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The results 42-го Antique shops, or "the Patient is rather alive than dead"
ARTinvestment.RU   03 апреля 2017

Subjective impressions about the Central event of the antique market: how did it go and what was coming

Over 42-й Antique Salon in Central house of artists, but before we summarize and draw conclusions, let's remember what were the issues before opening it:

1. Will it take place at all, and if will be, where?

2. How many galleries will dare to take part in it?

3. Will the buyers?

4. Will there be anything-нибудь to buy?

so, in order. As we all remember, the previous 41-й Salon, was the worst in the history of mankind Salons. And the majority of participants then, in a fit of frustrated feelings, said, Basta, the more they never set foot here. So the Interior in the first place could not take place exactly-за this — from-за lack of wanting to participate in it. Some-кто did and really missed out this time, but many still took the risk. And last but not least from-за flexible approach of the organizers that went along with significant discounts on the cost, and the allocation of additional space to the participants. Deal with it, but that's not all: the presence of participants is not so bad, was and the second problem — the building of the Central house of artists. For a long time it was not clear what will happen to him. Fortunately, this issue was cleared up: all is by-прежнему to 2020 (and according to some rumors, even before 2022-го).

if we Believe it?

Well, what can I say? While the CHA is, and even up to a year no matter the situation is so shaky that there would be the day hold the night.

That kept.

Started the Salon, as usual, the traditional evening reception. Who-то said that there were many people who-то (and I among them) that not very, but this is not important, important is the fact that the reception was and the people on it too. Now this achievement.

Alas, luck was over. On the opening day of what-то visitors were still, but then everything is — dead silence. Neither on Sunday nor on weekdays, no. Immediately recalled all of the usual problems: Parking, advertising etc Like, the root of all evil. But is it? Parking — Yes, the problem is, but if you do not try to Park near the stairs CHA, and be satisfied walking distance then put the car there where not so far. Yes, walk through the Park Museon are both, well, so what? Not the most unpleasant walk. The following claim. Yes, the eternal problem is that the Salon is known to very few. But here's the question: how many it is necessary?

In this place I will allow myself a small digression.

Why do we always expect the Saloon to break the crowd eager to Antiques people? Do we have a culture of collecting art? In any home on the walls-то hanging? The more antique? Not at all. The circle of people who are interested in antique painting, very small, according to our estimates, from one to three thousand people. Plus-минус they go.

And whence, then, long queues at the museums — ask me. — Who is?

a Difficult question?


Are these people, and they want to see the masterpieces.

And here we come to the question and how many masterpieces in the Salons and just past in particular?

No not much — units. Not masterpieces, but simply decent stuff. Well, what then to expect from the people? What is interesting for them to come and find out how much are average for the quality of the picture? And it is comfortable to do? Not comfortable, and we have written many times that to go to the Salon unpleasant task.That you are looked upon as idle onlookers, and the attitude appropriate to you. The prices are referred to as space, and in response to your surprise such persons do what they you will remember for a very long time after visiting the Salon, and not the picture.

by the Way, about the prices, just a couple of examples.

Good Clover is good, the meter size was offered at a price of $150,000, which is exactly three times higher than the market, and confirmation that — last auction "Sovkoma", which in these days of similar quality and size, the painting went without a fight for $40 000.

Little Aivazovskii were offered at prices above $100 000. Although Aivazovsky this size now and Sothebys-то more than $50 000 can not be sold.

Well? It is interesting then to walk in and ask the price?

-то it. And that's the main reason for the lack of a large number of visitors. Other reasons too have not gone away (Parking, advertising, prices, falling consumer demand, a lack of faith in the future), but they are not major. Although not the main... One of them — lack of faith in tomorrow — is very serious. While writing this article, came information of the attack in St. Petersburg, that is, it is the same. The elections 2018-го bad events, alas, will only grow. How to cope (or rather, how to deal) with them power, no one knows. Although... What's unknown, will tighten the remaining nuts, and the whole business. M-да...

But back to the Salon. It was sad, boring and predictable, suddenly came Saturday. Which, obviously, all three thousands of people came. According to eyewitnesses, was everything and all known collecting the oligarchs, and all known collectors smaller — and how come to buy! Direct, and have bought one of Aivazovsky for a few hundred, and in addition a few-тройку of paintings by twenty, and even more — for ten thousand dollars. And a half, two, three thousand and even without an account. And there was happiness.

I have exaggerated slightly, but only slightly. About the way it was. And what do all the buying? No, not all — e.g., socialist realism, and along with it the severe style (however, in average its execution) interest not used. And Europe? With Europe a little better, but also so-so. Up to $5000-то bought, but more expensive — no.

What conclusions can we draw?

1. The show was held, and it was good.

2. The buyers were and what-то bought, and that's fine too.

3. Moreover, the Salons will continue, and it's too bad. It is not completely clear, whether in the CHA, but most likely there. At least, the plan of Salons to 2020 participants were given.

4. Prices — as always — monstrous, but once they are there from year to year and even for him that-то buy, that's fine too.

5. Advertising little, but whatever, that's fine too: their coming, and other people we do not need.

So all good.

But seriously?

But seriously, Salons have long been nothing. They are no longer are not what major event, but generally no. Are for a narrow circle, and better have become. Trying to do what-то alternative they also fail, and it says only that there is massive demand. Well, that's how football: what you may pay bad players and good coaches, and play better, our team will not. Justwe are not a football country, what can you do, and, apparently, not very-то antique...

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