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Direct speech. Famous people about the culture and the art market. September 2019
ARTinvestment.RU   26 сентября 2019

AI publishes quotes from recent interviews, speeches and Internet-постов voluntary and involuntary participants in art-процесса. Interestingly it was said in September

Andrei Razin, the producer and the participant of group "Tender may", the party member "United Russia", adviser to the Chairman of the state Duma Andrei Isayev, the arrest of the Deputy chief of Department of protection of cultural heritage, Ministry of culture of the Russian Federation Pavel Mosolov:

"the Ministry of culture continues to disintegrate. Again, corruption again arrests, again a shock for the whole society. This continued for many years, during which time it is led by the current Minister В. Мединский. This, of course, a shame for the Ministry of culture. All-таки we orientirueshsya with you two people, which today personify culture in our country. Is Nikita Mikhalkov, Karen Shakhnazarov. I think it's time Vladimir Putin and Dmitry Medvedev to make a decision and to decide with them how when-то М. С. Горбачев determined and appointed Nikolai Gubenko, Minister of culture of the USSR, for what it huge gratitude. But now need to decide on Nikita Mikhalkov, Karen Shakhnazarov, because it's — two candidates for the position of Minister of culture of Russia. The same applies to the Duma, after all, what is going on in the Committee on culture, — is the head will not wear..."

Source: Instagram.com

Denis Chuprikov, sentenced to 3 years in strict regime colony by p "в" part 2 of article 164 of the criminal code for theft of paintings of Kuindzhi TG:

"the Purpose of theft — to hypnoti. Ideally wanted to get the painting back into place and hang as was. <...> I was not given it back. FSB is faster...

...approached to the wall, where was the picture of "ay-Петри", approached her and began to watch her. At this point I had the idea to attract the attention of — to remove the picture and return it the next morning."

Source: interfax.ru

Dmitry Ozerkov, head of the Department of contemporary art at the State Hermitage, head of the project "Hermitage 20/21" the plans of the institution and the problem of Russian art:

"U @ldquo;Эрмитажа 20/21@rdquo; was not originally budget for the purchase of works. Because once we start buying, just be questions: what we bought, for how much, why? Therefore, we accept work as a gift or buy them through our partners, endowment-фонд and so on. Now we have several thousand items, among which there is the sculpture of a Fabre, and a picture of Kiefer, and the work of Antony Gormley, three large installations of Kabakov, photographs Candida höfer — project, made specially for us and produced by us.

...what are we still dreaming? Good question... Because when that-то pronounced, it immediately begins to work. I think we want key works by artists that are very expensive that we cannot buy due to various circumstances. First of all, have classics: Damien Hirst, Takashi Murakami, Gerhard Richter, Jeff Koons.

...the Russian art world in the context of the original. Same as Indian or Pakistani. It is interesting, but it does not play a large international role. In the early 1990-х had a lot of expectations. In the end Chinese art, which was in the same position at the same time, managed to reach the international level, and our — alas, no. In my opinion, is the inability to work and the reluctance of Russian artists to play by Western rules. As soon as theywill be able to learn this, everything will go fine."

Source: elledecoration.ru

Ivan Shubin, the head of the Department of media and advertising of Moscow. In connection with numerous issues regarding mass destruction the authorities of large graffiti, including a portrait of Stanislavsky on Bauman and the landscape painter Vova Nootka on the street Gilyarovskogo:

"Our Department is now engaged in the removal of illegal graffiti, we have removed many of the drawings that contained advertisements or were unacceptable for the city, did not meet the new rules. But those you mentioned were removed as part of renovations. There is a high probability that these drawings (graffiti on Baumanskaya on Gilyarovskogo. — Approx. ed) will be restored.

...We don't mind the beautiful works that have artistic value. Portrait of Stanislavsky was not removed under the new rules of graffiti, and in the course of overhaul — on the wall plaster has already departed, it's just ugly. You drew attention to this facade, because it was a portrait, but did not pay attention to the neighboring facade, which is also repaired, because there is crumbling plaster. Under the portrait was the same plaster, it is also necessary to update".

Source: tass.ru

Vladimir Medinsky, Minister of culture of the Russian Federation, about the history of the CHA:

"If we have in mind the Central house of the artist as the icau, it was created in violation of all that is possible, and was illegal even by the standards of @ldquo;лихих nineties@rdquo;. The office, which for 20 years was enriched at the expense of state property. We actually cancelled the privatization declared illegal at all stages of the Russian court, including the Supreme. What happened with CHA, — rare example of a civilized return to state ownership of what was at the time illegally of this property is derived. This is an example of how we should act in the interests of the state, which taxes pay our salaries. Don't want to spread the offers that I received throughout the process: and decent, and indecent, and criminal, just the process we stopped. ...part of the exhibitions, which were there exhibited, or the fair, must remain on the map of the city, and we will do everything to help. Part will host the Tretyakov gallery..."

Review of "Snob," which did an interview with Medinsky: "On the question of the status and support private museums, whose owners are under investigation, the Minister short answers @ldquo;будем to support@rdquo;".

Source: snob.ru

Alex Lachman, a well-known art-дилер. The owner of an important collection of Russian avant-garde, informal post-war Russian art, Western and modern Chinese art. Grew up in Moscow, emigrated in 1981, lives in London. On the Russian art market:

"Today the problem of Russian art at art-рынке — in the absence of quality work. Are you surprised that Petrov-Водкин is worth £9 million? Yes, these things are simply not on the market, nor how much they pay! There are a small number of very wealthy Russians, who collect first-class Russian art and works of eminent much less. They are willing to pay so much just because the otheropportunities to acquire such things will not be.

...Difficulties with Russian customs virtually eliminate the possibility of high-quality market in Russia. After all, to sell things here, brought from the West, Russian customs legislation you need to pay 20-30@now;%, which means a significant price increase. It would be nice if everything happened as in the West showed the account paid a reasonable 5-7@now;% for imports. If things are not sold, the money will immediately return.

...Russia — is one of the few countries where almost all created by private collectors. This and the Tretyakov gallery, the Bakhrushin Museum and the Russian Museum, and the Shchukin and Morozov, and Kostaki. All proud of Russia, was originally in private hands! If not for private collectors, the Museum landscape of Russia would be at the level of third world countries".

Source: theartnewspaper.ru

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