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Arthur Fonvizin in the new art-пространстве of the gallery "Elysium"
ARTinvestment.RU   19 ноября 2019

In Gorokhovsky pereulok, 7, Thursday, November 21, opens the exhibition "Vanishing reality. From the creative heritage of A. V. Fonvizin"

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21 November 2019 in Moscow opens the exhibition "Исчезающая reality. From the creative heritage of А.В.Фонвизина". It will be held in the new art-пространстве of the gallery "Elysium" in Gorokhovsky pereulok, house 7. Daily from 11:00 to 19:00 #Fonvizin #exhibition #Elysium

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the Artist is subtle, virtuosic and precise. To a certain extent Fonvizin can be considered an over-achiever. But destiny is sometimes cruel, with a scythe at the ready. Formalist, which exhibition in 1937, defeated itself "Pravda" newspaper, only narrowly escaped execution at the height of Stalinist repression. And in five years the unreliable German Arthur Wilhelm von Wiesen was exiled with his family to certain destruction in the Kazakh wilderness 40-градусный cold. But he survived again. And even returned to Moscow. Surprisingly, it first-class "counter", saved not nowhere who took great humanist, and the bloody Crimean "witch" Rosalia Zemlyachka.

the Quiet man-затворник, writing himself into the dark apartment and hundreds of watercolors, — is already Fonvizin 1960-х. But in his youth, in the early 1900-х, our "quiet" in the blood gets Sudeikin, who criticized them Larionov joint underground exhibition (for which both exhibitors and was expelled from the Moscow school of painting, sculpture and architecture). 47 years honored bonobouitoolbar suddenly gave up painting and switched to whimsical watercolors. Why should you be? Even a friend Larionov twisted at a temple: "Arthur, you seem crazy. Watercolor — is a self-indulgence. What are you going to live?" And that in any. Decided so decided. In the thirty-seventh government sent "a black label": "Turn to socialist realism, like all normal people, enough to flutter in their circus fantasy." In response to — no. Well, no court, no. You're not getting no orders, no work, no shows. The apartment is located on the wall of the neighboring house Fonvizin got when he was already under 70. And lived to 90. In spite of all the spiteful critics. Enthusiastically worked until the end of life.

an Amazing person. He never made political statements, not satisfied with the forbidden exhibitions, did not call on the help of foreign correspondents, not buzilov. But remained in memory as the forerunner of generational rebellion — one of the "three f" (along with Falk and Favorsky) remained an idol artists-шестидесятников and an example of unyielding creative resistance to the totalitarian control of art. All this you can read more in our the category "Artist of the week".

the exhibition at the "Elysium" will feature more than 90 watercolors and drawings 1900-х — 1960-х years from the collections of the Theatre. VL. Mayakovsky, Museum of the Bolshoi theatre and Moscow private collections. Will open the exhibition early works to 1900-х years. For the first time in many years to Gorokhovskiywill show a series of portraits of Actresses and actors Theater. VL. Mayakovsky, established in 1944, as well as portraits of artists of the Bolshoi theatre (1930-1960). Visitors will see the exhibition of book illustration 1929-1945 years, as well as the work of the famous series "Circus," "Songs and romances", "1001 nights" and "still life". The organisers report that the exhibition will see some interesting watercolors with images of animals dedicated to Askania Nova (1934), as well as rare works created Fonvizin in 1942-1943 in Kazakhstan.


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