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Karl Gampeln: 225-летию birthday
ARTinvestment.RU   21 февраля 2019

In the Moscow Pushkin Museum on Prechistenka street has opened a monographic exhibition of the famous portrait painter, engraver, and lithographer Pushkin's era Karl Karlovich Ganelina. Presents more than 160 works from 23 museums and 4 private collections

the exhibition presents works, now stored in the collections of the Tretyakov gallery, the Russian Museum, the Pushkin Museum Pushkin, the State Hermitage Museum State Museum of A. S. Pushkin and other Russian museums and private collections.

prepares To open full color album-каталог "Artist Karl Karlovich Gampeln. 1794-1880-е", bringing together works from different Museum collections. Introductory article by Lydia Karnaukhova (head of the Department of asofondos, curator of the collection of paintings of the State Museum of A. S. Pushkin) and Yevgeny Lukyanov (the Keeper of the collection of Russian graphics XIX — beginning of the XX century, the State Historical Museum) tells of the largest Museum collections of works of K. Gampeln.

the Future artist Karl Karlovich Gampeln was born in 1794 in Moscow. From birth the boy was deaf and his education was sent to Vienna — in the school for the deaf. Bright talent of the artist was manifested in him since childhood. Due to the kind attitude of the Director of the school, Gampeln enrolled in the number of pupils from the Vienna Academy of fine arts. During the Congress of Vienna in 1815 he was presented to Emperor Alexander I, who paid for further training Ganelina.

Returning to Russia after the training, Karl Gampeln gave the Empress Elizabeth Alekseevna recommendation letter from Vienna. The Empress asked the President of the Academy of arts A. N. Venison to take care of talented artists, including to arrange it where-нибудь to work. Karl Gampeln arrived in St. Petersburg together with his brother Greg, and they not only lived in the house Venison at the invitation of the host, but were in his care. And a month later Carl was accepted into the School of the deaf, where he worked as a teacher of drawing and engraving until 1821.

Alexei Nikolaevich Olenin, a prominent Russian statesman, historian, archaeologist, President of the Imperial Academy of arts, played an important role in the fate of the artist. In 1825 the letter N. M. Longinov Olenin wrote that Gampeln found in his house "a safe haven". The artist had the opportunity to meet major representatives of literature, art, theater, he opened the collection of paintings and drawings, archaeological collections and books that filled the house of venison. Stored in the Tretyakov gallery watercolor "self-Portrait in the Studio" by C. Ampelina gives an idea about itthe interior.

an Excellent draftsman, Gampeln worked in the schedule (including as a printmaker and lithographer), in painting, wrote in watercolor and oil. Being deaf, Carl signed his paintings full name or a monogram, but always with the addition of FR. "Sourd-muet" and sometimes just "Sourd-muet" without a name

After the uprising on 14 December 1825, during the investigation of the Decembrists experience related to home Venison and family Konovnitsyn, played a role in the fate of the artist: he painted portraits of "unreliable". In archival materials there is evidence of the care of A. N. Venison in January, 1826, about getting Ganelina document, "sufficient for his living in Saint-Петербурге". Apparently, the artist's personality attracted the attention of the authorities, in the end he had to relocate, he moved to Moscow. The public and Moscow light received him very warmly.

he does Not hear, does not speak:

it was meant to be his star!

But it is the magic hand

Soulless living doing.

Monographic exhibition of Charles Gameline for the first time brought together numerous works by the artist, now kept in different museums and private collections of Russia.

Source: pushkinmuseum.ru

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