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List No. 1. The "cream" of the Russian avant-garde at the Tretyakov gallery
ARTinvestment.RU   24 октября 2019

On Krymsky Val has opened the exhibition devoted to the 100-летию eliminated the Museum of painting culture

Perhaps the most daring of which existed when-либо Museum "new type", known in history as the Museum of artistic culture, was abolished at the turn of 1929. By the time he lasted for almost ten years. But what it was 10 years! A time of unprecedented revolutionary enthusiasm, dropping from the ship the history of the tradition, declared prejudice. Factory-кухни instead of standing over the stove, "down with shame" instead of family values, passion for the new and unusual. It is the proletariat-то not understand Suprematism? Nonsense! Bad you think about your people. To educate and convince! And there really is... and this is not taught.

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In the New Tretyakov gallery until 23 February 2020, an exhibition of avant-garde. List No. 1. 100-летию the Museum of painting culture. It is a reconstruction of the exhibition at "музея new type", which existed from 1919 to 1929. The organization purchases exhibits - Russian avant-garde was engaged Lunacharsky. PHOTO 1 Wassily Kandinsky Improvisation 7. 1910 oil on Canvas the State Tretyakov gallery PHOTO 2 Ivan Klyun Suprematism. No later than 1916 oil on Canvas State Tretyakov gallery PHOTO 3 David Shterenberg Table with the sugar bowl (textured Cubist study). Con. 1910-х oil on Canvas the State Tretyakov gallery PHOTO 4 Aristarkh Lentulov Paris. 1911 oil on Cardboard the State Tretyakov gallery PHOTO 5 Sergei Luchishkin Coordinates of the ratio of the picturesque masses. Anormal. Analytical work. 1924 oil on Plywood, the State Tretyakov gallery PHOTO 6 Robert Falk self Portrait. 1917 oil on Canvas the State Tretyakov gallery All photos @ - the State Tretyakov gallery #Tretyakov #THG #SWC #avant-garde #russiafinland

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the First couple of years with the founding of the Museum of modern art artists-новаторы (Kandinsky, Tatlin, Drevin and others) with the open connivance of Lunacharsky received almost cards-бланш. Decide what the Museum is and what is not. Determined list to purchase. And the payments came with unprecedented intensity. In cognitive and the article by Dmitry Smolev in The Art Newspaper Russia gives a very stunning statistic. Only from 1918 to 1920 for the Museum was purchased in 1926 works 415 artists for the sum more than [email protected];[email protected];000 rubles. There's even a detail that remained in Russia picture of immigrants Goncharova and Larionov bought [email protected];000 rubles for a regular monthly wage while in the region of 600 rubles. If roughly, in terms of today's money pictures of modern young 37-летней artist Natalia Goncharova was bought for the Museum for about [email protected] now;000 current. Although this is certainly an exception. Others bought $500.

In 1929, when the avant-garde fell out of favor, funds become not need of the Museum was distributed to other exposures. The most important things (as it seemed) went to the Tretyakov gallery (the same "List [email protected] now;1") and the Russian Museum. And what is easier (asthen it seemed), was sent to regional museums. And it is really a "scribble" (as it seemed) and all thrown in the trash.

to reconstruct previous exposure (one, because the Museum moved several times), paintings collected from all over the world. In addition to the Tretyakov gallery and Museum, the work came from Thessaloniki (where got part of the collection of Kostaki), London (Tate), Cologne (Ludwig Museum), another of Yerevan, Almaty and several private collections. Exhibition — is huge, 250 works. Read the "List [email protected];1" it is possible till 23 Feb 2020.

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