Etchings by Ivan Shishkin from the folder of Marx for the first time in the CHA
ARTinvestment.RU   25 июля 2016

At the exhibition organized by the gallery "the office" will feature 90 works of graphics by the famous itinerant, including 60 of the best etchings of the valuable folders 1894

Etchings of Ivan Ivanovich Shishkin are among the the undisputed leaders in terms of liquidity on the Russian auction market. We once calculated that for the 2014/2015 year of the 100 exhibited works Shishkin were sold 69. It's a given in all categories, including paintings and original graphics. And separately to the lottery schedule and even sold almost all of what's shown.

And this is understandable.

the First cause: it is not about exercise, and not passing direction for the artist, and the works in the technique in which Ivan Shishkin was particularly strong. Shishkin was a perfect draftsman. And if in painting, working with color, he managed not all, of the figure, and sophisticated technology of prints were his true element, where he felt like a fish in water.

the Second reason is even simpler: these spectacular painstakingly authentic etchings of Russian artist of the first row are in the Russian market it is quite feasible money — from 25 000 to 80 000 rubles per sheet, often in the area of 65 000 rubles. These things can be afford by many collectors.

Many of the etchings Wanderers went on the auction house "KABINET", which became the organizer of the current exhibition "Unknown Shishkin". It will open in the Central halls of the Central house of artists on the Crimean Shaft 26 June and runs until 4 September 2016.

the Centre of the exhibition will be probably in the rarity folder publisher and bookseller Alfred F. Marx. In the last folder published a very large circulation, included 60 selected etchings Shishkin — the peak of his creativity in print. In the preparation of this album Shishkin has updated their old Board, was the etching needle, and some even modified composite. In particular, this revision has undergone etching "Winter night" in 1876 (made in the 18 years before that), which Shishkin even renamed "Winter moonlit night". In addition to the old brought the etchings Shishkin included in the album 19 new works previously unreleased.

the Fate of the complete albums (as artist's books and any books with lithographs) is often not so easy. The owners and sellers of the temptation unpick them and sell it for parts — and easier and more profitable. Folder Marx came out as well. It seems they were not so few, and complete the form to have survived only a few. And exhibition provides a rare chance to see the whole thing.

the CHA will not only etchings Shishkin. "The office" show existing in a single copy of a color self-portrait of Shishkin from the collection of the publisher A. E. Palchikova, a unique etching on silk "Juniper. Crimea" in 1885 and the last engraving of Shishkin "Oak" (1897).

"the study" promises and other surprises. Pokémon will not be, but the organizers came up with "a new interpretation of etchings Shishkin, moving them into 3D images and combining the resulting stereomaster theme triptychs". In General, it is not yet clear. But it is clear that there will be plates with reproductions of works by Shishkin and posters issued by special technology. The exhibition catalogue, which included not only reproductions of things from the exposition, but all of the known etchings Shishkin.


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