"Russian look": an exhibition in Podolsk
ARTinvestment.RU   09 ноября 2018

Podolsky exhibition hall opens exhibition devoted to Russian artists Abroad. Presented by A. Lansky, S. Polyakov, S. Delaunay, O. Zadkine, L. Syurvazha, Jacques Lipchitz and others.

the project Title refers to the eponymous exhibition "Vision Russe" ("Russian glance"), held in 1974 in the city of Heidelberg (Germany). In one exhibition space was then presented the work of artists who emigrated from the Russian Empire or have "Russian" roots. At that time, these artists had already been recognized by critics and collectors, their works were in permanent collections of museums around the world. Regularly held exhibitions, in which the natives of Russia participated, along with representatives of other countries, but so full of the exhibition is "Russian" artists in such great numbers was not. And exhibition of 1974 showed how the role of artists of Russia played in the development of world of modernist art. A role that almost no one was stressed, even not been studied as such. Meanwhile, their contribution was very important. Artists of Russian origin were able to explore new paths and open new areas of painting, gaining for his work directly conquered and granted freedoms infusing into the art of memories about their origins, about their artistic traditions.

the Artists set themselves a common goal: using a story to make the picture Shine and use the elements of painting to show the feelings that exist in the world. These passionate quest deserved more artistic freedom, which they managed to win and to convince to respect it for its as diverse as it is unique works. However, shocking to see what this undeniably modern art sometimes finds an unexpected connection with the most ancient traditions of Russian culture, icons.

for centuries Russian art was dominated by icon painting by unknown authors. An intangible world, beautiful structural composition and fantastic image of the area, typical of icons, much ahead of its time. Under the influence creative revolutionary ideas in the early twentieth century this religious painting takes on an entirely new journey.

Podolsky exhibition hall again, as in 1974, in a single exhibition you can see works of artists of the Russian Diaspora, representing all the variety of directions of modern art — cubism, Suprematism, constructivism, neoplasticism, tachisme, art-деко and abstraction. Presents works by: Andrei Lanskoy, Serge Polyakov, Nicholas de Stael, Sonia Delaunay, Mark Rothko, Nadezhda Khodasevich-Леже, Ilya Bolotovsky, Alexander Archipenko, Leopold Syurvazha, Ossip Zadkine, Jacques Lipchitz, Philippe Hosiasson, Leo Zach, Peter Grimm, Pierre Dmitrienko, IDA Kara, Anna and staryts'kaetc.

Source: press-релиз of the exhibition

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