. In 2010, the picture Ein "City of the twenty-first century," Prime Minister-министр the UK David Cameron presented President Barack Obama as an official gift.

In Moscow this summer appeared immediately two font drawing Ben Ein. The first — THE GREATER GOOD: probably meant in the sense of "Greater good". The inscription, as often happens with Ein, isin two parts, is separated from THE subsequent words of the entrance to the underground Parking of the shopping center. Old school illustration, like all of the artist's works, executed in the spirit of 1970-80-х years. In those days, writers were left just text messages and figurative images have been used. Hand graffiti artists of the 1970-х was aimed primarily at the transmission of meaning by means of self-fancy font. And Ein have coped with it better than many: the expense of a split and bright color schemes of his letters are juicy and voluminous, as if protruding from the uniform black background. A very memorable style.

In violation of the queue, I note that on one, there is a second font object Ein. Its colorful exclamation MOSCOW @MOSCOW mdas is located at the shopping center.

But he was still a giant figurative monochrome mural of authorship WK Interact.

WK Interact

the Frenchman WK Interact working in America (real name he does not advertise) is famous black-белыми works with specific elements of presentation: his characters was frozen in the stop-кадрах during the run, jump, or-то other movements. In the preparation of the painting to achieve the desired projection on a plane and monochromatic palettes of shapes, the artist, as written, uses a photocopier. Sheet with original image or photo he has desired above the glass of the copier and "banishes" him to the desired result. There is one caveat: before creating graffiti, he carefully selects the location for the particular image. This is required to simply fit it into the urban environment and encourage people to interact with people passing by. Apparently, this is the main goal of the artist, which is also reflected in its name: in English the word "Interact" means "to cooperate".

WK was born in 1969 in France, and from 1990-х years living and working in new-Йорке. In the late 1990-х his murals began appearing on building facades in downtown Manhattan. He has collaborated with companies such as Nike, Reebok and Adidas. One of his most famous works was the Brave —-meter painting 2011 in Brooklyn, dedicated to the 10-й anniversary of the September 11 attacks (project undertaken jointly with the fire Department of new-Йорка).

the Work of WK Interact — is the only one of the current paintings "Atrium", which is a direct author's name — "4peace" (phonetically "For the world"), greatly narrowing the possible interpretations of the author's intention. From the roof of the shopping center went down. Image of this hero WK Interact can be found in many cities. But here metaphorical track-тени that it remains, arise birds and rush up — one black and the other white. People in civilian clothes, but — of camouflage, as they like to wear in the cities. This is hardly accidental. A monochromatic colour palette of the picturefurther enhances the overall impression, focusing on its interaction with architecture.

reached the End of our inspection at the main entrance to the atrium side of the Garden ring. The entrance is embellished calligraffiti Color of Stripes — Russian stars of street art and curator of the project ARTRIUM.

Pokras Lampas (Pokras Lampas)

When-то his name was Arseny Arkadyevich Pyrenkova. But now all have long called Painted Stripes. This name became so known in the circles of art and fashion, that it was easier to change the passport data, than to explain who is who. By the way, according to media reports, the artist already did. Pokras began in Korolev (Podlipki), then moved to Peter, and now he is an international figure. His gigantic, calligraffiti — font patterns — decorate the space of the "Square Colosseum" in Rome, the "red October" in Moscow. the Artist successfully cooperates with world brands. In the list of his recent collaborations, which are written AI, there is cooperation with Levi's, Reebok. In the project ARTRIUM Pokras Lampas took over the Central entrance — difficult to graffiti the place where a lot of advertising surfaces and glass. The result is a very tactful. It calligraffiti not hit the eyes and do not compete with advertising. They are so blended in with the architecture of the object, which some viewers even considered them part of the design of the building. Generally, the Dye is able to "punch" in color is much brighter, but apparently the problem was back.

the Market and prices. How many now are works by artists of the genre of graffiti?

Despite the unwritten code informal protest street art, formed by the mid-1970-х, graffiti-художники of the XXI century actively cooperate with galleries, design clothing and put up for auction.

This generation is quite isoseno in matters of Commerce.

in addition to the collaborations, from each of the authors has already been painted "atrium", at least have a personal online-магазин on a personal website where you can purchase the author's products: draw graphics, apparel prints, etc. the Prices are quite feasible for a motley army of fans. For example, medium@- and high-volume WK Interact prints available for $75. T-shirt Ben Ein — from $40.

But it is more.

collectibles, of course, are more expensive.

Although not mind-blowing money.

At auction by this time sold the works of Felipe Pantón, Ben Ein, Haifa Guzman and WK Interact. Tristan Eaton and Color of the Stripes at the auction as yet, but it happens, so we should not draw far-reaching conclusions.

Of these authors developed a liquid auction market has developed only Ben Ein. In auction databases contain information about what the works of his appeared at public auction more than 90 times and most works were sold. With a gallery of liquidity he is also very good: in 2011, his solo exhibition at White Walls gallery in San-Франциско was completely sold out even before its opening. Auction record pricethe works of Ben Bay was installed in the spring of 2016. The big picture 2011, "Big Black Circus from A to Z" went for $15,000 at auction in Beverly Jullen's-Хиллз. However, this is record — exceptional case. The usual price range for a painting of this famous graffiti-райтера is $1500-4500. Only in rare cases, prices reach $9 000. Draw graphics (prints and silkscreen) Ein worth at auction about $200– 600 depending on size and year of creation.

Meter painting Felipe Pantón is now at auction at about $3000-6000. And the highest price — $8 912 — were paid for the work 2017 "Chromodynamics 16" French Tajan auction in April 2018.

Have charifa Guzman — Haculla — yet was only one auction deal. In 2015, his large silkscreen was sold at Phillips in about $1 200.

the work of WK Interact Reiter began to appear in international auctions since 2008. Most often it is a painting, quite a lot of found graphics and of draw works, and sometimes even sculpture. However, in terms of liquidity much has room to grow: while a significant part of the lots remain unsold. The usual price range for painting WK Interact is $4 500-8 000. Auction record today — $12 204. In December 2017 at the French auction Artcurial this amount the organizers got for a monumental work of "Skate" in 1997. Price guide for drawing things WK Interact at auction is about $300. Liquidity — average. This artist has works in collaboration with Shepard Fairey and D*Face, who also will do paintings on the walls of Atrium closer to the fall. In particular, it is known that the joint work WK with the FAE (silkscreen, ink, collage) was sold in October 2017 for auction Villanfray & Associes in France for $3 275.

the Tristan Eaton, there is no auction results — to be attached to nothing. His prints are sold at personal website of the artist. Signed posters are available unlimited tioram and is not intended for resale. Prices range from $50 to $300. In particular, for just $50 you can become the owner of nearly a metre poster on the motives of a huge outdoor portrait of Audrey Hepburn, made in the framework of the project L. I. S. A and is considered a landmark in his oeuvre.

that's all For now. However soon at "the Atrium" will be the new graffiti. So to be continued...


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