The society New Siberia

1926-1931, Novosibirsk

Members: N. A. Andreev, K. F., Waldman, A. V. Lomakin, V. N. Gulyaev, P. I. Ivakin, A. P. Lekarenko, S. N. Lipin, I. Lyakhov, V. N. Makarov, V. M. Mizerov, A. P. Moiseenko, N. N. Nagorskiy, S. R. Nadolsky, A. Nikulin, P. N. Pakshin, p. P. Podosenov, K. G. Polyakov, Yu. a. Popov-Ветрова, V. I. Romanov (Roma), A. I. Rusinov, T. A. Rusinova (Larin), V. I. Ufimtsev, P. G. Jakubowski and others.

Exhibitions: 1-я all-Siberian exhibition of painting, sculpture, graphics and architecture (1927, Novosibirsk, Omsk, Tomsk, Krasnoyarsk, Irkutsk).

a Society founded on the initiative of Novosibirsk artists (until January 1926 — Novonikolaevsk). The constituent Assembly passed January 2, 1926: was elected to the Board of — A.V. Lomakin (Chairman), V. N. Gulyaev (Secretary), and adopted the Declaration and the statutes. "New Siberia" declared: "the true Soviet artist should first search for new content, new form..." and also proclaimed "proximity to the workers the masses, unite with them, work for them... Go under the red flag, in step with the proletarian revolution, rejoicing in its achievements..."

At the same meeting it was decided to hold the first Russian art exhibition and to convene the all-Siberian Congress of artists to develop joint programmes and create a single organizational structure. In the preparatory work involved, the Novosibirsk branch of AHRR, which shortly after the opening of the exhibition in full force entered the "New Siberia."

1-я all-Siberian exhibition of painting, sculpture, graphics and architecture opened January 1, 1927 in Novosibirsk; on it were exhibited about 600 works of sixty-one artists from Novosibirsk, Krasnoyarsk, Omsk, Tomsk, Barnaul and other Siberian cities. It was attended by almost all the artistic power of Siberia, with the exception of Tomsk and Omsk branches AHRR disagreed with the ideological attitudes of Society (especially with the proclaimed need for a formal search). The exhibition was accompanied by a catalogue. Two weeks after the opening of the exhibition started on the route Omsk — Tomsk — Krasnoyarsk — Irkutsk, and in each city the exhibition is enriched with works by local artists.

Exhibition became a major event in the cultural life of Siberia, was widely reported in the Siberian press; a work was acquired by the Soviet institutions (Libcrystalhd, Subcristata, Sibona, the newspaper "Soviet Siberia", "rural truth"), part of the works subsequently formed the basis of the Fund of the Novosibirsk picture gallery.

In the days of the exhibition, 3-6 January 1927, took place in Novosibirsk 1-й all-Siberian Congress of the artists, which was attended by 37 delegates representing various regions of Siberia. The Presidium of the Congress consisted of A. A. Anson, A. V. Lomakin, I. L. Kopylov, V. M. Mizerov, V. L. Petrakov, V. I. Ufimtsev, N. I. Chevalkov. Congress recognized the fundamental creative method "of the"heroic realism" based on the ideology of Marxism" and the company "New Siberia" — "most appropriate form of organization of the artistic forces of Siberia".

To the end of the Congress in the community consisted of 108 artists from Novosibirsk (32 members), Irkutsk (19), Omsk (14), Tomsk (12), Barnaul (10), Krasnoyarsk (7), Minusinsk (5), Biysk (2). Further branches of the societyorganized independent exhibitions@the semicolon so held exhibitions Minusinsk group (1927, 1928), Achinsk branch (1928, 1929), Barnaul branch (1930).

Exhibition and Congress contributed to the widespread fame of the Russian Companies. Members of the "New Siberia" has received the invitation to participate in the jubilee exhibition theatrical-декорационного art in Leningrad (1927), jubilee exhibition of art of the peoples of the USSR in Moscow (1927), the award "for the best sketch of the marches, meetings, types, scenes, panoramas, jewelry and decoration", aiming "to capture artistically momentous event of celebrating 10-летия October Revolution", hosted by the Community artists, but-за organizational turmoil and lack of time to prepare to expand the geography of activity of the Companies failed.

however, members of the "New Siberia" held "productive" educational exhibition where A. I. Lomakin demonstrated the tools and materials of painting, drawing, and also showed the process from preliminary sketches and sketches to finished works. In addition, there was a memorial evening V. I. Surikov with a theatrical performance, reports on the life and work of the artist, concert. It was organized by the "production office" with a decorative, lithographic, sculptural, and photographic workshops@the semicolon in the composition of the arts Council, the Bureau entered N. N. Nagorsky, I. J. Nadolsky, P. N. Pakshin, K. G. Polesaw. January 1929 "New Siberia" was released in typewritten papers which published articles, essays and reviews on local exhibitions.

the Society maintained close contact with members of the Tashkent Association of "Masters of new East" — V. N. Gulyaev, M. I. By Coursenum, L. E. Korovay, V. P. Markova.

After 1927 the activities of the "New Siberia" has begun to decline. Planned management comprehensive exhibition in Moscow, and also 2-я exhibition did not take place.

in the Fall of 1931 the company was liquidated by the decree of the Presidium Crybabies (Regional trade Union of art workers) and Siniscola. Artists were invited to work on the installation of the Central groups and form a branch of one of them.

  • 15.10.2018 Exhibition of Sergey Zaryanko in the Tretyakov gallery Chamber exhibition to 200-летию since the birth of Sergei Konstantinovich Zaryanko (1818-1870) — painter, portraitist, master of interiors and miniatures
  • 08.10.2018 Arkhip Kuindzhi in the Tretyakov gallery A large retrospective of Arkhip Ivanovich Kuindzhi (1842-1910) was opened in Lavrushinsky. Presents more than 180 works from 23 museums and one private collection
  • 05.10.2018 The exhibition "Demons in the machine": the world of technological art in MMSI Contemplating what the robots? Their current troubles @technocenos mdas, the development of artificial intelligence, "creativity," neural networks, learning machines, some others. A new evolutionary stage, which includes humanity, first examined by scientists and artists
  • 05.10.2018 Boris Smirnov-Русецкий: running The exhibition is organized by gallery "vellum" and gallery "art Center. Moscow" with support of the Russian Fund of culture and the Federal Agency for tourism of the Russian Federation
  • 04.10.2018 "Isaac Levitan and author cinema" The exhibition at the Jewish Museum presents 30 works of Isaac Levitan and a number of recognizable scenes of domestic cinema, inspired by an infinity lyrics artist
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