"The treasure Naryshkins" entered the collections of the Museum "Tsarskoye Selo"
ARTinvestment.RU   29 марта 2019

A hoard of some two thousand items plan to make available to the public before the end of this year. Exhibit it will be fully — in that wing of the Palace, where lived Nicholas I

In 2012, with the reconstruction of the mansion Trubetskoy-Нарышкиных (St-Петербург, Tchaikovsky street, 29) the workers found a treasure of items late XVIII — beginning of XX century. Some of the things were wrapped in newspaper "Russkaya Volya", dated July — September 1917-го. All things are perfectly preserved, among them the big part consists of items made of precious metals.

During the compilation of the inventory of the set of the alleged last owner: it, apparently, was Lieutenant Leib-гвардии hussar regiment Sergey Somov — participated in the First world and Civil wars. He was married to Natalia V. Naryshkina, the daughter of the owner of the mansion on Tchaikovsky street, the official of the Ministry of foreign Affairs Vasily Lvovich Naryshkin.

the Name of Sergei Somov specified in the documents found in one of the boxes in the blank room: discharge ticket of the pupil of the Imperial school S. Somov from 28 may 1908; two certificates that allow the carrying of weapons (pistol, hunting rifle); certificate with an indication of the merits of Somova for a great execution of a General mobilization (with the presentation of a medal to be worn on the chest ribbon of the Order of the white eagle). The number of awards — order of St. Vladimir 4-й degree with swords and bow, and most likely, he also belonged to Sergei Somov.

Among the items of family silver discovered road soap dish monogrammed "SS" and travel bag French company with maragnani emblems of Catfish and Naryshkin — via-видимому, it was a wedding gift.

Probably Som became the custodian of the values after the Naryshkins left Petrograd, and took part in the concealment of treasure. Later Sergey Somov also emigrated to France. Died in 1976 in Paris, and two years later his wife died. The heirs they left.

"the Treasure Naryshkins" can be considered the largest in domestic history (almost all things Russian noble families after the revolution was either exported overseas, or expropriated and given to museums or sold separately). This treasure is unique in many ways: it includes more than two thousand pieces of silver XIX —начала XX century (several items are jewelry hallmarks relating to the end of the XVIII century). Items made by the best jewelers of the famous Russian (Ignatius Sazikov, Ovchinnikov, Ivan Khlebnikov, Grachev brothers, Carl Faberge, Cabela, Varapaeva) and European (Falize, Aucoc Aine, Touron, Queille, Parisot, Harleux) firms. The items appear on the list of names of European masters such as: Jacquart, Corne Guillaume, Cardeilhac, Dehanne.

the Collection of whole, belonged to one family. On most items there is a princely coat of arms of the family Naryshkins, some — emblem of Catfish. The kit includes dishes, silverware from the strainer to a five-kilogram silver samovars, urns, household items — from tiny pins, combs, jewelry, watches, toiletry appliances to chandeliers weighing nearly 20 pounds.

the hoard was discovered as memorial signs, medals, medals — domestic and foreign. Among the awards —several military orders of the Russian Empire: the order of St. Anna, order of St. Stanislaus and the order of St. Vladimir with swords. In addition, medals "In memory 300-летия of the reign of the Romanovs" and "In memory 100-летия Patriotic war of 1812", which was given to the military, as well as the Serbian and Montenegrin medal order. Here's two George medals (numbered) that were given lower ranks.

the collection particularly stands out for the formal table service in the Russian style of Ignatiy Sazikov. The meticulousness of the work, the number and variety of objects serve as a good example of the highest skill of leading Russian jewelers, many of which were suppliers to the Imperial court.

in the manufacture of items in the neo-Russian style sometimes used Proverbs, sayings, humorous tone which conveyed a true nation. On the big bowl of wine engraved: "Burned soul to the wine bucket", and each glass has an individual: "chicken's drinking," "the Evil seed of the nettle, cook him a beer", "Drink and don't drink past the post", "to Know the bird's feathers, and of good speeches, Good fellowship is better than wealth", "Drink, Yes, the fact understand".

the Collection will be stored in the Museum. After the restoration of the Alexander Palace, these items will complement its exhibitions.

Sources: tzar.ru, tass.ru

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