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Artist of the week. "Russian Parisian" Nikolai Isayev. 1891-1977
ARTinvestment.RU   02 сентября 2019

The representative of the school of Paris, he exhibited with Goncharova, Larionov, Chagall, Zadkine, Soutine, Puni, Lansky, Charchoune and others. And just now "reference Isaev" (so-called our painting expert Valery Silaev) sold AI Auction

he is well known collectors of Russian artists abroad, but the General public in our country the name of Nikolai Isayev today little known. Alas, this is understandable. Fate decreed that Russia has to declare itself as a painter, he actually didn't have time. Had neither the time nor the conditions. This conclusion can be done at the milestones of his biography. A graduate of the Odessa art school is coming to St.-Петербург in 1912, 20-летнем age. Just two years later the First world, and he enrolled in a military school. In 1916-м Isaev on the front. He was wounded in Galicia. Three years later, in 1919-м he 28-летний veteran, goes from Russia to Serbia. And, in fact, only in Belgrade, in Isayeva, you receive the possibility on the-настоящему focus on what you love – the arts.


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the article "Художник weeks. "Russian Parisian" Nikolai Isayev. 1891-1977" Isaev - artist of the Paris school. In our opinion undervalued. Painterly abstraction and expressionist work on the market in the price range of 80 000 - 140 000. Prior to September 6, AI Auction to compete for his oil "Натюрморт with a kerosene lamp" 1969. Article about Nikolay Isaev read on Monday, September 2. PHOTO 1 Isaev Nikolai untitled (still life with watermelon). Plywood; butter. 54×65,3 selling Price: 60 000 rubles Auction AI Auction, 02.08.2019 PHOTO 2 Isaev Nikolai Lunar module. 1960-1970-е Paper on cardboard; butter. 40 x 48.9 sale Price: 50 000 rubles Auction AI Auction, 21.12.2018 PHOTO 3 Isaev Nikolai still life. Canvas; butter. 100×65 evaluation of the auction: $9 770 - 13 678 sale Price: $39 080 USD) Sotheby's, 10.06.2008 auction record for the artist PHOTO 4 Isaev Nikolai African. 1927 Paper on cardboard; pastel. 45×30 auction: $10 230 @15 ndash 345 sale Price: $230 10 the auction house the Cabinet, it makes one 17.03.2012-то? This is no accident. In 1925, shortly after moving to Paris Nikolay Isaev studied at the Vasily Shukhaev and Alexander Yakovlev, a two-year visit their workshop PHOTO 5 Isaev Nikolay Alexandrovich (1891-1977) untitled (still life with oil lamp). 1969 oil on Cardboard. 65 x 50 Sold AI Auction from 2 to 6 September 2019 6 PHOTOS Isaev Nikolay Aleksandrovich Isaev fruit Basket. 1954 Canvas; butter. 50×61 sale Price: 120 000 RUB ($2 088) AI Auction, 24.02.2017 Photo: #Isaev #russkoyazichnii #russiaaaaa #auction #prices #rossmeissl

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After emigrating to Serbia, Nikolai Isayev worked for several years in the capital's National theater, did the sets. In Belgrade in 1924 he held his first solo exhibition. Inspired by her success, Isaev moved to Paris to continue to study and exhibit in the capital of the European innovative art. In France in 1925 – 1926 Nikolai Isayev attended workshops Vasily Shukhaev and Alexander Yakovlev. About thisthe meeting can guess, by looking at Isaevskogo pastel "African" (it is in the Instagram post above). If not for the caption – well, the spitting image of Alexander Yakovlev. In 1926 he held his first Paris exhibition. Soon they will not be considered. By the way, moved to France, Isaev keep in touch with the community of Russian artists in the Kingdom of Serbia, Croatia and Slovenia. In 1930-х years he has repeatedly exhibited as an invited participant at the exhibitions of the group K. R. U. G. (brush – cutter – charcoal – drawing set), together with Stepan Kolesnikov, Vasiliy Baumgartener etc.

took the artist's Paris? Apparently, good. Preserved information that in the late 1920-х years Nikolai Isayev held the first exhibition in the Metropolitan galleries, and in 1931 they became even bigger. And they opened not only in France but throughout Europe – in Belgium, Czech Republic, Serbia etc. More Isaev participated in the Salons of Independent, the official Autumn salon was part of the intense artistic life of Paris.

it is believed that one of the turning points in the work of Isaeva was the meeting with the artist Roger Biserom – French cubist master of lyrical abstraction. Nikolai worked in the Studio of Bisera in 1938 and this experience significantly influenced his style. After Bisera in Isayeva appeared "stained glass" composition, based on the symbiosis of cubism, expressionism and figurative abstraction. Sounds surprising, but looking at his work in the second half of life, will understand, about what speech.

the war Isaev survived in occupied France. He no longer fought, but showed himself a man not timid. Helped the guerrillas harbored in his house the Resistance fighters, for which he was awarded after the war. Already may 25, 1945, a year after the liberation of Paris, Nikolai Isayev participated in a large exhibition, organized by the Committee "France – USSR". Landscape Isayev was exhibited together with the works of Natalia Goncharova, Mikhail Larionov, Pavel Mansurov, Chaim Soutine, Marc Chagall, Ivan Puni, Isaac, of Piles, pinchus of flint and other famous artists of the Russian Diaspora.

Since the late 1940-х before 1970-х Isaev traveled extensively in Europe, his paintings began to appear more frequently figurative scenes. It is believed that after the war she became more decorative, optimistic, bright. In addition to painting Isaev began to devote time to design projects (doing Church murals and even painted icons) and book illustrations. Isaev illustrated Nikolai Gogol, Charles Baudelaire, Edgar Allan PoE and many other classics. Since the late 1950-х Isaev was several times exhibited in the United States. In the same years across Europe were exhibitions of Russian artists of the Parisian school with works by Isaev. In 1960-х works Isayev was already in the museums of Paris, Zurich, Belgrade, Chicago, and others.

in 1976 In Paris was held last lifetime retrospective of the artist. Nikolay Isaev died 4 Dec 1977 and was buried at the Russian cemetery Sainte-Женевьев-де-Буа.

In late tradition about the market. The artist is surprisingly not expensive. Even the best examples of painting Nikolai Isayev readily available to collectors and art lovers with a small budget. His post-war paintings and abstract expressionism and figurative painting - in Russiaauctions actually buy in the range 80 000 – 140 000 rubles. We also do not just for the money sold. At the European auctions there are offers even cheaper, in the range of 1000 euros. Moreover paintings on the market quite a lot. They are actively sold not only in France but also in Sweden and other European countries. A record price for the work Isaeva @ - a $39 080. Was installed guess where and when? That's right, on "Sotbis" in 2008. The meter thing is good, but nothing supervideostore. It is also possible to see the post on our instagram. In 2008-м several oils Isayev almost broke the mark of $20 000. But these rates remained than-то exceptional. The reason lies in the situation: it was a time of boom in the Russian market, many are just discovering Russian artists of the Paris school and the prices skyrocketed. The expectation of continued rapid rise in prices. It was a time of hope and inspiration. Now the price – plus or minus ten times lower. By the way, the reserve price for the "Basket of kerosene lamp" in 1969 – oil, "etalony Isaev" in the opinion of the expert Valery Silaeva – also lies in a given range 80 000 – 140 000 rubles. More precisely I will not tell, but it would not be interesting. Bidding on this work at the site of the Auction will end on Friday, August 6, at about 12-00.


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