"Vladimir Nemukhin. The metaphor of a game" in the gallery "Dolgorukovskaya 29"
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Exhibition of paintings, drawings and sculptures by V. N. Nemukhin until June 1, 2019 is open daily, except Sundays, from 14:00 to 20:00 at the address: Dolgorukovskaya St., 29

"I consider myself to Lianozovo group — is conditional, of course, because I only "belonged", if we even have this group recognize — where no philosophy was not. Was a sensual connection with life, vision, to reveal their opportunities, their “I”, but no special philosophy as the “Sretensky Boulevard” or Shvartsman, we did not have. What could be the philosophy of Rabin? “The skin can be and Ovechkin, and the soul must be chelovechki”? And Eugene Kropiwnicki? “She, like factory, beautiful — and rear, and the front”? Here is his marginal poetry could be, if not the philosophy, the understanding of life".

"As I was doing in those years of abstraction, no philosophy, I'm not invested. The main thing for me was svetovidovi. The topic for the two of diamonds cards, space and linear structure which allowed me to freely go into painting, long ranged, deepened and expanded until the seventies and I started to do the so-called “white series”. I think a definite creative burst of the seventies, notable among many was not accidental. He was a long time coming, and this transition was produced "thaw", although not all came!"

"the West got their hands on everything that was chaotic in the emigration of the seventies, but national artists are not extinct. Probably Russian art has found a new space can be more orderly than before. However, the ratio of the top and bottom has not lost its values; the West has not pushed for the move. The man remained on the ground.

And now, we have left open one question: "How to live?""

Gallery "Dolgorukovskaya 29" was founded in 2002 as the Gallery "Romanov'".

the basis of the collection gallery — of the work of the "sixties" of the Moscow school. The collection began to take shape in the early nineties with the famous exhibition "Moscow romanticism". Since that time, the main focus of the gallery were the sixties of the Moscow school and in tune with their creativity new names of our contemporaries. Then underwent a series of significant events: in December 2009 there was opened the first in Russia exhibition of Yuri Zheltova, in April 2010, was first presented a unique exhibition of sculptures of Vladimir Nemukhin, in September 2012 — "Porcelain sixties". The gallery hosted exhibitions of Museum-level works of Hulot Sooster and Dmitry Krasnopevtsev.

In 2017, the gallery became known as the "Dolgorukovskaya 29" at the address of its location.

the artists of the gallery: Alexander Kharitonov, Anatoly Zverev, Anatoly Slepyshev, Andrei Grositsky, Aron Bukh, Boris Sveshnikov, Vasily Sitnikov, Vladimir Weisberg, Vladimir Nemukhin, Vladimir Yakovlev, Yankilevsky, Dmitry Plavinsky, Dmitry Krasnopevtsev, Evgeny Kropivnitsky, Konstantin Batynkov, Leonid Berlin, Leo Kropiwnicki, Leonid Purygin, Lucy Voronov, Mikhail Shvartsman, Natta Konysheva, Natalia Nesterov, Nikolai Vechtomov, Oscar Rabin, Oleg Tselkov, Petr Belenok RustamKhamdamov, Ely Belyutin.

in the Winter of 2019-го held a large exhibition of Boris Sveshnikov with engaging works from the collections of prominent collectors, galleries and museums.

is currently undergoing a large-scale exhibition of paintings and sculptures of Vladimir Nemukhin with the participation of the artist's family.

the gallery has rare books, catalogs and films devoted to the life and work of the artist and its mass work.

127006, Russia, Moscow, Dolgorukovskaya street, 29.

7 925-740-64-77; 7 916-591-57-13.

Source: press-релиз gallery "Dolgorukovskaya 29"

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