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"Russian style — l'art de vivre" in Gostiny Dvor

Gallery "vellum" and "Russian manor" invites to the exhibition "Russian style — the art of living". In the exhibition — artifacts created in the end of XVI — the beginning of the XVII century and paintings of the late XIX — beginning of the twentieth century

"Russian style — l'art de vivre"
Until April 15 2020
Gallery "vellum"
Moscow, Ilyinka street, 4, art-квартал "Gostiny Dvor",
entrance from Crystal lane, section 88-89

the Gallery "vellum" and antique gallery "Russian manor" invites you to the exhibition "Russian style — l'art de vivre". In this project Russian history and Russian style are revealed in the dialogue between two eras: the artifacts created in the end of XVI — the beginning of the XVII century represent a period beginning at that time in Russia the rise of arts and crafts, expanding trade with Europe (gallery "Russian manor"), and a wonderful collection of painting (gallery "vellum") gives you the opportunity to see how Russian history has opened in the artistic search for the authors of the late XIX — early twentieth century. Works of art created in historical periods, separated from each other for centuries, demonstrate how ideas close to society, and artistic taste determined the style of life of our compatriots.

the Appeal of Russian artists to the history of the country, manifested from the end of XVIII century in bright, but individual works (as, for example, "Vladimir and Rogneda" Anton Losenko, 1770), became popular on the wave of Patriotic enthusiasm after the war of 1812 (from portraits in Russian national costumes to the monument to Minin and Pozharsky, Ivan Martos, 1818) and gained momentum toward the middle of the XIX century, when interest in Russian history has increased, including in connection with the dissemination of ideas of Slavophilism.

it was also a significant event for the Russian culture was the opening of the restorer by Mykola Podklyuchnikov under the later renovations unique original painting of the iconostasis of the assumption Cathedral of the Moscow Kremlin. However, in the full sense of the heyday of art that interprets the historical stage, in colorful images immersing the viewer into the past of Russia, it is possible to speak in the last decades of the nineteenth century. This is the time when believers-промышленники collect ancient Orthodox icons and Finance their systematic study, laying the Foundation for a revival of interest in Russian icon painting in the XIX–XX centuries.In Talashkino, owned by Duchess Maria Tenisheva and the estate of artist Vasily Polenov appear workshops, where national samples made furniture and works of decorative-прикладного art. And even the manner and habits of Emperor Alexander III, won a close popularity of "Russian style".

Historical themes constantly appear in the works of Ivan Bilibin, Mikhail Nesterov, Vasily Surikov, Nikolay Nevrev, Ivan Kulikova — in fact, a whole scenic area "in search of Russia", which will not disappear in the twentieth century after the October revolution. Its wonderful representatives will be Alexander Bubnov, with illustrations to "the Song about Prophetic Oleg" and mythic canvas "Morning on the Kulikovo field", Pavel Korin with "leaving Russia" and "Alexander Nevsky"".

the Central element of the exhibition presented by gallery "vellum" will be the work of Alexander Bubnov "Prophetic Oleg" and "Boris Godunov", as well as unique the first version of "Alexander Nevsky" Pavel Korina. Deserves special attention a series of pencilsheets Nikolay Bogatov with Russian types (1878), "country girls" by Ivan Kulikov and works of Mikhail Nesterov, Ivan Bilibin, Peter Sokolov, Alexander Konovalov, Mikhail Malyutin and Alexey Shchusev.

Section of the exhibition formed by the gallery "Russian estate", illustrates the diversity of artistic styles complex of the XVII century: from the archaic plane of the thread before the Russo-голландских of vernacular Peter's time, and represents the collection of Russian furniture, demonstrating the originality and identity of this cultural phenomenon. Samples of Russian applied art of the XVI — the first half of the seventeenth century has not been preserved, but the more interesting and valuable works extant (most of the subjects of the exposition occurs with the Russian North).

At the turn of XVI and XVII centuries, new architectural developments are embodied in the creation of not only the temple, but also civil areas, such as the Kremlin the Terem Palace and the Clerks of the chamber, Safarino (sovr. Sofrino), Vorobyov, Izmailovo and Transfiguration. Palace in Kolomenskoye was the ultimate expression of the traditional wooden architecture in synthesis with new styles — as the seat of the European monarch. The onset of flowering joinery and turning of the case, the brilliant development of the Armory and Stroganov workshops was the Grand final chord in the Russian art of the middle Ages and a vivid artistic turning point in modern history. The complexity of the style of this period and the rare monuments of this epoch to create a large complexity in-depth understanding and painstaking selection of items in the collection.

In the exhibition "Russian style — l'art de vivre" shown items exclusively from Russian private collections, home collections, gathered over decades, first saw the light. The selection of exhibits, special importance was attached to historical authenticity, the items closest to the probable existence of the XVII century. Thus, at the exhibition you can see the old European maps and documents: very rare autographs of the Russian Czar władysław IV Vasa, granted the Charter of Tsar Mikhail Fedorovich. Among the chests of various shapes and decors stands alone: a unique chest with dozens of secrets and hidden drawers, which have a surprisingly complete safety. Bright originality of antique furniture demonstrate the monastery chair from a barrel of limes and a huge Bureau-кабинет (in the Russian tradition "the balcony") or folding table-кресло.

the Most rare exhibit is a large oak table with double-headed eagle, which was purchased in 1930-е years spouses-художниками T. Alexandrova and Igor Popov of the old Moscow antiquary Vissarion Pendzich (another contender for this purchase was the writer Alexei Tolstoy). According to Panzica, this table was found in 1910-х years in mensikova the tower, and there was testimony that he was personally donated by Tsar Peter I, Alexander Danilovich Menshikov. Forged switzy and candle holders, colorful enamel, and embroidery, silver jewelry and ornaments, icons, and characteristic only of the XVII century, reliquaries — is all collected and stored by living interest in the Russianthe history and love for Russian art.

the Gallery "vellum"

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