The group Art to working people

1925-1928, Moscow

Parties: V. Y. Andrianov, T. F. Andreev, E. N. Aranovich, V. A. Vatagin, V. V. Vorontsov, A. A. Galunov, G. GEA, D. V. Gorlov, M. O. Gridin, D. P. Grinevich, I. D. Dmitriev-Лютич, . V. Dubinin, S. A. Emelyanov, P. I. Ermilov, V. S. zikeev, F. I. Slatina, K. G. Ivanov-Соколов, V. Casimir, . A. Karetnikov, S. A. Karetnikov, A. Y. Queen, . M. Krasheninnikov, . P. Krechetova, S. E. Lednev-Щукин, E. E. Lissner, S. V. Lukin, A. K. Minkov, K. F. Morozov, A. E. Osipov, D. F. Parshin, . P. Polanowski, A. V. Simpletons, A. N. Pryjmenko, A. A. Pupyrev, V. A. Rozhkov, I. K. Slusarev, D. G. Sobolev, A. F. Student, A.V. tar-Бей, A. I. Filimonov, S. Fomin, L. N. Tomasiewicz, I. K. Yuon

Exhibitions: 1-я — (1925/1926, Moscow) — 3-я (1928, Moscow).

a Group of artists and series of exhibitions held in 1925-1928. Participants were young artists, schedules, sculptors, previously adjacent to the various associations of Moscow: the Moscow Association of artists, Society of artists of the Moscow school of art mug "Environment", Association "Moscow salon" Mug artists of the Zamoskvoretsky district, a group of OBIS.

1-я the exhibition was opened on 25 December 1925 in the halls of the house at Rozhdestvensky Boulevard, 15, and lasted until 10 January 1926. Latest — was held in the premises of the technical school on Ostozhenka, 38. All exhibitions were accompanied by the publication of a catalogue.

In 1928-1929 of the group entered the Society of artists to them. I. E. Repin (I. D. Dmitriev-Лютич, E. E. Lissner, K. F. Morozov), other members participated in the creation of societies "calico" (D. G. Sobolev, A. A. Galunov, A. K. Minkov) and unions of art workers (K. F. Morozov, V. A. Rozhkov, L. N. Tomasiewicz).

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