In the Tretyakov gallery opens exhibition of Saryan
ARTinvestment.RU   16 ноября 2017

A large exhibition in Lavrushinsky lane will present 29 beautiful works of Martiros Sergeyevich Saryan (1880-1972) from the collections of the state Tretyakov gallery, the National gallery of Armenia and at Home-музея of Martiros Saryan in Yerevan

Exhibition of Martiros Sergeyevich Saryan (1880-1972) dedicated to the Armenian culture Days in Russia and opens an official programme of festive events. The name Sarian, a brilliant painter, art theorist and social activist, belongs to the Russian culture and simultaneously a symbol of Armenian art. For this exhibition from the collection of the Tretyakov gallery selected 13 paintings representing the highest artistic conquest of the artist in pre-revolutionary period. The Museum's collection of Armenia provided 16 works, featuring a rare and beautiful quality.

the exhibition includes paintings, primarily related to the period 1910-х years, the time gained by the artist professional skill, when the Sarian came recognition and success. This reference work, created during travels to the Middle East — Turkey, Egypt and Persia — and based on the memories about them. Among the exhibited works — famous "Street. Noon. Constantinople" (1910), "Constantinople. Dogs" (1910), "Date palm. Egypt" (1911, all — TG).

Martiros Saryan was born in the town of New Nakhichevan near Rostov-на-Дону, where the bulk of the population were Armenians who moved to the Azov steppes from the Crimea in the late eighteenth century. In 15 years, Saryan graduated from the public city school. Seriously fascinated by the painting, he in the autumn of 1897 he entered the Moscow School of painting, sculpture and architecture.

while studying Sarian had at the most interesting period in the history of the School. Among the teachers were A. Arkhipov, A. M. Vasnetsov, N.. Kasatkin, K. A. Korovin, I. I. Levitan, Leonid Pasternak, Valentin Serov. Students spent whole days in the Rumyantsev Museum and the Tretyakov gallery. A significant influence on the formation of their Outlook had acquaintance with the latest French painting in the famous collections of S. I. Shchukin and I. A. Morozov.

In 1903, Sarian was awarded two small silver medals and got the titleclass (free) artist, however, continued to improve in the workshop of V. A. Serov and K. A. Korovin, learning the lessons of impressionism.

In College, Sarian became close with classmates PV Kuznetsov, PS Utkin and other young symbolists. In 1900-е years with them actively participated in the exhibition "scarlet rose" (1904), "Blue rose" (1907), the "crown" (1908), Golden fleece (1908-1910). He, like his companions, was close fantastic images of fairy tales, giving the possibility of free treatment of form and color. The artist has developed his own highly individual manner.

Sarian always gravitated to his roots. At the age of twenty he first went to Armenia. Typical landscapes and the flavor of life of the people of this country gave a strong impetus to his creative quest.

In 1910-1913 Saryan made a number of trips to Turkey, Egypt and Iran. In Constantinople, the artist was impressed by the old Asian neighborhoods. Back in Moscow, he created a series of small pictures, representing the streets of East city, where peacefully coexist with the people and animals. In them there is no development of narrative plot — is not genre paintings in their usual sense. Their importance is primarily in the novelty, brightness of perception of the real world. The undisputed highlight among these paintings — "Street. Noon. Constantinople" whose image is built on the contrast of several intense colors: bright blue sky, dark-синяя shadow on the facades of houses and sidewalks gives a special sonority yellow-оранжевой strip of narrow streets, illuminated by the southern sun, and the same glare on the protruding eaves of roofs.

Participation in exhibitions the largest unions — "Moscow Association of artists", "World of art", "Union of Russian artists" — brought Saryan fame and success. The artworks bought the famous collectors of I. A. Morozov, I. S. Ostroukhov, M. P. Ryabushinsky. In 1911-1913 by the Council of the Tretyakov gallery purchased his painting: "Green pitcher" (1910), "Grapes" (1911), "Pitchers and fruit" (1912) and others, including the "Wisteria" (1910) on the recommendation of Serov. After the death of the Sarian in the Gallery through the efforts of the collector and the researcher I. S. Silberstein received work "Gazelle" (1926), exhibited at the first personal exhibition of foreign masters in Paris in 1928. This is a landmark for creativity Saryan's work, by his own admission, synthesized tasks, which he set himself: to represent "nature as a single living entity."

Prosperous life Sarian was interrupted in 1915 when he found out thatthe tragedy of the Armenian people, he went from Moscow to Echmiadzin to help refugees. There, the artist became ill. Friends took him to Tiflis, where he participated in the organization of the Society of Armenian artists and the "Union of Armenian artists", issued published by V. Y. Brusov "Anthology of Armenian poetry", but permanently moved away from the painting.

After the October revolution, Sarian came with his family to Russia. In 1918-1919 he lived in New Nakhichevan, was the initiator and first Director of the Armenian Museum of local lore in Rostov-на-Дону. In 1921, at the invitation of A. F. Myasnikyan, Chairman of the Council of people's Commissars of Armenia, Saryan moved to Armenia. Since then, its nature and people became the main theme of creativity of the artist.

the exhibition is accompanied By an illustrated album-каталог.

Source: press-релиз GTG

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