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Sergey Shutov. Retrospective exhibition "Necessary and optional"
ARTinvestment.RU   11 января 2009

In Moscow, the Museum of modern art in Ermolaevsky lane, 17, until January 18, 2009 last retrospective exhibition "Necessary and optional" Sergei Shutov @- one of the most important contemporary artists of avant-garde experiments country

The Museum of Modern Art (Ermolaevsky Lane, 17) until January 18, 2009 last retrospective exhibition «Necessary and optional »Sergei Shutov - one of the most important contemporary artists of avant-garde experiments country.

Portfolio Sergei Sergei Shutov and the artist has seen a great many people - just not all of them know about it. The man in the first stage of the film sign Sergei Soloviev «Assa» - chudik in helmets decorated with sequins, dark glasses, with a medical dressing mesh on the face and holey spoon-skimmer on the ear - this is the artist-avant-gardist Sergei Shutov. In the 1987-meters, he was 32 years old. In addition to the masquerade with a spoon (allusion to «burlyuchestvo», performances futurists with a spoon instead of a carnation in the buttonhole, and, of course, ), in the film Many decorations by hand and brush Shutova. They are easy to learn to paint and violence «blestyashkam»: foil Serebryanka and light painting artist, for example, back in the restaurant scene where Bananan (Sergei Bugaev - Africa). Actually, this is definitely an empirical indicator klassnosti the artist, the availability of its terms of style, which is seen a couple of works - and more recognizable to 98 percent. The remaining two per cent - this is the right to make a mistake, or, conversely, an amendment to the ability to surprise (as the project «Abaka» at the 49 th Venice Biennale). And the rest is designed to confirm the author's clarity of style: whether it is design-fussy protest columns (along with Yuri Avvakumovym) to art-rock parade «ACCA» MELZ in DC in 1988 or razdobrevshaya «Golden Cow» at the Museum of Modern Art. There should be no doubt: Shutov.

Biography Shutova - kulbity innovative search terms in the Soviet cultural underground. Painter country's avant-garde experiments. Education - mostly self: say, your own opinion on the arts in schools are still not taught. In the late 1970's - a member of city graphs legalized after «Bulldozer Exhibition», not only the work of artists sixties (the representatives of «other art»), but the creativity and ambitious young people to ever be called vosmidesyatnikami. «Friends of Mayakovsky Club» (Sergei Kurekhin, Timur Novikov, George Guryanov, etc.) even less reliable cover than Hill, but sometimes it Today. Artist on the ground and could not come to mind that this is why the revolution could hide behind hateful «non», for which Mayakovski not associated with a red flag, but with the orange jacket and the terms of Malevich. Eighties - are exhibitions and concerts «informal» in DC Institute. Kurchatov (commonly known at that time «Kurchatnik»), «Assa» to Solovyov, the art-rock parade in DC MELZ on «Elektrozavodskaya», a great turning point and a time of hope, followed by a surge in avant-garde ideas in music and fine arts. Rent, which ever is the time adjustment will be «collect» a piece of avant-garde 1920's. Suppose that on a national scale, without a bygone world resonance. But there are moments when an important deal, but did not conquer the world. Shutov, 2001 - an artist, representing the national art in the 49 th Venice Biennale with the project «Abaka» , installation, symbolizing the treatment of diversity of cultures and religions. Installation was a success - and deservedly. It was not just seen, and has received wide, both in Russia and in the international art scene. Thus, in two thousand Shutov entered in the current status of a recognized artist and his work began to adorn the major collections of contemporary art - both private and museum.

Exhibition «The required and optional» continue at the Museum of Modern Art in Ermolaevsky Lane, 17, until January 18, 2009 - there are lots of opportunities for success. This is almost a retrospective, which came early and work-related, for example, by 1984. A very interesting.

To show promise and the first retrospective catalog of works by Sergei Shutov (prepares Publishing WAM), but it is delayed, waiting for after the new year. Landscape issue will please collectors and fans of art, but look all the same necessary to live. This is a general rule, but with Shutov it even stronger. The point is that his work is lost in the reproduction: reflections Serebryanka, foil and varnish is impossible to convey on paper. And the reflection, and reflections are very important. They say, when to shoot Solovev «Assa» corrected some seemingly little significant piece of foil, felt that the present composition immediately fell. Do Shutova every detail - not just so. Let the case with the foil can someone seem loosely, but with the reproductions do not doubt: that looks faded in the magazine or auction catalog can be up to the light of the incredible cheerfulness.

One of the most interesting - the fifth floor of the 1980's - early 1990's. It would seem that before you look at the cosmic worlds of Arthur C. Clarke, through the development of tools Malevitch. Homage to the ideas of Kazimierz not kamufliruetsya, but quite the contrary: "Behold the black crosses, like squares and voluminous black figures, like jumps« red horse »of the recruitment of child soldiers ... All harmonious, all interesting, all on the ground. And if not in place, then even better.

Portfolio Shutova not the first year included in the clip «Russians bid» the world's auction houses. He has - more than 20 auction results. Percentage not sold quite high, but this is typical of the works of contemporary artists and connoisseurs can make purchases in the comfort mode, an alternative gallery in the market. At the auctions work Shutova in recent years, sold in the range of 17-32 thousand dollars. The highest result in the base ARTinvestment.RU - 17,4 thousand pounds per meter picture «Amazing Rhino». Early Work, 1980, and is not to say that it is very typical for Shutova. They say that they learned about this record, the artist merely shrugged. But in 2004, 17.4 thousand pounds for a contemporary artist in the Sotheby's - it was a figure. Shuma not done enough. Because of recent results can recall thousands of pounds for the 13.7 «fighter» - painting «At the end of» 2003, purchased at Sotheby's in March 2008. Almost dvuhmetrovy «tank» of the same series at the same Sotheby's office in 12,5 gathered thousands of pounds. It would be logical to assume that in a comparable price range works Shutova available on the Moscow gallery market. In particular, work Shutova 2004, exhibited in the online catalog at the gallery « Movies ». In my opinion, the work of the artist is very promising for collecting. In addition to the high creative potential, this logic is supported by a set of other factors: the bright figure of his time, involved in landmark events, an impressive list of exhibitions, participation in «auction go», a large number of works in the market and the relative affordability of prices. All - in plus.

Avdotya Smirnov (now we see in the «School of slander» on NTV, and in the times of «Assa» it was probably a young critic and exhibition organizer) told the Boris Barabanov, author of a collection« ACCA. Book of changes », funny story. Since falling to a distrust of new creative artists brigade group lights, worked on «Asse», looking at «blestyashki» Shutova not stood and erupted in earnest question proletarian style «on and you really know how to draw something?» What Shutov silently took felt tip pen, and the job, confident movement drew the head of David (as in the Pushkin Museum). Naturally, a brigade was fighting outright, the question then is no longer required. In fact, and calculation. The book is «Assa» Avdotya Smirnov reveals the secret of David: Shutov long trained to paint David almost with your eyes closed. In short, it was a specially trained stunt to the case when the discussion about what to paint «of this», take risks. So the call did not occur on the rake illuminator. Go to the exhibition. Not only that enjoy. So even the wording of questions will need to complicate. Although one of «subject of Child» hold all the same difficulty: what is the deep metaphorical meaning numerous pieces of fur to fool canvases?

Vladimir Bogdanov, ARTinvestment.RU

Illustrations: Sergey Shutov. Exhibition «The required and optional». MMSI. 2008

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