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Short excerpts and the main figures of the traditional review of the portal Artprice, state of world art-рынка

writing of the review were taken into account the sale of paintings, drawings, sculptures, photographs, prints, videos and installations at public auction from 1 January to 30 June 2019. The statistics don't hit the gallery sale, and also such categories of auction lots, as ancient artifacts, furniture and works of unknown authors.

the Main trend of the past year, according to the French analysts, — growing demand for masterpieces falling offer such. Auctions increasingly difficult to get a hold on the bidding so-called "blue chips" — most liquid things. The owners prefer to wait with the sale until better times. They are lured by the auction guarantees, but not always it works.

, Only the first half through open trades on the main European and Asian markets passed 262 300 lots — is almost the same as for the first half of 2018-го (262 100). That's just got for it is the number of lots in 2019, 17.4% less than in 2018-м. The global turnover in the first half of 2019 amounted to $6,98 billion (a year earlier the same figure was $8,445 billion).

Fell auction speed art-рынков USA (-20 %), China (-12 %), the UK (-25 %). The underlying reason for this decline, according to Artprice, lies in the aforementioned shortage of masterpieces. Only one lot during the period under review was sold for more than $100 million — "Haystacks" by Claude Monet. In 2018-м these lots were two: "Girl with basket of flowers" Picasso "Reclining Nude" by Modigliani. For the first half of 2019 in the range 10 to 100 million dollars was sold lot 63 (41% less than in 2018-м — when these lots were 106). In the price range from 1 to 10 million dollars were sold 783 of the lot (908 against such lots in the first half of 2018-го).

or maybe it's simply the decline of purchasing power? Maybe masterpieces-то was at the auction, but was not affordable for the collectors? Surprisingly, the French analysts give to this question a negative answer. No, money in Western and Asian collectors everything is in order, as evidenced by the decrease in the total percentage of unsold lots from 40% to 39 %, and the growth of the price index by 5 %. In other words, the market is shrinking and prices are rising.

In the absence of the top things from the usual leaders every ratings like Picasso, Modigliani, Warhol, Pollock or Basquiat came to the forefront earlier, hiding in their shadows, the artists of the conditional "second row". In the segment of impressionist and modern records have established the work of Paul Signac, Pierre Bonnard, Gustave Caillebotte. In the segment of post-war art he surprised everyone by selling for $88.8 million of the work of Robert Rauschenberg "Buffalo — II". And of course, not to mention a new absolute record from living artists — $91 million for the steel "Rabbit" by Jeff Koons.

the Art of a number of current authors like Koons or Doig becoming a new classic, the prices of their works are comparable with the prices on the good old modernists. Works of the modernists less at a public auction (turnover of works of this period decreased by 22 %). Nevertheless, it is still the largest auction segment, whose share in global turnover is about 43 %. The second is post-war art with a share of 24% and the third — contemporary-арт responsible for 15% of the global turnover. Complete list of nineteenth-century artists (10 %) andold masters (8 %).

the largest revenue in the first half of 2019 brought the work of Claude Monet. Of the approximately three dozen of his works, came up for auction was sold 85% for a total of $251 million (including $RB 110.7 million for the "Stack"). On the auction turnover in the last half of classic impressionism spared even Pablo Picasso (2-е place, $243 million). 3-м place turnover Chinese artist Zhao Uji ($155,8 million).

One of the most dynamically developing global platforms for the sale of art has become over the past half year in Hong Kong. While auction momentum new-Йорка, London, Paris and Milan declined, the turnover of the auctions of Hong Kong, by contrast, rose 4 % and totaled about $700 million, the Share of Hong Kong in obschekitayskom art-рынке reached 40 %. The overall growth was due in large part to the phenomenal demand for contemporary art: auction turnover of this category was raised in Hong Kong by 56 %. And it's not only Chinese artists. Buy in Hong Kong authors from around the world. It was set new personal records Americans KAWS ($14,48 million), the Japanese Yayoi Kusama ($7,95 million) and American artist of Ethiopian origin Julie mehretu ($5,63 million).


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