Start free tours of the exhibition Russian avant-garde theatre on Sunday in the CHA
ARTinvestment.RU   07 марта 2018

Next Sunday, March 11, 13-00, gallery "Elysium" will conduct a tour of his new exhibition "the avant-garde time. The small stage. Moscow. 1917-1932". Themselves free of charge. But for the passage of the CHA have to buy a ticket

7 March 2018 the gallery "Elysium" opened the exhibition "the avant-garde time. The small stage. Moscow. 1917-1932". Main part of the exhibition consists of works from the state museums, including the state Central theatre Museum im. A. A. Bakhrushin, the Russian national Museum of music, RGALI, the Museum of the Moscow art theatre, as well as funds from the state theaters of Moscow.

the Exhibition was a unique opportunity to see the early theatre work of famous Directors: Sergei Eisenstein, Yuri Zavadsky and Nicholas Foregger, a lot of experimenting in the 1920-е years and often acting in the role of artists. Sketches Zavadsky, for example, it is not known to a wide audience. Drawings of Foregger demonstrate extraordinary artistic skill of the author and their characters, as everyone draws choreographers have a special plastic, allowing viewers to evaluate not only the costumes of the characters, but the way they move.

Many of the works in this exhibition were presented to viewers for the first time in the last fifty years or more.

One of the features of the project is to return to the history of art names of artists who worked in small venues and played an important role in the formation and development of "conceptual avant-garde theatre". They include such artists as A. A. Taldykin, N. V. Antimirova, N. N. Suckling, R. V. Raspopov, A. K. Burov, M. M. Bespalov. Viewers will be able to assess inventive costumes Nina Antimirova for the Blue blouse, and bright, done in unexpected ways collages Nicholas Sosunova. The exhibition presents sketches of the scenery of the architect Andrei Burov, showing not only the purely architectural approach to the design and custom stage design techniques. You can see early sketches of little-known Evgeny Zotov, Sophia Sheldysheva, Vsevolod sakhnovskaya, who knew how to compose a costume in a few seconds, transforming the actor in front of astonished spectators, orfor example, to invent, as of the three actors to "put down" the car.

the exhibition is accompanied By an illustrated scholarly catalogue representing the works of artists, and chronicling the small stage of the Moscow theatre life from 1917 to 1932. Among the illustrations we can see the scores of the first published works.

Every Sunday at the exhibition in the gallery "Elysium" will be guided tours. Everyone is waiting for the exhibition at 13.00.

Please note that the tour of the exhibition free. But the entrance to the CHA (Krimsky Val, 10) is carried out for tickets. The usual costs 400 rubles, and discount ticket – 200 rubles.


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