"Konstantin Istomin. The color in the window"
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Exhibition at the Engineering building of the Tretyakov gallery will present about a hundred works of the famous Russian painter of the Soviet era by Konstantin Istomin (1887-1942)

the Exhibition presents about 100 works of K. N. Istomina from the collections of the Tretyakov gallery, the Russian Museum, Saratov art Museum im. A. N. Radishcheva, Kursk state art gallery to them. A. A. Deineka and the Tver art gallery, and several private collections. Graphic works the exhibition presented at the gallery "Ark".

Konstantin Istomin (1887-1942) — largest Russian painter of the Soviet era, a teacher. The precision and conciseness of composite solutions, the generalization of form, sophistication and expressive, the expressiveness of colors — key features of painting Istomin, the master of the European cultural tradition, created his own style and influenced the development of Russian art of the twentieth century.

Istomin from a young age been interested in art. Educated at the classical high school of Kharkov and Vladivostok, where the family lived in connection with transfers of his father in the service, he worked in art studios. The most important was for him classes at the Kharkov Studio EE Schrader, who lived previously in France and focused on painting at Barbizon. After the revolutionary events of 1905 Istomin went to Germany and enrolled in art school sh holloshi in Munich.

On his return from Munich in 1909 Istomin studied at the Moscow University, Department of history of art. Not having finished University course in 1913-м he was drafted into the army, participated in the fighting on the fronts of the First world and Civil wars. He served in the artillery division on the Romanian front, suffered a contusion, wound, typhoid, poisoning gases. After mobilization in 1918 joined the artistic life of Moscow, designed the city for revolutionary celebrations, worked in theatres. Since 1921, Istomin became a Professor at the VKhUTEMAS. Since then, his whole life was connected with the teaching of painting. Almost all the artists who received professional education in Moscow in 1920-30s-е years, have passed through the workshop Istomin. The wizard didn't create his own school. It was rapidly developed itself, articulating their thoughts and methods of scenic comprehension of the nature in open communication with the students. Among the painters of the 1920-30s-х years Istomin has been the most consistent conductor of the European experience in art education, which was especially valuable in the era of the establishment of the canons of socialist realism.

Istomin shared the fate of many artists of his generation, rejected the official doctrine and forgotten by the viewer. The memory is preserved only by the disciples and close circle of friends and colleagues who saved from the destruction of its artistic heritage, as well as theoretical work (letters, lectures, notes of conversations), which they copied by hand. A major role in the preservation of the heritage was played by V. A. Favorsky, A. N. Tikhomirov, I. V. Savitsky, V. V. Tarasenko, Yu. Korovin, E. N. Orel and many others. Invaluable merit in the fact that the art of this painter have survived until today, belongs to L. A. L. Kazenin — disciple and comrade Istomin, who has preserved and restored a large number of his works.

For a wide range of audience name Istomina opened in 1960-е years. In the Wake of the thaw in 1961year had his first solo exhibition, which had a great influence on artists and interest in art. After exposure on the cross-his work was shown at the jubilee exhibition to 30-летию MOSH in the Arena, after which the film "Bouzouki" took its place in the permanent exhibition of the Tretyakov gallery.

Istomin a Large exhibition with the participation of restored by Eseninym works took place in 1978. After the majority of painting works from the collection of family Kazennyj were distributed to the museums of the USSR. In the house there were only a few neotrestavrirovannym canvases Istomin and almost all its graphics. Most of the works from the former collection L. A. Kazenin was first publicly shown only in the next century: the exhibition "Return Konstantin Istomin" in the gallery "Ark" in the fall/winter of 2008.

Many of the works due to the adverse storage conditions required major restoration, and this fact was postponed for many years a large exhibition Istomin. It is obvious the need to re-focus attention on the personality of the artist and see his works in the modern exhibition halls to clarify their guidance on the art of the twentieth century.

this exhibition offers works Istomina began 1920-х years. Early work — training and front-line drawings — have not survived. In the works on the peasant theme — "Tea party", "young girls", "Harvest" —, the artist brings life to the lessons of European masters. During these years he began to paint Nudes. In 1929, Istomin has a new model — Lida Korotkov, a former dancer. Its sharp, vivid image is often found in the works of the late 1920-х — in the first half of 1930-х years: "Reading woman", "Before the mirror", "Bouzouki". Drawings, watercolors and tempera, depicting the unique features of the model dedicated to the small hall in the exposition.

Geography works Istomina covers the Caucasus and the Crimea. Here he was treated during the summer months and spent the practice with students. In 1928 he made a trip to Kabardino-Балкарию. The result was a series of mountain landscapes Uch-Кулана and a portrait of local girl in national costume ("the Girl from Karachi (Portrait Sothat B.)").

In 1934, Istomin went on creative trip on a steamer on the Kama. Watching the life on the wharves and the banks of the river, the artist puts their fugitive experiences in the album, the leaves of which were exhibited. The result of this trip was the painting "Kama" and "Song", dedicated to the life of fishermen.

while Continuing to work on thematic painting, Istomin goes to Yenikale, near Kerch, and spends the winter of 1935-1936 years in a fishing village. Hundreds of drawings, watercolors and picturesque sketches depicting shining sea, sunsets and sunrises, the quirkiness of the shoreline of the Eastern Crimea with coves and lighthouses, brings he from this journey, and not creating a custom pattern. In the future, the artist works in Feodosiya, Koktebel, Sudak and village Goats, housed the summer residence for the summer practices of the students.

the Central part of the exhibition is devoted to works created in the Moscow Studio of the artist. In 1921, Istomin got a room in a house on Myasnitskaya street, where lived the teachers VKhUTEMAS. This room and the view from the window become "main characters" of most works, written by a master in1920-30-е years. The female figure in the interior against the window, the data of the contour, — favorite motif in painting Istomin. This plastic motive formed the basis of the painting "Bouzouki".

the Exhibition is accompanied by a printed publication, "Konstantin Istomin. The color in the window." In addition to paintings and drawings, it includes articles about the work of Istomin and a chronicle of his life, writing masters and memories of his students. All epistolary and memoir materials are published for the first time.


Tatiana Andreevna Ermakova, head of Department of painting of the first half of the XX century, the State Tretyakov gallery

Alexander I. Strukov, head of the Department of graphics of the XX century of the State Tretyakov gallery

Source: press-релиз GTG

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