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"Looking back" — retrospective of Sergei Maksiutina at the gallery AI "twenty-first century. Contemporary Russian art"
ARTinvestment.RU   31 июля 2020

The exhibition is open August 4-August 18, 2020 in a blended format. Online-вернисаж will be held on 4 August 2020. Beginning at 20:00

In the opening participate: artist Sergei Maksyutin, Director of the gallery ARTinvestment.RU Marina Molchanov, guest chef-редактор ARTinvestment.RU Denis Belkevich.

Special guests: art Olga Yablonskaya, poet Vera Pavlova, the artist Elgar Alimirzoev, journalist Alexander Panov.

the Vernissage with meeting-связи Zoom. Link connection:

the exhibition of the member of the Union of artists, Moscow painter Sergei [email protected];— retrospective exhibition, designed to show in a series of separate canvases of the creative evolution of the wizard.

Creativity Maksiutina does not fit into any of the directions of Russian art of the last quarter of the XX — early twenty-first century. It is not a representative of conceptualism, expressionism or neocytolysis, although at first glance these relations might seem obvious.

By 1990-м years include early works of Sergei Maksiutina, presented at the [email protected];— "Kiss" (1990), "Lamentation" (1990), "Sleep" (1991), "the Fisherman" (1992), "Meal 3" (1993). They all seemed to be painted as a quiet reflection on the eternal questions of life.

In 1993, Maksyutin creates a composition "Three" — complex allegory, which has its own philosophy. Three Grand elders remind us of the great "Trinity" of Andrei Rublev. Such an exalted theme in the interpretation of the contemporary artist testifies to his desire to touch the eternal secret of this famous creation, in which everything is focused on silent communication.

a Landmark work, completing the cycle of conceptual works, has become a multi-part composition "Golden triangle" (1996). The triangle formed from the pyramid built in the nineteen paintings in massive gilt [email protected];— portraits, icons, playing cards, landscapes, still lifes. "Like the iconostasis in the Church, maxutenko @ldquo;Золотой [email protected]; is a fine ensemble with multiple keys for interpretation" (A. Yakimovich).

In the work of Sergei Maksiutina, we do not find social conflicts, pathetic scenes personal dramas. The artist introduces us to its sphere of [email protected] now;— we will see landscape paintings, a grove, woods, are as large painted panels, which varies one and the same motif and a lot of light colors. These paintings tell about the phenomena of nature, its condition, finding our soul an emotional response. In the paintings Maksiutina there is no detailed sketches, clear contours, clear picture. This picturesque Suite, where everything dissolves into the haze of color. Looking at his olive grove with trunks of ancient relict trees, we are immersed in a picturesque environment, filled with light, air, find themselves in what-то a fabulous place where nature lives by its own laws, where the traditions and precepts. This series of works — a result of exploring the famous Montenegrin olive groves, experience which is reflected in the paintings shown at the joint with Irina Korsakov the exhibition "one Hundred views of the olive. Grove and stone" in 2014 (Moscow, Museum of architecture im. Shchusev).

recentlyartists are often attracted by the beauty and power of nature, forces outside of human control. This is evidenced by such cycles as "Water", "Clouds", which plots in the interpretation of the artist become something intangible, impermanent, changing, disappearing and emerging. The compositions are fascinating, to have magic powers.

the Artist wrote, "to Catch the meaning of water, its [email protected];— is a very interesting task for me. Variability, vibration, infinity rhythmic and irrational [email protected];— what is the scope and freedom...

[email protected];— is another reading of space, another dimension of time... another state. At a time has many dimensions and spaces.

the Surface reacts to light and the color of the sky, the surrounding forest, clouds. Reflects the whole world, but in another vibrating space.

Another [email protected] now;— bottom. It's sand, seaweed, fish, rocks, sunken branches -- Another world, another life.

the flow of water, as the passage of time... change and remains constant.

But it is unlikely that this is a solvable problem... and it's even more interesting".

One of the last cycles of the artist — "chaos Theory". In it, he goes even further, referring to the subject of cosmogony using storm surge as a symbol of boundless abyss, and chaos. That's what the author says: "storm surge — is not a picture of the sea. I want to understand myself, what is the chaos. In the book of Genesis says that the first thing that appeared, — is chaos, where many ideas, thoughts that have not yet manifested. Some of them manifested, part no. Storm surge shows strength, which is neither good nor evil.

in the words of Nietzsche, "you have to have chaos to give birth to a dancing star".

the Exhibition is open from 4 to 18 August 2020.

the Exhibition takes place in a mixed form: a complete exposition is presented in the virtual room, and a separate cycle of "chaos Theory" is exhibited in the hall gallery ARTinvestment.RU at the address: Moscow, Gorokhovskiy pereulok, 7.

the Gallery is open: [email protected];— Fri, 10:00 to 13:00 and 14:00 to 19:00. The entrance is free.

In weekend visits are possible by prior arrangement by phone: 8-916-772-38-67.

the free guided tour by prior arrangement by phone: 7 (495) 632-16-81.

Sanitary restrictions: no more than 5 people in the tour group. Bathing is possible in masks and gloves.

Telephone: 7 (495) 632-16-81, e-mail: [email protected].

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