"Lenin and Coca-кола". Alexander Kosolapov on Gogol, 10
ARTinvestment.RU   29 ноября 2017

The classic work of social-арта Alexander Kosolapov repeatedly found himself on the front pages of our Newspapers. Often with the scandal. And not Soviet Newspapers 1970-80-х years, and has long been a democratic press, 2000-х

In 2005, collage Alexander Kosolapov "the Icon-икра" was removed from the exhibition "Russian pop-арт" by the decision of the Director of the state Tretyakov gallery. His paintings This is my blood and This is my body was damaged by vandals at the exhibition "Beware, religion!" and the fair "Art-Москва". The repercussions of these events sounded for a long time. In particular, it is ironic that in 2010 the then existing edition of "ArtChronika", received warning of Roskomnadzor for the publication of only one reproduction of the work Kosolapova "Icon-икра". Work, by the standards of the author, it is harmless. — with Kosolapov there are things much stronger.

At the exhibition in the MMOMA on Gogol, 10 (I want to add: "in this difficult time for the country"), a show of 120 works by Alexander Kosolapov — from private collections and museums. Curator — American Carter Ratcliffe. Kosolapov emigrated in 1975, at age 32, almost very early in his career in the social-арте, and today is already rather Russo-американским artist.

the auction record for the song "Marlborough Malevich" ($98 000 in 2008 on Sotheby's) the artist is included in the rating of top-100 the most expensive of the sixties and top-100 living artists.

Source: mmoma.ru

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