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"Mirror in the mirror" Irina Korsakova gallery AI "twenty-first century. Contemporary Russian art"
ARTinvestment.RU   14 июля 2020

In the period of the exhibition until 4 August, the series "Dolls" can be inspected in person at the gallery ARTinvestment.RU. The gallery is open: mon — Fri, 10:00 to 19:00. Admission is free

In the exposition of the personal exhibition of Moscow artist Irina's Korsakov collected works of the three cycles 2012-2020: "Macro", "Olive grove", "Doll".

Irina Korsakov writes: "When I started to paint with oils, I realized that this material has much more features than we were taught in school, became interested in the techniques of the old masters. Dark backgrounds, glowing glaze, the texture of the fabric and lace was my inspiration. So I was born the cycle “Children's games” in which I tried different techniques and talked about the life of adults. I participated for fifteen years and was recognized for playing a serious children in period costume. They were joined by toys: horses, dolls.

In which-то the time I'm tired of them. Came to other topics and new manner. I know now that I went back to my — to his graphic thinking, layering bright colors on dark backgrounds, only oil, not tempera.

“Macro” came from the tired faces. Almost pointlessness, but not an abstraction. Microveliinae decorations vintage fabrics. The condition, texture, silence. The vibrations of light and shade, tone, and soul.

In the middle of the two thousandth, we began to spend the summer in a small town by the sea. Around him was an olive grove, the largest and oldest in Europe. It's not just land and trees, and a mystical space, inhabited by living beings who have seen the ancient Romans, and Illyrians. They enchanted me, and I a few years they were written, rather portraits than landscapes.

Friends, loving children's games, persuaded to return to the old theme. But it is impossible to enter twice into the same river. Everything changed, and I changed. Long dismissed, but has suddenly seen, as it can be. So came the “Doll”. Today it is my theme. Think me it is not enough for one decade. It's certainly not about dolls, it's about our souls, beautiful and not. Battered by life, lying on the ground and soaring.

I have long thought, as a name to combine all of the exhibition. Painting is always a self-portrait of the author, his reflection. I look at them and reveal himself. And in each other they appear — color, texture, and my mood. Often close to the mood of the play Arvo pärt's "Mirror in the mirror"".

Online-вернисаж will take place on July 14. In the beginning 20:00.

the exhibition involved: the artist Irina Korsakov, gallery Director ARTinvestment.RU Marina Molchanov, chap. ARTinvestment.RU Egor Molchanov, guest chef-редактор ARTinvestment.RU Denis Belkevich.

Special guests: the gallery Gelman, pianist Alexei Goribol, Director Pavel Lungin, journalist Alexander Panov.

the Vernissage will take place with meeting-связи Zoom. a Reference to the connection:

In the period of the exhibition until 4 August, the series "Dolls" can be inspected in person at the gallery ARTinvestment.RU address: Moscow, Gorokhovskiy pereulok, 7.

the Gallery is open: mon — Fri, 10:00 to 19:00. The entrance is free.

the free guided tour by appointment tel: 7 (495) 632-16-81.

Sanitary restrictions: no more than 5 people in the tour group; visitperhaps in masks and gloves.

the Exhibition is open from 14 July to 4 August 2020.

Telephone: 7 (495) 632-16-81, e-mail: [email protected].

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